Open your wallets: Debt in Wisconsin costs each state taxpayer $4,400

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By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON, Wis. — A lavish home entertainment system. A reliable used car. A trip to Europe. Braces for your child. A semester at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Those are all things expected to come with a price tag of $4,400.
But that amount is also what each Wisconsin resident would have to [...]

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Bird-friendly glass won’t fly on billion dollar NFL stadium

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LOOK OUT ABOVE:  For about $1 million, the MN Vikings new stadium could be far less lethal to migratory birds in the Mississippi River flyway.

Minnesota Vikings bird-loving fans are flustered the NFL franchise won’t ante up a million bucks for bird-safe glass at the stadium now under construction.

“Blatant refusal to replace the glass because birds will die crashing into the windows has now convinced me this project is an embarrassment and horror to our Flyway and to our State. Conceit and greed is now painfully obvious and everyone involved should be ashamed,” wrote Mary Madeco-Smith on City Pages website.

Critics flocked to post online comments on news sites following reports that $46 million in newly announced stadium upgrades will not include $1.1 million for bird-friendly glass.

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Indebted Virginia economy needs ‘reboot’

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OFF BALANCE: Virginia's debt is going through the roof, putting the state's economy at risk.

Not long ago, Virginia was considered to be in the pink of economic health. That diagnosis has turned dark red as the state and its municipalities pile up debt.

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Gov. Shumlin’s budget cuts approved — but will they last?

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LESS INCREASED SPENDING:  Finance and Management Commissioner Jim Reardon praised the Joint Fiscal Committee for approving Gov. Peter Shumlin's budget rescission plan.

A legislative committee on Wednesday approved most of the Shumlin administration’s proposed $31 million in cuts to the annual budget, but lawmakers suggested the cuts may be temporary.

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Vermont’s revenues fall short to start new fiscal year

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Jeb Spaulding (feature image crop) Secretary of Administration – Vermont

Vermont’s monthly revenues fell almost 1.8 percent short of targets in July, marking the third time in four months that revenues have failed to meet projections.

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When it comes to class sizes, Philadelphia School District’s numbers don’t add up

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Philadelphia school and city officials say the district will be forced to lay-off teachers and possibly grow class sizes as large as 40 when students return in September, unless the state and city provide additional funding.

But the district’s numbers don’t seem to add up.

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