S&P knocks Kansas’ credit rating for failure to reel in spending

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TRIM IT: S&P analyst David Hitchcock says Kansas failed to balance tax cuts with necessary spending reductions.

Kansas caught another whack to its wallet Wednesday after national fiscal hawk Standard & Poor’s downgraded the state’s credit rating from AA+ to AA.

But as the political spin began to ramp up within minutes of the announcement, S&P credit analyst David Hitchcock made one thing abundantly clear: Kansas has a spending problem.

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They bought what?! Top 5 ridiculous Kansas campaign cash purchases

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cowboy boots

When it comes to wielding the power of campaign contributions, state law gives Kansas political candidates a fair amount of wiggle room.

Statute permits those vying for public office to use political funds for any “legitimate” campaign purpose or expense associated with holding their elected position. As you can imagine, that leaves a gray area about a mile wide.

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Week in review: Sugar daddies and Disney World

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Disney star wars

Yes, we know, the primary election hasn’t even hit and you’re already drowning in campaign literature. But take heart! At least it’s August, which means in only a few arduous months the political grandstanding that is campaigning for public office will soon be over. Until then, turn down the volume on that attack ad and recap the week.

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Superintendent welcomes scrutiny after Disney World staff development trip

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The superintendent of Kansas’ ninth-largest school district says he welcomes scrutiny in the wake of a four-day, roughly $105,000 education conference for 61 district staff at Disney World in June.

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Uncle Sam bankrolled a third of Kansas spending in 2013

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On the home front, Kansas’ elected officials talk a big game about self-reliance and prudent fiscal governance, but last year more than a third of all dollars doled out by the Sunflower State came direct from the woefully-indebted federal government.

Should Kansas put its money where its mouth is and lessen its leaning on Uncle Sam’s wallet? State Rep. Gene Suellentrop, R-Wichita, says yes – to a point, at least.

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Week in Review: Drugs, audits and ferrets

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In case you hadn’t noticed by the smell in the air, the light in the evening or the mailers being crammed down your throat, it’s election season. We’re inching ever closer to the August primaries, which means the political cogs are working overtime. If you’re feeling worn out, take a break from the electoral hype and glance back at the last week.

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