Here’s why unions hate right-to-work

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Have you ever wondered why labor unions are so strongly opposed to right-to-work laws? Watch this brief video and wonder no more.

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Child miners? More union propaganda against right-to-work

By   /  February 9, 2015  /  Labor, Missouri, National, News, West Virginia  /  No Comments

Photo: AFL-CIO, via Facebook

Union coalition AFL-CIO is framing labor reforms in West Virginia and Missouri as attacks on workers’ rights that would undo a century of safety laws.

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Right-to-work is wrong for union bosses

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AP file photo

When labor unions insist right-to-work laws are “wrong,” what they really mean is right-to-work laws are wrong for union bosses.

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Union bosses claim right-to-work kills

By   /  January 15, 2015  /  Alabama, Kentucky, Labor, Missouri, National, New Mexico, News, Ohio, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Graphic: We Are Ohio

Workers with the freedom to opt out of paying union bosses are more likely to die on the job, according to one of the nation’s largest labor unions.

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The five worst school choice moments in 2014

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shutterstock image

The problems school choice programs faced in 2014 weren’t new.

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Blue states jumped on tax-cut bandwagon in 2014

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BLUE TO RED: New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for $2 billion in tax relief for property and business owners last January. Then again, it was an election year.

By Kenric Ward |
With Wisconsin leading the way, 14 states enacted “significant, broad-based tax cuts” in 2014, according to a report released Wednesday.
Surprisingly, several states controlled by Democrats made the American Legislative Exchange Council list. Then again, 2014 was an election year.
The blue states that made the cut were:
Minnesota: The Democratic stronghold “bowed to economic […]

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