IRS audit reveals leaks of taxpayers’ private information

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More bad news from the IRS.

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Ferguson officials charge inflated fees for access to public documents

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Press organizations investigating the Michael Brown incident are being charged incredibly high fees for public records by the city of Ferguson, Missouri.

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Arlington streetcar moves amid rising costs, controversy

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TRANSIT POLITICS: Though Columbia Pike is served by more than a dozen bus routes daily, Arlington officials want to dedicate a lane of traffic for a streetcar project, most recently priced at $560 million.

An opponent says it’s “a long way from being done,” but a controversial streetcar project with a ballooning $560 million price tag got another push from the Arlington County Board on Tuesday.

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Appeals court reverses John Doe injunction, but Wisconsin’s secret war far from over

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Expressing deep concerns and respect for states’ rights, the U.S.Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit on Wednesday reversed a lower-court injunction that had shut down a politically charged John Doe investigation into dozens of conservatives groups.

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Alabama state attorney: Photographing public records for free is ‘stealing’

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In what would appear to be a case of government run amuck, at least two state agencies in Alabama won’t let citizens take pictures of public records, with an attorney for one equating the idea with stealing.

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Official says citizens’ interest in government has ‘gone to the dogs’

By   /  September 19, 2014  /  Budget and Spending, Local Government, Michigan, Open Records, Watchdog Citizen News  /  No Comments

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Despite the internet making government more open, a Harbor Springs city manager is upset that residents only make noise about deer and dog parks.

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