Governor bans natural gas drilling on state-owned land

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By Eric Boehm |
Pennsylvania won’t be opening up more of its state parks and forests to gas drillers, at least under Gov. Tom Wolf’s watch.
Wolf issued an executive order Thursday prohibiting the state from leasing more land within state-owned parks and forests – about 370,000 acres have already been leased – for the purposes […]

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Right-to-work bill clears first hurdle in New Mexico

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Photo by Brigette Russell

The House Business and Employment Committee on Thursday passed the first of five right-to-work bills prefiled for the legislative session.

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Virginia lawmakers try to keep budget process transparent with ‘Pelosi’ bills

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Stock photo by Kathryn Watson

It may be tougher for sneaky state lawmakers to tuck things into the budget bill after this year.

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Are e-cigs and tobacco taxes driving MN’s abrupt decline in smoking?

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Put this in your electronic cigarette and vape it: A comprehensive survey found the lowest smoking rate ever recorded among adult Minnesotans.

Nearly half of former smokers — 45 percent — who kicked the habit used e-cigarettes at some point in the process, according to the survey, which the state paid $850,000 to conduct.

“Public health advocates should cheer the fact that vapor products are now the most commonly used quit smoking product among Minnesota adults,” Greg Conley, American Vaping Association president, said in a statement.

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Colorado Judicial records policy: Apparently whatever staff wants it to be

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When taxpayers want basic information about the operations of the executive or legislative branch in Colorado, they can file an open records request, and officials have a maximum of 10 business days to turn over the documents.

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School choice scholarships pick up steam in Virginia

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Virginia has long received poor marks for its approach to school choice. Those marks, however, could be ready to trend upward.

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