Education week-in-review: teacher competence and a big prom problem

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By Paul Brennan
How many states consider competence when deciding which teachers to lay off? What common, inoffensive slang term caused school officials to call the cops on a student asking a girl to prom? has the answers, along with plenty of other interesting and important stories from this week’s education news.
Should competence count?
Falling birthrates […]

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MI lawmaker pushes state home school registry

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A Michigan representative is intent on mandating home-schoolers register with the state and be seen by a plethora of professionals twice a year.

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Richer or poorer? West has brighter economic horizon

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SHINING CITY ON THE HILL: Utah and its capital, Salt Lake City, stand out as the nation's leader for business and growth. according to the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Salt Lake City and New York City are more than 2,173 miles apart, but they are polar extremes for economic growth, according to a national study released Wednesday.

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More taxpayer money goes to another ‘green’ Obama backer

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By Jillian Kay Melchior |
The Department of Energy last week announced a conditional loan of $259 million to Alcoa Inc., supporting the manufacture of lightweight-aluminum auto bodies.
The resurrection of the DOE’s controversial fuel-efficient-vehicle loan program is a bad idea in light of the agency’s awful track record on taxpayer-backed green investments. All told, the […]

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Here’s why unions hate right-to-work

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Have you ever wondered why labor unions are so strongly opposed to right-to-work laws? Watch this brief video and wonder no more.

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A better school just a mile away, but parents don’t get a choice

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By Tom Gantert | Capitol Confidential
Robert Luce lives in and pays property taxes to Canton Township. On a daily basis he watches school buses from the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools pass by his house.
However, the subdivision where Luce lives is located within the jurisdiction of the Wayne-Westland Community School District. This is also the district to […]

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