Omaha police chief: Deadly officer-involved shooting ‘does not appear to be criminal’

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An unarmed suspect was shot twice in the back by an Omaha police officer this week, according to Chief Todd Schmaderer who adds the shooting, caught on video by police, “does not appear to be criminal.”

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NJ taxpayers pick up tab as Gov. Christie cheers on Cowboys

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Be sure to read the entire story here.

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The numbers don’t add up for Illinois school kids

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If only school kids in Illinois were as important as school superintendents.

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Times are tough in Illinois? Public workers don’t care, want their $7.5B

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By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio
SPRINGFIELD, Ill — “Business is bad, f-you pay me. Oh, you had a fire? F-you, pay me. Place got hit by lightning? F-you pay me.”
That’s the line from Goodfellas about how awful it is for a restaurant owner to get into business with the mob.
But that’s essentially the same line […]

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Medicaid card? Good luck

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medicaid card

By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio
SPRINGFIELD, Ill — Obamacare has added 9 million people to Medicaid rolls across the country, 600,000 people in Illinois alone.
But while almost 10 million people have a medical card, a new report says that’s about all they have.
Benjamin Yount talks with Jonathan Ingram, research director at the Foundation for Government Accountability, […]

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Get off the sidelines and even the playing field in D.C.

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When Alexis de Tocqueville walked the newly formed United States, he found a country brimming with hope and a new government of the people, by the people and for the people.

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