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Lone alderman in on refugee secret ‘stunned’ at speed of decision

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Rutland Community Access

A secret plan to make Rutland a permanent refugee resettlement community has divided residents and put the mayor’s political future in doubt. But at least one member of the Board of Aldermen knew about the secret, and that official told Watchdog he is “stunned” at how fast the plan was carried out.

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One-percenters: Rich EB-5 immigrants get free service at taxpayer expense

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U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services photo

The Obama administration’s fetish for wealthy foreign nationals — expressed through relentless promotion of an immigrant investor program — has spilled over to little-known a bureaucratic backwater: the Ombudsman’s Office of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

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Aldermen dispute mayor’s claim that refugee resettlement application was made public

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Photo by Bruce Parker

Members of the Board of Aldermen say they haven’t seen the city’s refugee resettlement application despite a claim by the mayor that the document’s availability proves he’s being transparent on the issue.

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State looks to curb tyranny of the local majority

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Mayor Sylvester Turner could be setting himself up by looking into a municipal identification card program aimed at illegal immigrants.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner this week auditioned for a starring role in a conservative effort in the next legislative session to curb local government overreach. Turner said he is reviewing a call from immigration activists in Houston to create a municipal identification program, an effort to skirt a Supreme Court deadlock that sank President Barack Obama’s effort […]

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Illegal SNAP: Food stamp formula biased in favor of immigrants?

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U.S. Department of Agriculture

Texas issues food stamps to households with illegal immigrants, but the state cannot say how much or how many. Nationally, a new report charges that families housing illegals get preferential treatment.

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Russ Feingold, defender of the sanctuary city

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Photo by Russ for Wisconsin

The Middleton liberal has voted against moves to block federal funding for sanctuary cities on at least three separate occasions, according to a review of his Senate voting record.

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