After Grubergate controversy fades, legal challenge to Obamacare remains

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COMING THIS FALL: The U.S. Supreme Court will decide whether to hear a challenge to a system a lower-court judge has called a "protectionist regime."

Jonathan Gruber, the MIT economist and one-time architect of the Affordable Care Act, has been in the news a lot over the past two weeks.

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Ben Nelson provision could come back to haunt Obamacare

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Former U.S. Sen. Ben Nelson may go down in history for providing the crucial 60th vote needed to pass Obamacare, but the concessions he got in exchange for that vote could ultimately obliterate the health care law.

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Vermont halts payments to Obamacare architect Gruber

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The state of Vermont has stopped payment on the contract of Jonathan Gruber following a series of video statements showing the Obamacare architect repeatedly insulting voters and intentionally misleading the public in the crafting of the Affordable Care Act.

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‘Terminate Gruber,’ Vermont minority leader says

By   /  November 18, 2014  /  Fraud, Health Care, National, News, Transparency, Vermont  /  No Comments

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Vermont Senate Minority Leader Joe Benning is calling on Gov. Peter Shumlin to terminate the contract of Jonathan Gruber following the release of videos showing the MIT professor intentionally deceived the public in drafting the Affordable Care Act.

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Ohio Gov. Kasich wants rubber stamp for Obamacare money

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Photo credit: State of Ohio

Ohio legislators are being pressured to rubber-stamp renewal of Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion with the promise of minor reforms in return.

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NM Obamacare officials mum on signup goals

By   /  November 17, 2014  /  Health Care, New Mexico, New Mexico Watchdog, News  /  No Comments website smaller image

Open enrollment for Obamacare individual policies started Saturday but New Mexico officials won’t say what their target goals are for signups.

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