From Miami to Minnesota, protests call attention to immigration crisis

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By Eric Boehm |
Along East Seventh Street in the Dayton’s Bluff neighborhood of St. Paul, Minn., more signs are in Spanish than English, advertising everything from used cars to groceries.
That backdrop certainly made Larry Dalin’s sign stand out.
Holding a sign that read “In Mexico, illegals are jailed,” Dalin was a lone sentry outside the Mexican [...]

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McAuliffe’s office stonewalls on immigration, resorts to FOIA

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In December, Governor-Elect Terry McAuliffe told a room full of reporters he had a “vision for transparency, of working closely with the media to get Virginians the information they need.”

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Guest worker program could help solve immigration crisis

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MAKE THEM LEGAL: By legalizing more guest workers with clean criminal histories, the Border Patrol could focus on those who are still trying to enter the national illegally for illicit reasons. And good, honest workers would not have to risk life and limb to make a living.

A soccer player given a red card must leave the game immediately and isn’t allowed to return.

But for millions of illegal immigrants in the United States who are working hard and earning an honest living, a red card could be a far more welcome sight, allowing them to remain in the country, temporarily, without fear of arrest and deportation.

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Reid and Heinrich: ‘The border is secure’

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U.S. Rep. Martin Heinrich

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-New Mexico, took the floor of the U.S. Senate to insist the border crisis is mainly a refugee crisis.

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Protesters fight feds’ handling of border surge

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An Alabama organizer of protests against the recent flood of undocumented people into the United States said she hopes the gatherings fuel a movement against the feds’ handling of the border surge.

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Federal rep refuses info on immigrant kids, McAuliffe remains silent

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OVERWHELMING DUTIES: The U.S. Border Patrol cannot keep more than 1,000 immigrants in custody and must release them.

The Administration for Children and Families is refusing to tell where in Virginia it has placed any illegal immigrant children flooding the border — or where it plans to send any more.

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