Big guns, big money coming out as battle over the crude oil export ban intensifies

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Images from commercials by Domestic Energy Partners Alliance (left) and Allied Progress (right)

TV viewers and some politicians are getting swamped by media campaigns over lifting the U.S.crude oil export ban.

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After 32 years, 76-year-old energy exec still waiting on the feds

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Photo courtesy of Darryl Flowers/Fairfield Sun Times

Sidney Longwell, a 76-year-old energy executive, has waited 32 years for the federal government to make a decision on a lease he purchased in Montana.

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Montana police search farmer’s car, find no drugs, and seize his money anyway

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AP file photo

By Greg Markle | Watchdog Opinion
A farmer named Lorenzo Ayala saved up $16,000 and was on his way to spend it on tractor parts. Unfortunately, he never got those tractor parts. The money was confiscated by Montana police.
The police say they smelled cologne and other strong smells in the cluttered car, which they know can […]

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Group’s assault on Ken Ivory offers peek into left-wing playbook

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Photo: Ken Ivory Facebook page.

The Campaign for Accountability’s assault on Utah state Rep. Ken Ivory last week felt so familiar.

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Anatomy of an attack: Left-wing front group launches assault on land transfer advocate

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Utah State Rep. Ken Ivory took fire from a group with strong ties to George Soros and his Tides Foundation.

It’s high political drama in America’s West and it’s peppered with high-dollar deception.

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Montana’s Fourth Estate just got weaker

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Photo by Jason Maehl

Montana is following the trend of decreased statehouse reporting as as two well-known reporters of state government and politics are leaving.

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