What’s he got to say? Kemper Project manager remains muzzled

Candidates cash in on court-ordered end to donor limits

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Candidates from both political parties moved swiftly in the 2014 campaign to take advantage of a court-ordered end to contribution limits for bigger donors. But no one came close to Gov. Mark Dayton — a longtime advocate of campaign finance restrictions — in cashing in on the changes.

Dayton’s re-election campaign raised $744,000 more than would have been allowed under previous limits on so-called “special source” political contributions, according to an Institute for Justice analysis of recently filed campaign reports.

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Off the rails? Amtrak aims to reverse steep decline in Minnesota riders

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At a time when the increasing volume of freight train traffic in Minnesota continues to be virtually off the rails — in a good way — due to an economic uptick, Amtrak ridership in the state has headed in the opposite direction.

The publicly subsidized passenger rail line’s ridership in Minnesota plummeted by nearly 20 percent in 2014, partly due to the fallout from Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway’s soaring freight shipments on the same tracks.

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Minnesota woman fights state over critters’ custody and care

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Dark Star Wildlife Center FB photo.

River the otter, Rikki the raccoon and Todd the fox versus the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

It’s as bitter as any other custody battle before an administrative law judge, but these three dependents have a Facebook page and 2,800 supporters who, in an online petition, back their living arrangement.

Jody Benolken, a wildlife rehabilitator who cares for injured animals, could face criminal charges for ignoring an order to surrender the trio to the state.

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City wary of Internet company’s ‘free’ broadband report

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OK, he’s from Alcatel-Lucent, not the government, but business development director Michael Brayen was still here to help.

For nothing. For now.

“Why would a company, a multi-billion dollar company, essentially Bell Labs, come to your community and tell you something like this?” Brayen asked council members in a Feb. 9 pitch in the southeastern Minnesota city.

Good question.

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MNsure audit confirms ‘seriously flawed’ rollout of health insurance exchange

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Facebook Friendly:  MNsure state exchange has Minnesotans covered on social media but enrolling can be another matter. MNsure Photo.

Well intentioned, but not well executed.

That’s a phrase that could describe any number of government programs, and on Tuesday that was the way state auditors summed up a difficult first year for Minnesota’s state-run health insurance exchange program.

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Sticker shock! Minnesotans reject mandatory boat trailer training

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The law of unintended consequences will never be repealed. But a poster child for new laws that inflict unforeseen collateral damage on unsuspecting residents could be on the way to elimination, just before taking full effect.

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