Workers stuck paying plush AFL-CIO union salaries

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AFL-CIO headquarters in Washington, D.C. paid the union group’s officers and employees an average of $89,328 during the 2014 fiscal year.

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Privacy advocates blast New York financial regulators over Bitcoin licensing scheme

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Photo Credit: Flickr / Creative Commons

Privacy advocates ripped into financial regulators Tuesday, saying potential regulations for digital currencies could harm free speech.

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Ready for Hillary? ‘Grassroots group’ spending millions building Clinton ’16 base

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Hillary cult

Even as the Badger State’s general election campaign season heads into the final stretch, a liberal Super PAC wants Wisconsin voters to start thinking about 2016.

And the $10 million question said political action committee is asking is: Are you Ready for Hillary?

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Climate sinners: Billionaire Steyer and O’Malley flee green confab in gas-guzzler

By   /  October 23, 2014  /  Maryland, National, News  /  No Comments

Governor Maryland

Forgive them, Al Gore, for they have sinned.

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Democrats continue pre-midterm push for Internet regulation

By   /  October 22, 2014  /  National, News, Spying, Technology  /  No Comments

AP file photo

With several weeks left before the November midterm elections, yet another Democratic member of the House is offering ideas to FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler on how the government should police Internet traffic.

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Obama program puts noncitizens on voter rolls

By   /  October 22, 2014  /  Elections, Federal Government, Immigration, National, News, North Carolina  /  No Comments

PROTEST TODAY, VOTE TOMORROW: Illegal immigrants are using the federal Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals program to register to vote in North Carolina.

With early voting starting Thursday, North Carolina’s election board found 154 ineligible voters on its poll lists — and officials are examining thousands more questionable registrations.

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