December will bring legislative, judicial scrutiny of Virginia’s restrictive health care regulations

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Two big deadlines are looming in the ongoing effort to fix Virginia’s health care laws.

It’s a fight that Mark Baumel has been engaged in for years.

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Obamacare’s co-ops were regulated to death before they were even born

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The rules and regulations written into the text of Obamacare makes it hard to believe there was ever much of a chance for the Co-Ops to succeed.

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Texans go naked as rates rise under Obamacare

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AP file photo

Higher insurance premiums are pummeling Texans in the age of Obamacare, and health-care analysts say ever-bigger increases are inevitable. Now Texans are getting out, opting to pay a penalty instead of digging deeper for coverage.

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Governor-elect Bevin set to roll back Obamacare in Kentucky

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What Kentucky’s Democratic governor has done to implement Obamacare may soon be undone by the Republican governor-elect.

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Obamacare hangs Tennessee county on horns of legal dilemma

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.

A newly released audit from Tennessee Comptroller Justin Wilson though, says Obamacare forced Robertson County officials to choose between raising taxes and doing something that’s likely illegal.

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GOP hopeful Kasich looking to make a dent in Mississippi

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Photo by Steve Wilson

Ohio Gov. John Kasich visited Mississippi this week in search of delegates, but his spending policies might hurt his chances in the Magnolia State.

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