The secrets of Joan Huffman

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By Steve Miller | Texas Watchdog
For more than a decade, state Sen. Joan Huffman failed to report her husband’s income on her personal financial disclosure. At the same time, she bolstered that income by using his companies during her campaigns, paying $21,964 to entities connected to her husband, Keith Lawyer.
A review of Huffman’s campaign finance reports, personal […]

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Battle over Obama’s Clean Power Plan heading to Pennsylvania Capitol

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Because states are tasked with establishing their own plans to make sure power plants meet new carbon emission standards, many of the energy policy and environmental battles will occur in capital cities across the country, including Harrisburg.

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Conservatives question PA GOP’s return on campaign investments

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PARTY SUPPORT, BUT NOT PARTY LINE: Paul Mullen supports a severance tax and has concerns about moving workers to a 401(k)-style plan, but he's getting big support from the state GOP in his race for a House seat.

The Pennsylvania GOP is doling out thousands of dollars in campaign cash, but doesn’t always get party results once candidates are elected.

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Who is really green? Environmentalists in Vermont fight over renewable mandates

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Recent requirements to boost renewable energy sources in Vermont have run into resistance from a surprising quarter — other environmentalists.

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Watchdog Podcast: Which governor-turned-presidential-candidate has the best shot?

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In this week’s episode, host Eric Boehm is joined by a roundtable of Watchdog reporters who have spent time covering four of the governors who are now running for the White House. Matt Kittle, Mark Lisheron, Mark Lagerkvist and Jason Hart share their perspectives on, respectively, Gov. Scott Walker, of Wisconsin; former Gov. Rick Perry, of Texas; Gov. Chris Christie, of New Jersey; and Gov. John Kasich, of Ohio.

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Wastewater injects controversy over earthquakes in Oklahoma

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“We believe that in 12 months we would see a clear decline in the earthquake activity” if a moratorium is put in place, said Johnson Bridgwater, director of Oklahoma Sierra Club. “We are not saying it would completely stop, we are not saying they would go away, but we do believe that a 12-month window would show a steady decline in earthquake activity in the area.”

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