Liberal donors lead in super PAC contributions since ’13

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AP file photo

Big-spending Democratic donors take the gold, silver and bronze when it comes to contributions to super PACs so far this election cycle.

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Risky business: Naming buildings after New Mexico politicians

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WHAT'S IN A NAME?: A New Mexico state office building is named after a former governor who just got in big trouble with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya is awaiting potential financial penalties after settling last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission over fraud charges involving a water company for which Anaya worked.

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Voters’ rights face bipartisan backlash in Congress

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Patrick Leahy

Congressional attempts to “fix” the Voting Rights Act after the Supreme Court struck down an antiquated provision would extend the Justice Department’s reach while excluding “non-minorities” from protection.

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Voter integrity questioned by ‘challenged voters’ in Vermont

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GAPS IN SYSTEM: A new report found 308,000 people were simultaneously registered to vote in Virginia and other states.

In part one of this feature on election integrity in Vermont, Linda Chagnon, a member of the Board of Registration of Voters in Burlington, explained ways in which unregistered voters are being allowed to vote in local and federal elections. In part two of our interview, Chagnon discusses how mismanagement of “challenged” voters creates the potential for additional voter fraud.

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VT voter registration official: ‘I just want things fair and honest’

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As campaign season heats up, voters are looking for candidates who will perform the duties of elected office with honesty and integrity. No less important, voters want the election process itself to be marked by the same integrity. Burlington voter registration watchdog Linda Chagnon says election officials face challenges in ensuring that only registered voters vote in elections.

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Virginia reel: Immigration, cronyism oust Cantor

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Eric Cantor, Diana Cantor

Fed up with the arrogance, the cronyism and a perceived sellout on illegal immigration, voters in Virginia’s conservative 7th Congressional District did Tuesday what no one has done since 1899: Throw out a sitting House majority leader.

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