What it would look like if Ilinois actually valued school kids

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school funding

As Illinois’ state budget climbed to $35 billion a year, schools in the Land of Lincoln are seeing less from state government.

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IL Democrats take advantage of last days of one-party rule

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Illinois Democrats have one last bite at the apple before a new Republican governor takes over in January.

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On demand: Chaotic meetings lead agency to post videos

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MCWD Photo

Meetings of the Minnehaha Creek Watershed District meetings won’t give “Parks and Recreation” a run in the ratings, but a few more viewers would be nice.

“Just so we don’t finish last,” said MCWD interim administrator Jeff Spartz. “The other watershed district (Rice Creek) that has videotapes of its meetings available typically gets under a dozen hits a month.”

The obscure agency’s meetings premiere on YouTube in December.

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SNL blasts Obama for executive order on immigration

By   /  November 23, 2014  /  Immigration, National, News, Video, Video 1, Wisconsin  /  No Comments


By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON, Wis. — No words are needed.
Just watch:

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Is 2015 the year for school choice in Illinois?

By   /  November 14, 2014  /  Education, Illinois, Media, Video, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments

school choice

Illinois governor-elect Bruce Rauner has made it clear schools are his top priority.

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Better for Internet users: Big business or big government?

By   /  November 12, 2014  /  Illinois, Media, Podcasts, Technology, Video, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments

internet speed

The future of net neutrality may come down to a showdown between big business and big government, and Internet users are almost certain to be caught in the middle.

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