‘Shell game:’ Is Wolf’s proposed budget $29.9 billion, or is it $33.8 billion?

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Gov. Tom Wolf claims his budget proposal spends $29.9 billion. Republican lawmakers — and the math within his plan — say it’s actually $33.8 billion.

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Watchdog.org stories spark Colorado bill to stop liquor, casino, welfare abuse

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After a series of Watchdog.org stories exposing potential welfare waste, state representatives introduced a bill Wednesday designed to stop or at least decrease the amount of tax money welfare recipients withdraw at state and federally prohibited locations like liquor stories, casinos and strip bars.

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Virginia governor says 150 of his bills passed, but nobody seems to know what they are

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DIGGING IT: Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced his support for a trans-Virginia gas pipeline on Tuesday.

Governor Terry McAuliffe’s administration is touting that 70 percent of their 213 bills passed the General Assembly this year, an impressive feat for a Democratic governor contending with a stubborn, Republican-controlled House and Senate. The trouble is, nobody seems to know quite what the administration’s 213 total bills — or the 150 that will reach the governor’s desk — are, and the governor’s office isn’t responding to requests for a comprehensive list of bills.

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Small businesses feel like ‘big losers’ in PA governor’s budget

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Photo from Gov. Tom Wolf's official website.

Small business owners and advocates believe tax increases in Gov. Tom Wolf’s first budget proposal would be bad news for them.

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Lawmaker fears PA governor’s proposed property tax cuts could be temporary

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Homeowners probably cheered Tuesday when Gov. Tom Wolf unveiled a $3.8 billion property tax relief plan he said would return an average of $1,000 to them, but some lawmakers don’t believe the hype over one of the governor’s top budget priorities.

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Lawmakers scramble to fix insolvent Lottery Scholarship

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The head of a Santa Fe think tank is accusing the New Mexico Lottery Authority of a sneaky back-door attempt to take scholarship money from college students and give it to the vendors, contractors and bureaucrats who run the New Mexico Lottery. The bigger story is whether the Lottery Scholarship, enacted in 1996 as a program that would never cost the taxpayers a cent, is on the slippery slope to becoming a new taxpayer-funded entitlement program.

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