Bounty outlives gophers in some Minnesota city budgets

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OAK GROVE, Minn. — If you have a problem with pocket gophers in this town, the city will pay you for its paws. Yep, that’s right. An item in the city’s $2.5 million annual budget allocates $800 for gopher feet.

The city will pay a $1.50 bounty per pocket gopher turned into City Hall. It wasn’t in their job description, but the handful of employees at City Hall consider it a public service in this Anoka County community on the northern fringe of the Twin Cities metro area.

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Crash course in transparency proposed for MN local governments

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It’s no secret we’re attached to our tablets, specifically our IPads. But so are thousands of local government officials, who rely on another IPAD — the state’s Information Policy Analysis Division — to comply with a greater volume of data and public information requests.

Under a bill before the 2015 Minnesota Legislature, government officials across Minnesota would undergo a sort of crash IPAD course in transparency requirements under the Minnesota Data Practices Act, Minnesota Open Meeting Law and data privacy statutes.

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Minnesota libraries have something for everyone, but is that something everyone should pay for?

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Patrons used to go to the library to check out books. Today, people go for any number of reasons. But while there’s something for everyone in 365 branch libraries statewide, some events leave discerning taxpayers wondering whether it’s something everyone should pay for.

People go for the secret life of puppets ($13,200), farmer comedian Roger Radley ($9,154), stage combat demonstrations with sword fights and mock brawls ($608), duct tape wearables classes ($300) and a series on darkness ($3,816).

All are taxpayer-funded programs, now commonplace in Minnesota libraries.

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Rural Minnesota schools fight state-ordered end to 4-day week

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Parents, teachers, students, administrators and school board members say it’s not broke. So why does the Minnesota Department of Education insist on fixing it by eliminating the option of a four-day school week?

Eight rural school districts remain gung-ho on maintaining a four-day academic week that began as a measure to cut costs, but evolved into a way of life six years later.

The standoff between the four-day week schools and the state’s top educator has become a flashpoint over local control of education in an era that demands innovation in learning.

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Teachers union pushing for political fliers in school mailboxes

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For the 2014 campaign, Education Minnesota endorsed Democrats across the board — except for three of 134 state legislative candidates — at the federal, state and local levels.

Yet, every teacher knows that repetition drills the concept home. So, last fall, the Chaska Education Association in suburban District 112 tried to stuff members’ school mailboxes with the union’s political flier, reiterating the 70,000-member organization’s preferred partisan picks.

But like some students in members’ classrooms, union leaders were pushing the school district’s boundaries, expressly prohibiting political activity on school grounds.

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