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Vermont Health Department begins releasing stats on refugees with active TB

By   /  July 8, 2016  /  Health Care, Issues, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Wikimedia Commons photo by AusAID

The Vermont Department of Health has begun releasing statistics on active tuberculosis among refugees following Watchdog’s reporting on the issue.

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Down in the mouth: Michigan’s dentist shortage prompts reform effort

By   /  July 7, 2016  /  Health Care, Michigan, News, Regulations, State Government  /  No Comments

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Michigan is experiencing a shortage in dentists, so one lawmaker wants to create a new classification of dental professionals.

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New regulations could virtually wipe out Indiana’s e-cigarette industry

By   /  July 1, 2016  /  Accountability, Health Care, Indiana, Issues, News, Regulations, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo by Eric Boehm

A new state law taking effect on July 1 requires all e-cigarette businesses to have a state permit to do business. Getting that permit is nearly impossible.

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Refugees undergoing treatment for contagious TB in Vermont

By   /  July 1, 2016  /  Health Care, Immigration, Issues, News, Transparency, Vermont  /  No Comments

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Image Library

Medical professionals from University of Vermont Medical Center are treating refugees for contagious active TB disease, according to documents Watchdog obtained through a public records request.

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Walker administration fights back against new Obamacare mandates

By   /  June 27, 2016  /  Federal Government, Health Care, News, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

AP file photo

“Now the federal government wants to force consumers to enroll in a health insurance plan they didn’t choose,” Walker said in a statement.

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Vermont Health Department concealing number of refugees with contagious TB

By   /  June 27, 2016  /  Accountability, Health Care, Issues, News, Open Records, Vermont  /  No Comments

Wikimedia Commons photo courtesy of AusAID

Epidemiologists at the Vermont Department of Health are concealing the number of refugees with contagious active tuberculosis disease nearly a month after Watchdog reported that more than one-third of Vermont’s resettled refugees test positive for TB.

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