Dole warns of ‘day of reckoning’ unless US curtails spending

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Bob Dole

Unless the United States is able to ratchet-back its uncontrolled spending, the burden will be heaped on future generations, former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole said to a crowd of friends and former constituents Monday afternoon.

“We keep spending and spending money we don’t have, and maybe our generation will escape,” Dole stated. “But someday there’s going to be a day of reckoning.”

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Police won’t discuss innocent driver flagged by license plate reader error

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ALWAYS WATCHING: The Prairie Village Police Department has maintained a vehicle with automatic license plate scanning capabilities since April 2013.

The Prairie Village Police Department doesn’t want to talk about the automatic license plate reader error that led to an innocent driver being pulled over by law enforcement, gun unholstered, during rush hour traffic a week ago. Capt. Wes Lovett, PVPD patrol commander, acknowledged that he did exchange emails with the Prairie Village Post about the matter early last week, but said he didn’t like the tone of Publisher Jay Senter’s article. Since then Lovett said he has declined to speak with other media about the traffic stop, and believed it wouldn’t be fair to discuss the matter with Kansas Watchdog.

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Week in Review: Cameras, economics, violence and drugs

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Huell money

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog
OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — By now you’ve been eyeing this weekend with thoughts of glazed hams, colored eggs and chocolate rabbits running through your head. But wait!
Before you go hunting for your own basket, check out ours, loaded with news confections we’ve been collecting since Monday.
And I promise, you won’t have [...]

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Watchdog report spurs Wichita police spending scrutiny

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KSN clip

The Wichita Police Department can’t seem to catch a break.

Only hours after Kansas Watchdog revealed yesterday the law enforcement agency’s massive spike in drug tax revenue – the spending of which Capt. Doug Nolte said the police department doesn’t track – local media pounced.

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Law enforcement reap big payouts from War on Drugs

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SEEING GREEN: Since 2010, at least two Kansas police departments have seen a sudden spike in revenues because of the state's taxation laws on illegal narcotics. From 2010 to 2012, almost 60 percent of all drug incidents involved marijuana, according to statistics provided by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.

Crime doesn’t pay, unless you’re a Kansas law enforcement agency reaping the spoils of war.

The War on Drugs, that is.

Buried deep within state statute is a little-known provision that directly rewards police departments for busting-up the local narcotics scene, and it does so using the government’s oldest trick in the book: taxes.

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