Idaho House approves tax cut, but key senator remains uncommitted

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The Idaho House of Representatives passed a $28 million tax cut and an increase in the grocery tax credit Wednesday, but the plan might meet a roadblock in the state Senate. The plan, sponsored by House Majority Leader Mike Moyle, R-Star, would cut taxes slightly on workers who earn more than $7,260 a year, giving them […]

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Can anything stop the TEX Rail train?

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State Sen. Konni Burton wants to put the brakes on a $1 billion commuter train project in Tarrant County.

Sometimes, state Sen. Konni Burton said, it feels like the people of northeast Tarrant County are being run over by a runaway train. No matter the opposition or the considerable number of questions that go unanswered – not the least of which is where nearly $500 million is going to come from to pay for […]

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This state’s comptroller is warning that its debt is spiraling out of control

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Illinois’ debt could hit $10 billion or more according to state Comptroller Leslie Geissler Munger.

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Is anybody against a ban on tax bonds?

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Tax bonds are expensive and unnecessary some Colorado lawmakers believe and they want to prevent governments from requiring them.

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Lawmakers want to strengthen whistle-blower protections

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Lawmakers are proposing legislation that protects state and municipal employees from retaliation for reporting waste, fraud and abuse of government resources.

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During economic recovery, Idaho welfare rolls continue to grow

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Dependence on government welfare programs continues to grow, even as more Idahoans return to work in an economy limping out of the Great Recession. Idaho Department of Health and Welfare Director Dick Armstrong told budget committee members last week that 21.1 percent of Idahoans relied on some sort of government program for assistance each month […]

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