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Vermont has draft agreement with feds for all-payer health care model

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Gov. Peter Shumlin announced that his administration has a draft agreement with the federal government to make Vermont the first state to adopt an all-payer health care model.

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Harry Reid kills legislation, hope for terminally ill patients

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“It is beyond disappointing that Senator Reid would ignore the pleas of those with terminal illnesses to score a political point,”

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Study: Certificate-of-need laws are hurting patients

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A new study by researchers at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University says certificate-of-need laws, sold as a way to improve health care access and reduce costs, are having the opposite effect. The study found that patients living in states with certificate-of-need mandates receive significantly worse health care than patients living in states without such regulations, which empower regulators […]

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FDA commissioner sends his regrets, won’t make Senate hearing on Right to Try

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Unfortunately, FDA red tape and government regulations restrict access to promising new treatments, and for those who do get access, it’s often too late.”

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New study, old problems for Vermont Health Connect

By   /  September 19, 2016  /  Accountability, Budget and Spending, Health Care, Issues, News, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Department of Vermont Health Access

Lawmakers expressed fresh worries about Vermont Health Connect after a newly hired consulting firm gave its first evaluation of the exchange before the Joint Fiscal Committee on Thursday.

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Ron Johnson: ‘Obamacare is a massive consumer fraud’

By   /  September 16, 2016  /  Accountability, Federal Government, Health Care, Insurance Fraud, News, Power Abuse, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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“We felt we did an excellent job protecting consumers prior to the ACA,” Wieske said. “We’ve continued to try to protect them from the damage from the ACA.”

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