Nanny State of the Week: Tag too dangerous for children

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A school district in Washington State has banned tag, the popular childhood game, because it is apparently too violent for today’s kids.

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Christie shoots from hip, but wounds his credibility

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Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

Strange but true, Gov. Chris Christie blasted the New Jersey Assembly last week for not focusing on state business. Minutes later, the governor boarded a plane to Iowa in pursuit of his presidential ambitions. So far this year, Christie has traveled out-of-state on at least 145 days.

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Watchdog Podcast: Using RICO laws against climate change skeptics a terrible idea

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Some climate scientists have earned headlines for their suggestion that the federal government should use RICO laws to go after climate change skeptics. That’s a bad idea.

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If you think it’s wrong to charge $750 for AIDS drug, blame health care regulations

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MARTIN SHKRELI: The guy your friend was ranting about on Facebook the other day.

A hedge fund manager purchased a drug commonly used to treat AIDS and raised the price from $13.60 per pill to $750 per pill. FDA regulations let him do it.

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The magic of power: Christie’s transparency disappears

By   /  September 30, 2015  /  New Jersey, New Jersey Big Stories, News, Open Records, Power Abuse, State Government  /  No Comments

Governor's Office/ Mykwain Gainey

Chris Christie and the case of a public record that mysteriously shrunk in half are returning to Superior Court.
A judge will hear arguments on whether Christie’s ‘secret’ media list was altered before its release, a possible violation of the court’s order.

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Nanny State of the Week: D.C. flexing licensing muscles at personal trainers

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An obscure regulatory panel, the Board of Physical Therapy, is creating a new set of licensing rules for personal trainers working in the nation’s capital.

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