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Nanny State of the Week: FDA fries family’s potato chip business with new cooking oil mandates

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Photo from Wiki Commons

Jones’ potato chips will take on a different flavor because the FDA has banned the kind of cooking oil the company has used for 70 years.

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Docs clash with Sanders over price controls for prescription drugs

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Photo via Wiki Commons (Shelly Prevost)

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he supports price controls for drugs in California, but doctors in the state say the proposal is deeply flawed.

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Tomah VA supervisor accused of misconduct gets promoted

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Tomah VA photo

“Congratulations Lisa. You have escaped accountability, got a transfer, and a promotion for your disservice to veterans and employees,” wrote Ryan Honl

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Sources: Ron Kind received call from Jason Simcakoski not long before Marine’s tragic death

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AP file photo

“If Ron Kind was in communication with Jason Simcakoski before his death I think it’s safe to say (Simcakoski) wasn’t calling his DC office about the weather.

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Lawsuit pushes back against FDA’s new regulations for e-cigarettes

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A lawsuit filed in federal court on Thursday challenges the FDA’s new regulations for e-cigarettes.

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Dental community split over mid-level ‘dental therapist’ idea

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Cedar Rapids dentist allegedly improperly bills Medicaid.

With dental care costs on the rise and Medicaid payments unable to keep up, one bill awaiting the governor’s signature would create a mid-level “dental therapist” who can do basic dental work for less money. Not everyone in the dental community is on board with the idea.

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