14 most important elections of 2014

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TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT: Several signs paid for by the Democratic National Committee were displayed near polling booths at a Colorado State University campus.

There is no shortage of important elections in 2014, as two recent electoral waves will collide, producing a slate of statewide electoral contests that will shape state and federal policy for years to come.

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House to Consider Amended Health Care Bill

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Members of the Maine House of Representatives are expected to debate Senate changes to a bill that would overhaul the state’s health insurance market.   
In a nocturnal session yesterday, Senate Republicans wooed the support of three Democrats and the chamber’s lone independent with two amendments clarifying aspects of the bill, LD 1333, which was ultimately [...]

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Health Care Bill Stipulates Changes

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Proponents of the contentious health care reform bill unveiled by Republicans last week contend that the bill will stimulate innovation and lower premiums, but detractors insist the touted benefits are overstated. 
The final bill consists of several components, all of which are coming under close scrutiny in anticipation of floor debates and votes this week. 
One provision [...]

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EMMC Nurses Avert Lock-Out

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The Bangor Daily News reported today that nurses at the Eastern Maine Medical Center have reached a “tentative accord.” Read the full story here.

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Prescription Drug Abuse Impacts Public Safety

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Armed robberies have traditionally unfolded in bank lobbies or deserted gas stations, but police officers responding to these crimes in Maine are increasingly likely to rush to local pharmacies.
Signifying the widening scope of the prescription drug epidemic in Maine, the number of pharmacy holdups jumped from 4 in 2009 to 21 in 2010.
Opiate-seeking robbers have [...]

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Maine Explores Managed Care for Medicaid Recipients

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Confronted with expanding federal mandates and static state revenues, Maine is joining the ranks of other states that are overhauling their Medicaid systems. 
At the behest of the Legislature and the Governor’s office, officials at the state Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) are currently working with stakeholders to reduce costs and enhance coverage for [...]

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