Education week-in-review: Jailing parents and stonewalling a senator

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From Washington D.C., where trying to sneak their kids into a better school can land parents in jail, to Milwaukee, where the Justice Department is stonewalling a U.S. senator, it’s been an interesting week in education news.

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Michigan bill to ban tax-funded ‘release time’ expected to pass

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Two bills, which ban union “release time,” are expected to pass the Michigan Legislature.

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Company that got millions from U.S. taxpayers now profits Chinese owners

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Battery company A123 expects to turn a profit for the first time this year but that doesn’t mean that taxpayers will see any of it

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Michigan becomes the latest state to enact faith-based conscience protections

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Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Thursday signed a bill that allows faith-based adoption agencies to turn away same-sex and unmarried couples because of religious convictions.

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Bill to compensate wrongfully imprisoned may have a friend in Gov. Snyder

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A Democratic state senator is trying to change Michigan from being one of two states that do not financially compensate residents who have been wrongfully imprisoned.

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Michigan’s economic recovery more than just the auto industry

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By James M. Hohman and Jarrett Skorup | Watchdog Opinion
As Michigan continues its economic recovery that has led to more jobs, higher real estate values and more government tax revenue, one might wonder what’s driving the state’s recent economic growth. Some point to the booming auto industry, praising the bailouts and speedy bankruptcies. Yet, while […]

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