E-cigarette critics get research dollars from industry competitors

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As the full-court regulatory press on e-cigarettes demonstrates, even the perception of bias can skew outcomes for smokers.

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Congress considers dusting off long-dormant $300 million broadband map

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Marsha Blackburn website photo

The National Broadband Map hasn’t been updated since 2014, and had accuracy problems from the moment it was launched.

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As Trump pushes corporate tax cut, CBO notes the U.S. has world’s highest rate

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As President Trump pushes for a reduction of the corporate tax rate, the Congressional Budget Office recently released a report showing that the U.S. rate is among the highest in the world.

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First Amendment rights still in peril following climate-change probes

By   /  March 30, 2017  /  Energy and Environment, First Amendment, Free Speech, National, News, Power Abuse, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

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The Competitive Enterprise Institute was caught in the crosshairs of an aggressive prosecutorial campaign led by climate change zealots in state attorneys general offices.

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Trump purges Obama’s ‘blacklisting’ rule

By   /  March 27, 2017  /  Federal Government, Federal government, General, National, News, Regulations  /  No Comments

Critics said the rule was overly expensive and deprived potential contractors of due process rights.

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Coalition urges Congress to implement dig-once policies to aid broadband growth

By   /  March 21, 2017  /  Federal government, National, News, Technology  /  No Comments

Creative Commons/Bill Burris

The proposal would require crews to install conduit — tubes designed to group and protect large amounts of wiring and fiber —while building federally funded highways.

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