Who’s watching the watchers? Mississippi licensing boards about to get a new boss

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A bill passed by the Mississippi Legislature could provide supervision for the state’s occupational licensing boards.

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Will Florida preempt local governments to complete next-gen wireless connectivity?

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The need to “densify” existing networks to support 5GLTE is setting up a conflict between the state and cities.

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Vermont House to vote on election law rewrites in wake of recount, absentee ballot snafus

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Three separate measures would address how recounts are conducted and how absentee ballots are obtained by voters.

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Mississippi closed bridge list filled with discrepancies

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Only half of the bridges on a closed bridge list given to Mississippi legislators were actually closed to traffic.

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Lawmakers aim to create jobs by cutting occupational licensing red-tape

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Florida as the fourth most restrictive state in the country with respect to occupational licensing regulations, says the Institute for Justice.

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Texas property taxes will keep climbing under SB 2

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Homeowners in just 10 of 34 cities and counties would realize any savings under Senate Bill 2, passed by the Senate Tuesday.

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