Open data pioneer: ‘I didn’t ask Congress, I just did it’

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Photo Credit: Daniel X. O'Neil

Waldo Jaquith didn’t set out to be a pioneer of government accountability. But after years of experimenting with government data for fun, the director of the U.S. Open Data Institute and creator of finds himself at the forefront of a transparency revolution.

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NJ Watchdog sues Christie for travel expense records

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WHAT REFORM? Gov. Chris Christie tries to avoid public disclosure of his travel expenses

As Chris Christie eyes a run for the White House in 2016, he’s en route to becoming the most prolific traveler in the history of New Jersey governors.

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Christie tries to fly above New Jersey travel rules

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Gov. Chris Christie claims records of his travels are none of the public's business

By Mark Lagerkvist │ New Jersey Watchdog

Is Gov. Chris Christie above the state travel rules that govern all other New Jersey officials?

That’s what the governor’s lawyers are arguing in response to a public records lawsuit filed by a New Jersey Watchdog reporter in Mercer County Superior Court.

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After 21 requests, Obama administration coming clean about drone policy

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DRONING ON AND ON: After 21 requests from a combined 31 members of Congress, the Obama administration says it will release secret memos explaining a legal rationale for assassinating Americans overseas.

Faced with the threat the U.S. Senate would block judicial nominees, the Obama administration announced this week it would release the so-called “drone memos” outlining the supposed legal rationale for using drones to attack and kill American citizens.

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Buckyballed: Consumer agency rolls recall case

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UNSAFE? Craig Zucker fought the Consumer Product Safety Commission over a recall. Now his company is out of business.

By Kenric Ward |
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Five years after targeting two magnetic products that were never declared unsafe, the Consumer Product Safety Commission settled for bitcoins.
CPSC estimated that recalling Buckyballs and Buckycubes — high-powered magnetic sets that can be shaped by hand — would cost $57 million. But when faced with a lawsuit, the federal agency took [...]

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NJ judge schedules release of Guadagno ‘Doublegate’ files

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Gov. Christie's Administration may be running out of ways to protect Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno from a pension scandal

By Mark Lagerkvist | New Jersey Watchdog
The public is one step closer to learning some of the secrets of “Doublegate” — a hush-hush criminal investigation involving New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno and an alleged pension fraud scheme.
Mercer County Superior Court Judge Mary C. Jacobson last week ordered the state Division of Criminal Justice to release [...]

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