Federal appeals court sides with small dairy farm against state regulators

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Institute for Justice

Ocheesee Creamery can now call its skim milk exactly what it is — skim milk — says the 11th Circuit.

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Appeals court tosses forced union dues lawsuit, next stop Supreme Court

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Photo by EdSource.org

“No one should be forced to pay union dues or fees just for the privilege of working for their own government,” Mix said.

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Does prosecutorial immunity trump justice in John Doe-related lawsuit?

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“You have to seek a real warrant from a real judge in an open court,” said MacIver Institute attorney Ben Hurst.

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Former official: Mississippi civil asset forfeiture system lacks transparency

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Photo by Steve Wilson

A former Mississippi circuit clerk says that transparency is needed in the state’s civil asset forfeiture system.

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The ‘next Friedrichs’ of right-to-work has its day in appeals court

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The plaintiffs argue that everything a union does, not just overt political activity, involves government redress.

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Judge: School’s sexual assault proceeding suggests ‘bias and inaccuracy’

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Creative Commons / User ChaserDustin

Grant Neal was suspended for sexual assault even though the alleged victim said it never happened.

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