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Aldermen struggle to combat federal overreach in refugee resettlement

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Photo by Emma Lamberton

After nearly two hours of executive session, the Rutland Board of Aldermen voted Monday night to release the city attorney’s report on the mayor’s actions for refugee resettlement.

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Rutland’s secretive mayor pressures aldermen to release information on his role with refugees

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Photo courtesy of Rutland City Hall

After months of withholding information about a refugee plan he devised in secret, Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras on Tuesday tried to pressure the Board of Aldermen to release a report believed to support his solo action on resettlement.

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Rutland group brings security concerns into refugee debate

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AP photo

About 50 people from the local community gathered Tuesday night at the Rutland Free Library to hear nationally known security experts weigh in on the city’s refugee debate.

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Senator likens China EB-5 firms to ‘snake eating its tail’

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AP file photo

Calling out a Chinese real-estate company in Texas, a U.S. senator alleged on Monday that foreign corporations and governments are gaming America’s investor-visa program.

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‘Miguel Padilla should not have been allowed entry into the U.S.’

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“It is imperative that our nation work to address the problems surrounding our porous southern border,” said Sen. Ron Johnson.

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Rutland First holds meeting on refugee resettlement plan

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Photo by Michael Bielawski

Rutland First members expressed deep concerns over the potential economic impact and secrecy of a proposal to bring 100 Syrian refugees a year to the city.

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