VA hospital lacks PJ’s, sheets and toothbrushes, yet spends millions on new furniture, TVs and solar

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By Tori Richards |
Patients at the Shreveport, La., Veterans Affairs hospital have been going without toothbrushes, toothpaste, pajamas, sheets and blankets while department officials spend money on new Canadian-made furniture, televisions to run public service announcements and solar panels, a Watchdog investigation has revealed.Sources inside the hospital told that patients also have had to contend [...]

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Medical lobbyists spend over $1 million to influence VA legislators

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By Joan Bishop |
Medical lobbying groups have spent more than $1 million to influence politicians in Virginia.
The list of total expenditures by medical lobbyists for the period May 2013 – April 2014 includes:

VA Hospital and Healthcare Association – $474,963
Medical Society of Virginia – $162,858
Humana, Inc – $128,681
Bon Secours Health System (Virginia) – $127,350
VA Association of Health [...]

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New study says Obamacare hurts businesses

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In a survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, more than 18 percent of businesses responded that they have cut down on employees and reduced hiring due to expenses incurred by the Affordable Care Act.

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Smoke and mirrors? Philly cigarette tax only partially solves school budget woes

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When Philly smokers light up, they’ll be doing something the Marlboro Man never had in mind: supporting city schools.

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After a struggling start, New Mexico yanks Obamacare advertising contract

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After posting disappointment enrollment numbers, the New Mexico Health Insurance Exchange is putting its marketing and advertising account back up for bid.

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Part 21 of 24 in the series Nanny State of the Week

By Eric Boehm |
Brownies, cookies, cupcakes and other essential elements of any successful bake sale have been banned by new rules for food in Vermont public schools.
Thanks to rules that grew out of a 2010 state law, bake sales used as school fundraisers [...]

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