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Study: Florida ranks 32nd in state-level health care flexibility

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The more flexibility and discretion afforded to healthcare providers and patients in a given state, the better, the analysis assumes.

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What the Journal Sentinel left out of its ‘hit job’ on Sheriff Clarke

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“This has everything to do with politics and my support of Donald Trump,” the sheriff said. “These people are invested in bringing me down.”

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Project grades states on health care accessibility

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“Who may practice medicine? Which services can nurses provide? Who can own a medical practice? What constitutes malpractice? Can doctors and patients interact via remote video technology? Can new hospitals freely challenge existing institutions? The way states answer these questions has an enormous effect on the cost and quality of health care,” Graboyes wrote.

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Congressional committees want answers on Tomah VA hospital

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AP file photo

Administrators at the troubled Tomah Veterans Affairs Medical Center are answering a lot of tough questions this week from congressional committees.

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Parties weigh-in on assisted suicide exemption as court decision looms

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Wikimedia Commons photo

With a court ruling expected in weeks, conscientious health care professionals say they should not be forced to counsel or aid patients who want to commit medical suicide.

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Tomah VA employee: ‘We have forgotten who we work for’

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PROBLEMS PERSIST: Sources tell Wisconsin Watchdog that drug problems and  employee apathy continue to dog the Tomah VA Medical Center.

“They took away the ‘Candyman,’ but other providers still are pushing medications. The amount that they are still giving is insane,” the insider said.

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