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Idaho mom wants public records; city wants $2,600

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Public Records

If Mountain Home resident, mother and Air Force veteran Wendy Mastroeni had $2,600 to blow, she wouldn’t spend it on public records. Instead, if she had that sort of cash stashed away, she said she would catch up on bills, save some and invest in her family’s well-being. The mother of four has grown into […]

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Rutland’s secretive mayor pressures aldermen to release information on his role with refugees

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Photo courtesy of Rutland City Hall

After months of withholding information about a refugee plan he devised in secret, Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras on Tuesday tried to pressure the Board of Aldermen to release a report believed to support his solo action on resettlement.

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Craig renews call for legislative investigation into John Doe investigators

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Photo by Wisconsin Legislature

“We cannot allow that to occur while these individuals’ rights have been trampled.”

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Texas court mulls ‘magic words’ loophole for transparency law

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Courtesy of the Supreme Court of Texas

The Supreme Court of Texas heard arguments Wednesday on whether to write a loophole into state public records law that would allow government agencies to avoid public scrutiny and disregard basic public records procedures simply by invoking “magic words.” The court could also decide to eliminate a previous loophole it created, but most of its public […]

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Rutland group brings security concerns into refugee debate

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AP photo

About 50 people from the local community gathered Tuesday night at the Rutland Free Library to hear nationally known security experts weigh in on the city’s refugee debate.

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Mr. FOIA Russ Feingold gets a pass from his State Department friends

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AP file photo

“Wisconsinites now know why Senator Feingold believes that Hillary Clinton is ‘trustworthy’,” said a Johnson campaign spokesman.

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