VA officials used medical records to smear whistleblowers

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THAT IS A LIE: VA's chief medical director Carolyn Clancy reacts to Sen. Ron Johnson saying "That is a lie!" after she claimed to be working on a way where whistleblowers' medical records could not be accessed for punitive reasons.

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Veterans Affairs officials illegally accessed whistleblower medical records to engage in a smear campaign aimed at covering up fatally lax medical care, according to testimony today at a U.S. Senate committee.
In a rare show of solidarity, Republicans and Democrats showed anger and distress during the testimony of […]

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Watchdog Podcast: The GOP debate (Round 2) and a right-to-work defeat in Missouri

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At the second GOP debate, Trump finally ran out of things to say, Fiorina surged and Huckabee made a good point in favor of small government (yes, really).

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Missouri workers lose against labor union Goliath

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Missouri’s right-to-work fight is a David vs. Goliath struggle, with workers beset by special interests who want to keep taking money out of their pockets. Unions won the latest battle this week when Missouri Republicans failed to muster the necessary two-thirds majority to override Democrat Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of a right-to-work bill passed in May. But despite decades of waning union influence, the Davids in this story are the workers still squeezed for mandatory union fees in Missouri and the other 24 states without right-to-work laws.

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‘Vicious political campaigning’ backfired on MO unions

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Former union members recount stories of the “vicious political campaigning” they were subject to at work before the right-to-work vote in Missouri.

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Union bosses benefit from the income inequality they bash

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Fans of mandatory union dues say workers shouldn’t mind that union bosses are paid six figures, because executives at huge corporations are paid more.

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Updated: Right-to-work opposition could hurt Dems chances in Missouri in 2016

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Vetoing a right-to-work bill might hurt Gov. Jay Nixon’s fellow Democrats in 2016. He can’t run for another term, but right-to-work could be a major campaign issue.

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