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Mississippi could challenge decision that prevents state internet sales taxes

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Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

A proposed Mississippi Department of Revenue rule that would create an internet sales tax could spark a court challenge to a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision.

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Will Mississippi ban state agencies from hiring lobbyists?

By   /  February 15, 2017  /  Budget and Spending, Legislature, Mississippi, News, State Budgets, State Government  /  No Comments

If a bill passed by the Mississippi Senate becomes law, state agencies would be prohibited from hiring outside lobbyists.

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Reform bills live, but funding formula revamp dies in Mississippi Legislature

By   /  February 14, 2017  /  Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice, Crony Capitalism, Governor, Legislature, Mississippi, Regulations, State Government, Transportation  /  No Comments

Photo by Steve Wilson

While some key reform bills are still alive in the Mississippi Legislature, a revamp of the K-12 education funding formula will likely have to wait until next year.

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Low-tax economists say taxpayers won major legislative battles in 2016

By   /  February 13, 2017  /  Alaska, Budget and Spending, Economy, Georgia, Mississippi, Missouri, North Carolina, State Budgets  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Economists for the American Legislative Exchange Council said taxpayers won some significant policy battles — while losing some others — in 2016 legislative sessions.

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Mississippi Legislature could reduce regulatory burden with new laws

By   /  February 9, 2017  /  Economy, Legislature, Mississippi, News, Regulations, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

Two bills in the Mississippi Legislature could ease the regulatory burden on businesses by forcing agencies to review and eliminate outdated regulations.

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Why the Kemper Project clean coal power plant can’t get started

By   /  February 8, 2017  /  Crony Capitalism, Energy and Environment, Federal Government, Mississippi, News, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo by Mississippi Power

The Kemper Project clean coal power plant is beset with issues that have caused its operational date to be pushed back again and again.

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