New rules for overtime could cost home-care workers

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Minnesota provider agencies are reducing hours and overtime for home-care workers, leaving care recipients like Amelia Bray wondering in limbo.

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University silent on 9/11 exhibit after students snub moment of silence

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Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation

“We are deeply disturbed by this development,” said John Hodge, Tunnel to Towers Foundation chief of operations in a November 16 letter to UOM President Eric Kaler. “The rejection of that resolution engenders a real question: Is the legacy of 9/11 retribution, hatred, and fear? Because the people who were actually there live a different legacy.”

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Would fewer tests worsen Minnesota’s dismal achievement gap?

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MDE photo

“I don’t necessarily think there’s over-testing going on,” said Helen Fisk, Global Academy director. “I think reading and math are pretty basic in wanting to know how your kid’s doing. It’s not unreasonable to give a standardized test in those areas as often as we do. I don’t have a problem with that.”

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Obama can’t beat Islamic State, but he can whip U.S. states

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AP photo

States opposing the Obama administration plan to settle 100,000 Syrian refugees in America may be fighting a losing battle in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks.

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Legislators put rogue education agency on the spot at hearing

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State of MN photo

”It is absolutely deplorable that nobody can tell my clients, after 10 years of applying for licensure, what are the requirements for licensure,” said Rhyddid Watkins, an attorney representing 20 out-of-state teachers. “What do I need to do to get licensed in Minnesota? Apparently, there’s not a single person able to tell them that.”

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Confusion over union organizer prompts county to alert child-care providers

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Several calls to the Fairmont Police Department from child-care providers anxious about a man who came to their homes has led licensing authorities to warn more than 100 residential day-care facilities in Martin and Faribault counties.

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