Financial reports show divide in GOP over Mississippi’s U.S. Senate race

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By Steve Wilson | Mississippi Watchdog
Campaign finance reports filed with the Federal Election Commission for Mississippi’s U.S. Senate race show a stark divide between the tea party and GOP establishment.
Six-term incumbent U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran, who won the runoff by 7,667 votes, received more than $4 million in contributions, with 54 percent of that coming from individual contributors. Cochran [...]

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New Mississippi law helps gun owners shoot down local bans

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PHOTO BY: Steve Wilson

A new law in Mississippi is giving gun owners ammunition to fight gun bans in government buildings.

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Millions in MN taxpayer funding goes for local government lobbying

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DOWN TO THE TOWNSHIP: All but 2 of MN's 1,783 townships pay dues to support a lobbyist in St. Paul, including $84 from Sunrise Township residents who still vote in the oldest building still holding government meetings in the state.
Township of Sunrise photo.

Local governments in Minnesota burned through more than $8 million in taxpayer-funded lobbying last year, up more than 3 percent over 2012, according to a new state report.

A Watchdog Minnesota Bureau analysis indicates the practice has become so ingrained that every Minnesota taxpayer likely funds at least one local government entity to lobby another level of government.

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State auditor: Mississippi working to erase ‘corruption’ label

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PHOTO BY: Wikimedia Commons

A recent study labeled Mississippi as the nation’s most corrupt state, but state auditor Stacey Pickering says it should get credit for its efforts to fight corruption.

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How’s that for irony: Well-funded lobbyists ‘taking on big money in politics’

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GET THE MONEY OUT: One of the best-funded and most influential lobbying organizations in Vermont wants to 'take on big money in politics.'

The irony of one of Vermont’s most influential and well-funded lobbying organizations speaking out against lobbyists and political funding may be lost on some. For others, it’s impossible to miss.

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State of corruption: Mississippi worst in the nation

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WELCOME, WHERE'S YOUR MONEY: Thoroughfares, including Interstate 20, i-59 and I-10 in Mississippi could have toll booths if a White House transportation bill passes, opening the way for tolls on America's interstates.

Mississippi has finally got a top ranking among the states. Problem is, it’s an achievement the state can do without.

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