Risky business: Naming buildings after New Mexico politicians

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WHAT'S IN A NAME?: A New Mexico state office building is named after a former governor who just got in big trouble with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Former New Mexico Gov. Toney Anaya is awaiting potential financial penalties after settling last week with the Securities and Exchange Commission over fraud charges involving a water company for which Anaya worked.

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Merriam swaps standard disability sign for more progressive symbol

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symbol feature

The City of Merriam has adopted a more progressive and politically-correct disability access sign following a city council meeting Monday.

At the behest of councilman Al Frisby, as well as local activist and former Kansas City Star journalist Finn Bullers, city leaders approved spending around $1,400 to replace the municipality’s 40 disabled access signs spread across city parks, buildings and parking lots. They will also spend about $275 for a parking lot stencil.

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New Mississippi law helps gun owners shoot down local bans

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PHOTO BY: Steve Wilson

A new law in Mississippi is giving gun owners ammunition to fight gun bans in government buildings.

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KS town relents, says little library can stay — for now

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Photo by Travis Perry

Chalk one up for the little guy.

After initially being forced to remove his Little Free Library from his front yard, 9-year-old Spencer Collins on Monday made his case before the Leawood City Council, which issued a moratorium on code enforcements against such front yard structures – at least for the time being.

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Millions in MN taxpayer funding goes for local government lobbying

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DOWN TO THE TOWNSHIP: All but 2 of MN's 1,783 townships pay dues to support a lobbyist in St. Paul, including $84 from Sunrise Township residents who still vote in the oldest building still holding government meetings in the state.
Township of Sunrise photo.

Local governments in Minnesota burned through more than $8 million in taxpayer-funded lobbying last year, up more than 3 percent over 2012, according to a new state report.

A Watchdog Minnesota Bureau analysis indicates the practice has become so ingrained that every Minnesota taxpayer likely funds at least one local government entity to lobby another level of government.

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Another KS town enters latest chapter in the Little Free Library fray

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UP TO CODE: Erin Margolin thought getting the city's approval for her own Little Free Library would be just a formality, but for now Fairway officials have put the brakes on her front yard book repository.

If Erin Margolin could do it all over again, she’d probably rather ask forgiveness than for permission.

Following in the wake of the City of Leawood’s heated controversy surrounding the code citation and mandated removal of a Little Free Library – a diminutive curbside cabinet dedicated to sharing books in a local community – a new Kansas City metro area municipality has stepped into the fray: Fairway.

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