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Mississippi’s pension crisis explained in four charts

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Funding level PERS graph

The reason why Mississippi’s pension crisis is one of the worst in the nation can be explained in four graphs.

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Watchdog Podcast: Airbnb, the First Amendment and Philly’s tax on soda

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Philadelphia passed a tax on soda, and New York is trying to make it illegal to even talk about renting your apartment on Airbnb.

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State memo on school funding tells less than half the story

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Shutterstock Image

A memo from the state Legislative Fiscal Bureau released by Wisconsin Democrats is not telling the whole story on how per-pupil funding for private school-choice vouchers compares with traditional public schools. The memo says the voucher amount is $7,210 for kindergarten through eighth grade, and $7,856 per pupil in high school, while the state aid per pupil in […]

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Nearly half of Mississippi legislators get top grade on pro-business votes

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Photo by the state of Mississippi

Mississippi legislators were graded by the Business and Industry Political Education Committee on their votes on key business-related issues.

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Mississippi pension system loses money on investments

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

The Mississippi pension system is losing money on its investments so far this year, which could have serious consequences for the fund’s solvency.

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School administrator to taxpayers: I’m going to Disney World, and you’re paying for it

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John Porter, seen at Mississippi Board of Education meeting Tuesday, is the interim chief information officer for the Mississippi Department of Education. Photo by Steve Wilson

A state school administrator in Mississippi took a trip to a conference at Disney World and billed taxpayers for it.

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