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Missouri poised to pass right-to-work legislation; New Hampshire up next

By   /  January 20, 2017  /  Economy, Kentucky, Labor, Missouri, New Hampshire, News  /  No Comments

“We’re pretty confident this year,” Greg Mourad, vice president of the National Right to Work Committee, told Watchdog.org. “I do expect it to pass.”

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School choice on center stage in a handful of states in 2017

By   /  January 11, 2017  /  Education Blog, Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, New Hampshire, Texas  /  No Comments

The American Federation for Children says the key states to watch for school choice legislation in 2017 are Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri and New Hampshire. Texas could also be a candidate, Rayanne Matlock of Americans for Tax Reform writes in the Washington Examiner, quoting Republican Gov. Greg Abbott as saying he “would be interested in signing the most pro-school choice law […]

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Female student punished for false accusation of sexual assault

By   /  November 30, 2016  /  Campus Culture, Education, Missouri  /  No Comments

Creative Commons/User HistoricStCharles

Too often, students who make false accusations of sexual assault receive no punishment. This needs to change.

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Kansas City charter looks to turn around bad neighborhood

By   /  August 5, 2016  /  Education, Education Blog, Missouri  /  No Comments

The Kansas City Neighborhood Academy in East Kansas City hopes to transform the neighborhood in which it’s located into one of opportunity.

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Judge rejects parents’ plea to be heard in charter lawsuit

By   /  July 21, 2016  /  Education Blog, Missouri  /  No Comments

A federal judge has rejected an effort by charter school parents to join defendants in a lawsuit filed by the NAACP and St Louis Public Schools  over charter funding. U.S. District Judge Henry Autrey ruled that LaDiva Pierce and Ken Ross Jr. do not have standing to join the suit. Read more here.

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Missouri judge considers standing of parents in charter school funding debate

By   /  July 14, 2016  /  Education Blog, Missouri  /  No Comments

A lawsuit filed in April by St. Louis Public Schools, the NAACP, and co-plaintiffs could mean the loss of tens of millions of dollars to charter schools in the city, and parents of children attending those schools want their voices to be heard, St. Louis Public Radio reports. In the lawsuit, district schools argue that […]

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