City attorney’s office makes claims costly to review

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Screen Shot from City Youtube video

Claims against the city can often tip the public to problems or trends, but it is now more difficult to view them.

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Questions remain about parks director search, qualifications

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Denver City website

A committee that helped select the parks director disqualified one candidate because he had no parks experience and hadn’t managed a large bureaucracy but those concerns seems to apply to the selected candidate.

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New Venture Fund gave more than $5 million to Mississippi initiative fight

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NEW VENTURE: The left-leaning New Venture dumped a lot of cash into the fight over a school funding initiative.

The left-leaning New Venture Fund gave more than $4 million in October alone to a group promoting a ballot initiative over education funding in Mississippi.

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NJ corruption case undermines Christie claims as prosecutor

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Governor's Office

On the presidential campaign trail, Chris Christie boasts that he was a no-nonsense prosecutor above politics. But back in New Jersey, his administration has been trying to bury a corruption case involving Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno, his second-in-command.

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Appeals court orders release of NJ corruption probe records

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Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

A New Jersey appeals court has ruled the state must release two confidential state records from a corruption probe involving Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno to New Jersey Watchdog. As New Jersey’s second-in-command, Guadagno frequently serves as acting governor when Chris Christie travels outside the state on presidential campaign trips.

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Park director only files time off after Watchdog story despite three notifications

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Denver City website

Denver Parks director Happy Haynes, who caught spending significant hours on her school board job, was prompted three times to put in time off notations for time she wasn’t working but only did so after the story ran.

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