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Animal rights group: FDA’s e-cigarette regulations will kill critters

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The Food and Drug Administration’s new electronic cigarette regulations may condemn countless animals to death, and might hurt humans too.

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High costs flood government housing project in Houston

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Plans for a pricey government-subsidized housing complex in a “high-opportunity” neighborhood are running into a wall of opposition that stretches from Houston to Washington, D.C.

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Audit finds IRS failed to soundly vet $47 million in tax credits

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“(P)rocesses are needed to ensure that required information to claim the Rehabilitation Credit is provided and is accurate on all tax forms,” the TIGTA audit states.

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Legal victory for two Florida school choice programs

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A Florida judge on Tuesday ruled two school choice programs constitutional, allowing tens of thousands of students in the Sunshine State to continue to receive scholarship funding. Judge George Reynolds of the Second Circuit Court of Leon County gave the go-ahead to both the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship, which grants low-income families with scholarships raised by private donations, […]

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Grab your wallets: Federal regulators eye streaming services

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One flow chart that explains how complex federal regulations make your cable bill more expensive. Now the FCC wants to regulate online TV too.

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Nanny State of the Week: School officials bully kids with ban on skinny jeans

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New rules implemented by the New Hanover County School Board ban students from wearing skinny jeans, leggings and other tight-fitting pants.

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