All-payer needs to address self-pay and cost-shift problems

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Creators of Vermont’s all-payer model have yet to determine how to budget for self-paying patients who don’t pay.

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Lawmakers to insurers, pharmacy benefit managers: Stop pulling drugs

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Florida lawmakers look to bar insurers from removing drugs from their medical formularies during the policy year.

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Federalism message echoed by Florida health subcommittee members

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Florida legislators appeal to Congress to change Medicaid to a block grant program.

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Tammy Baldwin quietly leaves VA investigative oversight committee

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She failed to take action until the scandal became public four months later.

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Insiders: Tomah VA troubles continue with nurse shortage, neglectful care

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“There have been times where a shift scheduled went totally through that did not have a registered nurse assigned,” the VA employee said.

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California could shed light on groups that determine how much your drugs cost

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“Right now they are unchecked and any small step is a step in the right direction,” he said.

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