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Kansas e-cig tax could e-vape-orate the industry

By   /  June 16, 2015  /  Kansas, Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

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The excise tax on electronic cigarettes included in the new Kansas budget could harm a burgeoning industry and negatively impact public health.

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Spotlight shines on Kansas and Maine in ‘State of the States’ report

By   /  June 15, 2015  /  Kansas, Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

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Kansas and Maine stand out in an annual report analyzing governors’ State of the State addresses and their fiscal records.

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Is cellulosic biofuel ready for prime time?

By   /  June 15, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, Iowa, Kansas, National, News  /  No Comments

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The EPA wants wants more cellulosic biofuels in the Renewable Fuel Standard. Supporters say that’s great but critics seriously doubt the targets can be met.

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Republican lawmaker in tears as Kansas passes tax hike

By   /  June 12, 2015  /  Kansas, Watchdog Arena  /  No Comments

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Despite economic gains, Kansas lawmakers were forced to raise taxes after Gov. Sam Brownback’s tax cuts left the state with a $400 million budget deficit.

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Proposed tax increases in Kansas could prove costly

By   /  June 4, 2015  /  Kansas, Opinion  /  No Comments

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By Erik Telford | Watchdog Opinion With a $411 million budget gap looming on July 1st, Kansas politicians have been trying to figure out how to tax their way out of the problem. Governor Sam Brownback originally proposed a dramatic increase of the state’s tax rate on alcohol and cigarettes—so-called “sin goods”— but now, more […]

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Attempt to force Obamacare expansion on states backfires

By   /  May 11, 2015  /  Florida, Health Care, Kansas, National, News, Tennessee, Texas  /  No Comments

Photo credit: State of Florida, via Twitter

Trying to force Obamacare expansion onto Florida by cutting funding for an existing Medicaid program has backfired on President Obama.

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