Ferguson officials charge inflated fees for access to public documents

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Press organizations investigating the Michael Brown incident are being charged incredibly high fees for public records by the city of Ferguson, Missouri.

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State, local laws force public employees to pay labor unions

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LEFT IN THE DARK: The Democracy Alliance is the champion of liberal 'Dark Money.'

Taxpayer money goes to mandatory union “fair share” or “agency” fees in Washington, D.C. and 23 U.S. states.

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Could giving government more power save school choice?

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Children in St. Louis-area schools are faced with a grim reality: many are enrolled in failing schools — like the ones in the unaccredited Normandy School District — without the means or option to leave.

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Father fights for son’s education in troubled St. Louis-area schools

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Paul Davis doesn’t know how he’s going to make ends meet, but he knows he will never send his son to Normandy High School in St. Louis.

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Nanny of the week: MO town bans breastfeeding near pools

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Mothers in Missouri are allowed to breastfeed their children in public, provided they use as much discretion as possible — unless they’re near a public pool in the town of Warrensburg.

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One chart shows Americans no longer care about police militarization

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During the tumult, turmoil and rage of Ferguson showdown between law enforcement in Ferguson, Mo., Americans everywhere cared about police militarization — a lot.

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