Memo comparing voucher and public school aid doesn’t tell whole story

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A memo from the LFB requested by Sen. Janet Bewley makes it appear voucher schools are getting more money than public schools.

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Would Pennsylvania rather raise taxes than legalize marijuana?

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Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says legalizing and taxing marijuana could net the state $200 million a year.

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Dire outlook for internet sales tax in South Dakota may affect Mississippi

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

In a possible preview for Mississippi, a South Dakota court struck down the state’s internet sales tax.

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Vermont carbon tax in limbo while neighboring states pick up the effort

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While hopes of passing a carbon tax in Vermont are dimming by the day, a development in nearby Connecticut could breathe new life into the initiative.

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Bill aims to change Madison-centric state leases

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The proposal requires the DOA to identify the “most appropriate and cost efficient locations to place an agency when securing or renewing a lease.”

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Assessment of Erie school: ‘I thought I was in Baghdad’

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Funding for the debt-ridden Erie school district is becoming a topic of statewide discussion, and not in a good way.

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