Brawl over bargaining bill resumes in Illinois

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The fight over state employee unions continues as the conflict over a bargaining bill drags on.

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Watchdog Podcast: Donald Trump is a pro wrestling villain; Pennsylvania’s budget fight goes to round two

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Donald Trump is the most successful pro wrestling villain in American history. Or, at least, he’s the first pro wrestling villain to get this close to the White House.

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Jackson’s regs offer a lift to ridesharing, but state action could override them

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Photo by Uber

Networked ride providers will be regulated by a new ordinance in Jackson, Mississippi and could be statewide if a bill in the Legislature becomes law.

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Five years later, Act 10 saves taxpayers $5 billion, study finds

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And despite all the dour predictions, Act 10 has proved a smashing success for Wisconsin taxpayers, according to a new analysis by the MacIver Institute.

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$274 million incentive package took 5 hours from soup to nuts

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

The Mississippi Legislature only needed five hours in a special session to approve a $274 million incentive package to lure a tire plant and a shipyard to the state.

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Pennsylvania’s budget mess is going from bad to worse

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Data provided by Independent Fiscal Office; graphic by Eric Boehm

Pennsylvania will be facing a $2.4 billion budget shortfall by the 2016-17 budget year. Just two years ago, the shortfall in 2016-17 was projected to be $1.7 billion.

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