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Virginia Beach the best for vaping

By   /  November 15, 2016  /  Arizona, California, Health Care, Minnesota, New Mexico, News, Regulations, Virginia  /  No Comments

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Albuquerque. Phoenix. Tucson. Mesa. Virginia Beach. All terrific vacation spots. And also great for vaping. A new report by the R Street Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based free-market think tank, ranked 52 cities on their regulatory environment for vaping, with Virginia’s largest city coming out on top with a grade of A+. The three Arizona cities […]

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Teacher tenure protected in Minnesota ruling

By   /  October 27, 2016  /  Education Blog, Minnesota  /  No Comments

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A lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of teacher tenure has been dismissed by a Minnesota judge. The lawsuit, filed by four families in conjunction with the Partnership for Educational Justice and Students for Education Reform Minnesota, claimed that teacher tenure laws protect ineffective teachers and deprive low-income and minority students of a high-quality education. “The parent plaintiffs,” said […]

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Black Lives Matter leader explains decision to leave movement over charter schools

By   /  September 19, 2016  /  Education Blog, Minnesota  /  No Comments

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Rashad Turner, the leader of Black Lives Matter St. Paul, has quit over the movement’s attacks on charter schools. “Being that I am all for charter schools and education reform, and as someone who is seeking educational justice for students and families, I could no longer be under that banner of Black Lives Matter,” he […]

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Oral health care workshop hits nerve of dentists and policymakers

By   /  August 11, 2016  /  Alaska, Arizona, Health Care, Indiana, Issues, Minnesota, National, News, Regulations, Vermont  /  No Comments

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States want to expand access to oral health care, but the debate over how to do it is provoking strong reactions from many within the dental community.

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Minnesota Board of Teaching held in contempt of court

By   /  July 8, 2016  /  Education Blog, Minnesota  /  No Comments

A Nebraska lawmaker wants to end a requirement that all schools set aside time every day for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Minnesota’s Board of Teaching, an 11-member panel that licenses teachers, has been held in contempt of court for failing to offer an alternative licensing program for out-of-state teachers. “The Court does not take the granting of sanctions lightly and would far have preferred Defendant to simply follow the law,” Ramsey County District Court Judge Shawn M. Bartsh wrote […]

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Supreme Court hands property owners a major win in Clean Water Act case

By   /  May 31, 2016  /  Accountability, Energy and Environment, Federal Government, Issues, Judiciary, Minnesota, National, News, Politics & Elections, Regulations  /  No Comments

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It was a unanimous win for property rights at the U.S. Supreme Court on Tuesday, and another stinging defeat for the Environmental Protection Agency.

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