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Detroiters ask for a mechanism to close failing schools

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Detroit’s business and civic leaders have said that gain their support, any plans to save Detroit Public Schools from massive debt would need to include a mechanism for closing failing schools. Michigan’s House and Senate appear to be close to a deal to pay off the district’s debt. Read more here.

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Competing visions of how to save Detroit’s public schools

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After a natural disaster struck New Orleans, drastic measures became necessary to revive the city’s already beleaguered school system. The answer was the nation’s first all-charter school model. While no hurricane has hit Detroit, a long-running disaster of monumental proportions has left the city’s schools on the verge of collapse. As politicians and teachers unions have […]

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Charters not to blame for emptying of Detroit schools

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Officials and allies of Detroit Public Schools blame the expansion of charter schools for the district’s enrollment decline, but a close look at the numbers shows that the rush to flee DPS began quite a while before the state lifted caps on charter enrollment. Read more here.

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Michigan falling behind on goal to be a top 10 education state

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Now with more voters!

Michigan hopes to be one of the top 10 states for education by 2030, but is falling behind on that goal. In 2003, Michigan was ranked 28th in the nation, a ranking that has fallen significantly to 38th. New analysis suggests that, rather than being a top 10 state by 2030, Michigan is on track to be ranked 44th in […]

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Detroit Public Schools put collective bargaining on hold

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With the fate of legislation that would restructure Detroit Public Schools uncertain, the head of the district is holding off on negotiating new contracts. Seven of the district’s eight collective bargaining agreements, including the Detroit Federation of Teachers, the largest in the city, expire June 30. “We want to proceed with collective bargaining negotiations as promptly as […]

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Detroit schools reopen after two-day teacher sickout

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After being closed Monday and Tuesday because of teacher sickouts, public schools reopened Wednesday in Detroit. The sickout was the result of a pay dispute. Without a bailout, Detroit’s teachers will not be paid during the summer for work completed during the school year. “Everyone’s happy to be back,” said kindergarten teacher Jennifer Jackson. “But we’re […]

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