Ohio’s Obamacare expansion has cost $4 billion

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Expanding Medicaid to working-age Ohioans with no kids and no disabilities was supposed to cost $2.56 billion in its first year and a half. In reality, the cost has now soared to more than $4 billion.

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Vermont Health Connect struggles to remove backlog as key deadline approaches

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Vermont Health Connect barely snuck past its June 1 functionality deadline, and now the controversial state health care exchange is working to meet an Oct. 1 deadline that will make or break the project.

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Vermont’s pursuit of all-payer waiver sparks health care rationing debate

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With the Green Mountain Care Board seeking to transition Vermont into an all-payer health care system by 2017, one word continues to resurface in the discussion of Vermont’s health care future: rationing.

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Ohio looks to be a pioneer in health care price transparency

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Photo credit: Ohio House

Jaw-dropping bills for routine medical care will be a thing of the past for Ohioans if a new state law works as intended.

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Starting Wednesday, Obamacare will punish businesses who help employees with health care

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Employers who reimburse their workers for health care costs will face massive tax penalties beginning Wednesday.

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Architects of Richard Simmons Obamacare dance-off rehired in $156M PR campaign

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BACK AGAIN: The PR firm that brought California this multi-million dollar campaign  with a Richard Simmons dance-off has been hired for another three years

A publicity firm that produced a costly webcast for California Obamacare featuring a gyrating Richard Simmons was retained, along with another company, for three more years at a cost of $156 million.

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