Watchdog Podcast: In Our Backyards — Cops getting rich off civil asset forfeiture abuse

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Host Eric Boehm looks at a local issue that has become a national one: the use, and abuse, of civil asset forfeiture laws by local police departments to help pad their own bottom lines

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Mississippi agency thumbs its nose at senator over government-funded halfway houses

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Oxford House 2

The state agency responsible for administering a group of taxpayer-funded halfway houses sent a threatening letter to a state senator opposing the project.

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Photo credit: Ohio Treasurer of State

Taxpayers in Mahoning County, Delaware County and across Ohio will get a clearer look at local government spending starting this summer.

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Land of 30,000 cameras: Minnesota cities focus on video surveillance ‘ring of protection’

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MnDOT photo

Don’t look up. You may be “live” on one of the 30,000 government surveillance cameras that security experts estimate to be mounted in the greater Twin Cities.

Not so slowly, but surely, metro cities and some government agencies are installing video technology capable of networking surveillance systems in a so-called ring of protection — and detection.

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Richland’s $4.1 million police station funded by civil forfeiture

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Photo by Steve Wilson

Civil forfeiture paid for the $4.1 million Richland police station and the city’s fleet of police cars.

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Dallas grabbed $552,300 from plastic bag fees in first quarter of 2015

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Dallas took in $552,300 in revenue in the year’s first quarter from its 5-cent plastic bag fee implemented Jan. 1, according to a 18-page review compiled by the city.

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