Walker yet to sign GAB overhaul bill

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AP file photo

The Republican-led Assembly on Nov. 16, in “extraordinary session” and on a party-line vote, passed the bill.

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December will bring legislative, judicial scrutiny of Virginia’s restrictive health care regulations

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Two big deadlines are looming in the ongoing effort to fix Virginia’s health care laws.

It’s a fight that Mark Baumel has been engaged in for years.

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John Doe political prisoner Kelly Rindfleisch completes probation

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Photo contributed by Kelly Rindfleisch

“I wish I could say it was over, but I will still always be a felon. But at least now, I am completely free,” Rindfleish told Wisconsin Watchdog.

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John Doe victims still in legal limbo four months after Supreme Court ruling

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Photo by Watchdog.org

“Worse yet, innocent people continue to be harassed by prosecutors filing frivolous motions and threatening to disclose their private information which prosecutors obtained illegally.”

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Nanny State of the Week: New York City bans hoverboards, ruins the future

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Shutterstock image

In New York City, zipping down the sidewalk on a hoverboard could get you a $200 fine, because city officials are out to ruin the future.

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Denver Post follows Watchdog story on parks director, but only after election

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Denver City website

The Denver Post followed Watchdog.org’s reports about Denver parks director’s outside work but did so only after she was re-elected for Denver school board.

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