Just Dandy: Residents want rural county to ban farming

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BATTLEGROUND: Historic York County is facing a land war of a different kind as some residents seek to pre-empt Virginia's right-to-farm law.

By Kenric Ward | Watchdog.org Virginia Bureau
YORK, Va. — Attempting to pre-empt Virginia’s freedom-to-farm law, residents in a York County community want local officials to ban agricultural activity in their neighborhood.
More than 130 Dandy residents have signed a petition asking the Board of Supervisors to ban commercial farming — a move to thwart state legislation restricting local [...]

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City fights citizen watchdog case amid mounting legal fees

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Photo courtesy of City of Victoria.

You would be hard pressed to put a price on the impact of citizen watchdogs and their role in holding government accountable.

But in the small Twin Cities suburb of Victoria, the cost of local accountability, at least by one measure, comes to $68,000 in legal fees — and counting.

“The legal defense in this action is a very costly endeavor. An indication of the costs involved can be found in the extent of the initial document search, which required the review of 30,000 pages,” Mayor Tom O’Connor of Victoria said at an Aug. 25 City Council meeting.

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Rural Oklahoma cops buy mine-resistant military vehicles

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Photo courtesy of Payne County Sheriff's Department

Oklahoma police buy military vehicles, but some question the need for war weapons in rural departments

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Stadium double play dogs Richmond mayor

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FIELD OF DREAMS: Richmond, Va., Mayor Dwight Jones wants a new minor-league baseball stadium, but City Council members keep brushing him back.

A two-pronged redevelopment plan by Mayor Dwight Jones could turn into a costly double play for city taxpayers.

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In the hole: Minnesota residents, businesses charged monthly fee to fix city streets

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You quickly get a clue about the scope of Duluth’s street repair problem by logging onto the city website.

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Who can be a sheriff in NM? Just about anybody

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Photo from Wikipedia

Did you know you don’t have to prove any law enforcement expertise to become a county sheriff in New Mexico?

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