7 reasons to be hopeful about America’s future

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By Dustin Hurst and Andrew Collins | Watchdog.org
Things might be tough for America right now, but c’mon, there’s always hope. Though government continues to grow and invade personal and civil liberties by the day, we’re still America, the country founded on the idea of liberty, the nation with freedom enshrined in its founding documents.
So wipe those tears, [...]

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Show me worker freedom

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AP photo

By F. Vincent Vernuccio | Michigan Capitol Confidential
Brave elected officials and grassroots activists are fighting to make Missouri the 25th state in the country to give workers the freedom to choose whether they want to pay dues or fees to a union.
For the first time in more than 35 years lawmakers in the Show-Me state [...]

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EPA regs threaten to close coal-fired power plants, but states push back

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COAL NO MORE: New EPA regulations might force existing coal power plants, like the Silver Lake Power Plant in Rochester, MN, to shut down.

For 60 years, the power plant on the outskirts of the tiny Missouri hamlet of Chamois turned mountains of coal into cheap electricity.

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Missouri governor to veto school transfer bill

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Missouri flag

By Mary C. Tillotson | Watchdog.org
Referring to a small portion of a bill as a “dangerous voucher scheme,” Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon announced his plan to veto a bill aimed to fix the state’s school transfer system, which most Missourians agree needs a fix.
“If it doesn’t (become law), people opposed to school choice will say, ‘Oh, this [...]

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Missourians can fight electronic government spying at ballot box

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HANDS OFF: A new piece of legislation before Kansas lawmakers is intended to keep state and local government entities from using NSA-like spying techniques on law-abiding citizens, but opponents of the measure say it's too broad and could have a laundry list of unintended consequences.

By Josh Peterson | Watchdog.org

Missouri residents will have the chance Nov. 4 to fight back against government electronic spying by amending their state constitution.

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Study: State tax giveaways to big business don’t really bring jobs

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By the time the McQueeny Group signed up for tax breaks through Kansas’ primary economic development engine, vice president Rod Slump said the business was already looking to make a move.

Tax breaks provided through Promoting Employment Across Kansas were just icing on the cake.

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