Watchdog’s Scariest People of 2015: No. 17

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Loophole lets more than $1.1 million in local government spending on lobbyists go under the radar.

“I said no, I said I’m done, and I love teaching,” said Kirstin Rogers, who gave up on her application upon moving from Utah and joined a lawsuit against the state board.

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City considers law preventing most residents from renting their homes

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“If you and I were next door neighbors, and you already had your house rented out, I’m screwed,” said Burnell Beermann, a 76 year old homeowner who opposes the ordinance. “That’s the thing, it ain’t right. If they’ve got concerns with behavior, they should address the behavior.”

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74-year-old home-care worker challenges signature on union card; gets refund

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“He sent me a copy of what I supposedly signed, and it doesn’t look anything like my signature at all,” Johansen said. “I’m left-handed, the letters are all formed differently. So they didn’t have my signature. Somebody else just signed my name to it.”

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School vouchers mean equal opportunity in Minnesota

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School vouchers can be a means to provide equal opportunity in a state with the worst economic disparity between white and minority citizens, Andy Brehm, a senior fellow at the Center for the American Experiment, writes in the Minnesota Post. In Minnesota, 85 percent of white students graduate from high school on time, while only 49 […]

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Residents taking shot on booze task force in hopes of reviving muni sales

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In response to a proposed 7 percent property tax hike to offset a drop in liquor revenue, City Hall is putting together an alcohol task force of taxpayers.

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18 months later, still no contract for part-time Minnesota profs

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A year and a half after voting in the first union for part-time faculty at a private Minnesota college or university, adjunct instructors at Hamline University remain without a contract to show for it. But the two sides remain deadlocked on a compensation package for some 200 adjunct professors in talks with an atmosphere the campus’ union steward has described as “temper and tension in the air.”

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