What’s he got to say? Kemper Project manager remains muzzled

Workers of the world, attack!

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By Mark Lisheron | Watchdog.org

A day before the Wisconsin Senate approved what will almost certainly become a landmark right-to-work law, an old friend wrote a column about it.

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Democrat-led witch hunt into ‘climate change deniers’ picks up force

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By M.D. Kittle | Watchdog.org

In the left’s latest assault on the First Amendment, three Democrats on the Senate’s Committee on Environment and Public Works have sent out 100 letters to free-market think tanks and energy companies asking them to turn over funding records related to any research they’ve conducted on climate change.

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Watchdog Podcast: Behind the Headlines (Ep. 08)

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By Eric Boehm and Yael Ossowski | Watchdog.org
This is Behind the Headlines, Watchdog.org’s podcast that takes a deeper look at the political news being uncovered by our Watchdog reporters.
You might have heard the news, but if you haven’t gone behind the headlines, you don’t know what you might be missing.
In this week’s episode: We’ve all […]

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Top GOP contenders seek to change nation’s tune on immigration

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FILIBUSTER MASTER: U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., talked for more than 12 hours about the use of drones by the United States government. Today, the Internet is keeping the conversation going.

In the wake of a Texas judge’s decision to halt President Obama’s temporary amnesty for illegal immigrants, derided by most House and Senate Republicans, a quartet of top GOP leaders are bringing fresh perspective to the idea of positive immigration reform within their party and, if their chances bode well, into the next presidency.

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It’s here: FCC adopts net neutrality, first significant Internet regulation

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Watched by leagues of passionate activists on both sides, the Federal Communications Commission today passed its first significant Internet regulation by reclassifying it as a Title II public utility, known as net neutrality.

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How powerful are public employee unions in your state?

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More than half of the public employees in 13 states are union members, and government union membership rates exceed 25 percent in 27 states.

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