Montana tax-credit scholarship restored by court

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Flathead County District Court in Montana issued a preliminary injunction Thursday restoring the state’s school choice program after a new Department of Revenue rule had blocked families from using tax-credit scholarships to attend religiously affiliated schools. The injunction will remain in place until further action by the court. “When you exclude the religious school segment […]

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Survey: Montanans support transferring public lands to the state

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A majority of Montanans support turning some federally-managed public lands over to the state government.

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Arkansas governor calls rolling back Medicaid expansion ‘unbiblical’

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Photo: State of Arkansas

Ending Medicaid expansion in Arkansas would be “unbiblical,” Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson said during a March 17 radio interview.

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A setback for school choice in Montana

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With educational opportunities at risk, school choice in Montana is headed to court.

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School choice is under threat in Montana

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EMPTY: All five ballot measures passed, but that won't change life for Montanans.

School choice is just getting started in Montana, and new proposals are already threatening it. Earlier this year that state passed a scholarship tax credit program, which assists students with private school tuition. But the Montana Department of Revenue has moved to ensure students aren’t able to use this tuition assistance at any religious schools (including schools […]

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Banning religious schools from choice program could be illegal

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“The First Amendment does not allow the government to discriminate among religions or religious people or religious institutions. They can’t say that students can use a scholarship at a nonreligious school but can’t at a religious school,” she said. “It’s discriminating against religion, hostile toward religion.”

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