Thank a labor union for what?

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By Benjamin Yount | Watchdog Radio
There was a time in this country when people could easily thank labor unions for their standard of living.
But as the nation’s economy changed,  labor unions shifted from privat3-industry worker advocacy to the public-sector lobbying. Now taxpayers can thank teachers, cops, firefighters and university employees for billions of dollars in pension [...]

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Ex-Im Bank scores poorly on transparency for taxpayer-subsidized loans

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Source: Government Accountability Office

By Eric Boehm |
MINNEAPOLIS — The Export-Import Bank puts billions of taxpayer dollars at risk to subsidize purchases by overseas companies, and it doesn’t do a good job of making those transactions transparent, either.
The Government Accountability Office whacked the Ex-Im bank in a report released last week for shoddy record-keeping and oversight of three [...]

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Nanny of the Week: Mississippi makes bird feeders illegal – by accident

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Part 18 of 18 in the series Nanny State of the Week

By Eric Boehm |
Residents of Mississippi with backyard bird feeders could run afoul of new state regulations that prohibit the “supplementary feeding” of wild animals.
The new rules appear to have been intended to limit the use of outdoor salt licks and other types [...]

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After film crew shot, Omaha mayor says ride-along decision left to police chief

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THE CALL: Omaha  Mayor Jean Stothert said she let Police Chief Todd Schmaderer make the call as to whether the TV show "Cops" should be allowed to shoot in Omaha, leading to a deadly incident that killed a TV crewman and robbery suspect.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert said she left the final decision on whether to allow the “Cops” TV show to film in Omaha to Police Chief Todd Schmaderer.

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Burke opposes out-of-state political contributions – unless they help her campaign

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By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter
MADISON, Wis. — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke has declared she’ll outlaw out-of-state political donations if elected, but enthusiastically accepted the endorsement Thursday of a Vermont-based political action committee soliciting cash and volunteers nationally to help Burke unseat Republican Gov. Scott Walker.
Burke received the endorsement from Democracy for America, a national progressive political action [...]

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No rest for the death industry as it awaits high court decision

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Photo by the Urban Death Project

Funeral home directors and others wait to see whether the Supreme Court will take their case, in which a lower court threw out many regulations over the death industry in Pennsylvania, calling it a “protectionist regime.” Plaintiffs say the case has wide implications for all Americans who may be affected by outdated rules.

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