Dish TV CEO to taxpayers who gave him $3 billion subsidy: You’re the real winners

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AP File Photo / Paul Sakuma

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Embattled Dish CEO Charles Ergen admits he’s using small-business subsidies to build his global wireless capacity, but the billionaire says taxpayers will benefit anyhow.

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Gifts to Gov. Christie are not ‘gifts,’ rules NJ attorney general

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AP Photo / James D Smith

In New Jersey, a gift is not a gift – particularly if you’re the governor and your subordinates interpret ethics rules in your favor. The bottom line, strange but true: Chris Christie does not have to report favors — such as football trips paid by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — as gifts unless it can be shown he did something in exchange for them.

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‘Clinton Cash’ author sees parallels in McAuliffe

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AP photo

“Clinton Cash” — the explosive new book about Bill and Hillary’s road to riches — could spawn a sequel: “McAuliffe Cash.”

“He’s been a conduit of funds for the Clintons,” author Peter Schweizer said of Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe. “He has a history of trading money for access.”

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Local governments battle to continue taxpayer-funded lobbying in Texas

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A bill dooming the fate of taxpayer-funded lobbying by local governments is being fought out in the Texas Legislature.

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Loopholes in Pennsylvania’s Ethics Act allow family hires

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Pennsylvania’s Ethics Act is supposed to stop conflicts of interests, but it includes several loopholes that diminish its reach.

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Term limits could have unintended consequences for Mississippi Legislature

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Photo by Steve Wilson

A term limit initiative could be appearing on a ballot in Mississippi, putting a cap of two consecutive terms on legislators and other statewide offices.

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