How North Dakota’s oil industry is holding up, one year later

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Photo from Flickr Commons

North Dakota has taken some big economic hits due to the low price of oil but one year after OPEC took its best shot, the region is still standing.

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Help could be coming to Pennsylvania’s horse racing industry

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State lawmakers plan to use an existing subsidy to help bail out the sputtering horse-racing industry.

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Climate kids lose in Washington court, but more cases are coming

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Elaine Thompson/AP

Eight children who took the state of Washington to court over climate regulations lost their appeal but their lawyer says more cases like theirs are coming.

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Mississippi brewers want to sell their beer on site

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Photo by Luckytown Brewery

Mississippi brewers are trying to rally legislative support behind an effort to end the state’s prohibition on selling beer on-site.

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New Mexico holds its breath as oil prices remain low

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Photo by Rob Nikolewski

The continued low price of oil is making state legislators in New Mexico nervous.

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Mississippi Power finalizes permanent rate deal with regulators

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Photo by Mississippi Power

Mississippi Power and the Public Utilities Staff have finalized a rate deal that would cut rates for its customers, subject to the approval of the PSC.

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