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Verizon says 5G ‘wireless fiber’ pilot program to start in 2017

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Verizon photo

“I think of 5G, initially as, in effect, wireless fiber,” CEO Lowell McAdam said. “With wireless fiber, the so-called last mile can be a virtual connection dramatically changing our cost structure.”

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ALEC hits back at critics during annual meeting

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Photo by Bruce Parker

“As free market supporters, free speech is the center of our universe, and right now it’s under attack in a nationwide intimidation game.”

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What’s in a name? History, and quite a bit of money

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Jeb Stuart

There’s the Confederacy. And then there’s the cost. Confederate cavalry Gen. James Ewell Brown (Jeb) Stuart of the Army of Northern Virginia died at the Battle of Yellow Tavern on May 11, 1864. Now some of his fellow northern Virginians are trying to kill him again. An effort to change the name of  J.E.B. Stuart High School […]

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Fear and loathing in Philly on Day 3 of the Democratic Party pageant

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Hillary and Obama convention

It was the biggest show so far in a convention that has been a celebration of big government and identification politics.

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Philly mayor praises ‘regressive’ soda tax at Dem convention

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James Kenney and Hillary

“Where do we draw the line with government and what we can and cannot do?” he said.

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Democrats ‘most progressive’ platform could be most costly for taxpayers

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Bill Clinton at convention

While some of the language is nebulous, the platform calls for expensive initiatives.

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