Charter merger exposes net neutrality coalition rift

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Net neutrality advocate Marvin Ammori speaking at a 2010 conference. His recent oped in Wired explaining his decision to work for Charter on its merger has upset allies in the net neutrality community.

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One of America’s leading “net neutrality” proponents is going to work for a major telecommunications corporation — a move decried by some of his fellow “neutrality” advocates.

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Taxpayer-funded elderly care services go for-profit after $150,000 in lobbying

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Photo By Arthur Kane

An elderly care nonprofit spent about $150,000 writing a bill and then lobbying for an obscure change in state law that could potentially help the company pull in more Medicaid and Medicare cash.

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How effective are lobbyists in Colorado at passing, killing legislation?

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With tens of millions of dollars spent on influencing Colorado legislators each year, lobbyists apparently are good at killing legislation but not nearly as proficient at passing bills, a analysis of 2015 lobbying and legislation results found.

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Colorado lobbying income likely to set a record this year

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Colorado lobbyists are on track for another record year, already raking in as much as $19 million since January, lobbying records show.

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Spend, don’t tell: Special interests influence lawmakers, but remain tight lipped

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Photo Courtesy Wikimedia

During the 2015 legislative session, Xcel Energy by far spent the most money of special interests lobbying the Colorado Legislature, state records show.

But the public utility, often the sole energy choice for 60 percent of Colorado residents, didn’t want to tell the public about its attempts to influence lawmakers.

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Oklahoma lobbying disclosures lag behind other states

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Photo Courtesy House Website

Unlike most states, Oklahoma ethics rules do not require lobbyists to disclose what legislation they are supporting or opposing, making it difficult to track special-interest influence in the state Legislature.

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