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New docs show GAB spent more than 2,500 hours on John Doe probe

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AP file photo

The documented time amounts to $107,715.08 spent on the specialized labor between 2013 and 2015

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City asks law firm to represent it in open records investigation

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Photo Courtesy Denver City Youtube video

The Denver City attorney’s office is under a prosecutor’s review to determine if officials illegally withheld records from a Denver television reporter and now taxpayers may have to fund an outside law firm to deal with the issue.

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Poll: Mississippians support civil asset forfeiture reform

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Photo by Steve Wilson

Civil asset forfeiture reform in Mississippi is supported by a large majority of citizens according to a poll released this week.

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A new option to force judicial branch to abide by open records laws?

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Photo By Arthur Kane

After a bill that would have put the judicial branch back under open records laws died last week, some prominent transparency advocates are looking toward a ballot issue in 2018.

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Denver continues spending on jail abuse case with little to show for it

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Photo Courtesy Denver City Attorney website

Not only did city taxpayers pay a staffer on administrative leave $200,000, the city spent additional resources for outside attorneys to investigate his conduct.

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Denver overtime costs soar; one employee made $100K extra in 2015

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Photo courtesy Wikimedia

Overtime costs in Denver went up by $9 million last year, including employees who made more than their regular salary in overtime and one employee who in three years made nearly enough to buy the median Denver house.

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