Bills designed to protect individuals, businesses fail this session

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Photo By Arthur Kane

Bills that would have prevented police seizures of money and property without a criminal charge and helped people who say court receiverships ruined their businesses failed in this year’s Legislature.

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FBI flip-flops on disclosing cell phone surveillance tech

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The FBI is trying to reassure everyone that they weren’t secretly spying on your cell phone, and certainly wasn’t telling local cops to keep it secret.

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Watchdog Podcast: Code Blue — The baptists, the bootleggers and the televangelists of health care reform

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A look at the so-called “baptists, bootleggers and televangelists” that helped to turn government-run health care reform into a reality.

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Gifts to Gov. Christie are not ‘gifts,’ rules NJ attorney general

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AP Photo / James D Smith

In New Jersey, a gift is not a gift – particularly if you’re the governor and your subordinates interpret ethics rules in your favor. The bottom line, strange but true: Chris Christie does not have to report favors — such as football trips paid by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones — as gifts unless it can be shown he did something in exchange for them.

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Christie buys $300K of food & booze with NJ expense account

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AP Photo / James D Smith

Chris Christie’s expense account tells a story of appetite and ambition, one that pits government waste versus the New Jersey governor’s waistline.
Christie spent $360,000 from his state allowance during his five years in office. More than 80 percent of that money, or $300,000, was used to buy food, alcohol and desserts, according to a New Jersey Watchdog analysis of records released by the governor’s office.

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