Lawmakers aim to create jobs by cutting occupational licensing red-tape

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Florida as the fourth most restrictive state in the country with respect to occupational licensing regulations, says the Institute for Justice.

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Texas property taxes will keep climbing under SB 2

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Homeowners in just 10 of 34 cities and counties would realize any savings under Senate Bill 2, passed by the Senate Tuesday.

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State budget showdown expected next week in Vermont House

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After weeks of exchanging barbs over the state budget plan, leaders in the Vermont House are moving toward a decisive vote that could bring years of legislative overspending to a halt.

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Nanny State of the Week: Texas messes with winemaking

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The legislature is considering requiring wines to use 100 percent home-grown grapes to use a “made in Texas” label.

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Vermont gun confiscation bill heads to House floor

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A bill that would allow police to remove guns from a domestic violence situation without due process was approved by a House committee.

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Dire outlook for internet sales tax in South Dakota may affect Mississippi

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

In a possible preview for Mississippi, a South Dakota court struck down the state’s internet sales tax.

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