Liberal groups critical of ALEC influencing laws, but not labor unions

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Stand Up to ALEC and other affiliated left-leaning groups opposed to the American Legislative Exchange Council bringing together lawmakers and private-sector representatives to draft model state-level legislation apparently don’t have any issues when labor unions participate in almost identical practices.

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Independents hold key in Maine governor’s race

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LIGHTNING ROD: Maine Gov. Paul LePage has infuriated the Left with his cost-cutting agenda and his off-the-cuff comments. Independent hopeful Eliot Cutler, hardly a conservative, may be Republican LePage's most valuable asset in this fall's three-way gubernatorial race.

By Kenric Ward |
AUGUSTA, Maine — Outspoken and under fire, Republican Gov. Paul LePage is in danger of losing his re-election bid.
One of the most conservative governors in the country, LePage triangulated his way to victory in 2010 with 38 percent of the vote. Independent candidate Eliot Cutler, who siphoned enough Democratic support to give [...]

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The Uber Effect: Why cab companies hate ridesharing

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Taxi cab and limousine companies are fighting against ridesharing startups such as Uber and Lyft, fearing they are cutting into their businesses.

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Nanny of the Week: Seattle imposes fine on residents who throw away food

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Each week in this space, we focus on government run amuck.

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Texas to build new immigration detention center

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By Brad Matthews |
A new immigrant detention center is opening in Dilley, Texas, in November, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials announced Monday.
The South Texas Family Residential Center will be the fourth built in Texas in recent months in response to the surge of undocumented families in the United States.
Initial capacity at the center will be [...]

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Climate change squabble torches Google-ALEC relations

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Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google (left) in conversation with Nik Gowing (November 25, 2013) 

Photo Credit: Chatham House (Flickr, Creative Commons

Over 150 state lawmakers are firing back at Google for claims made by the company’s executive chairman, billionaire Eric Schmidt, the lawmakers say are based on “misinformation from climate activists who intentionally confuse free market policy perspectives for climate change denial.”

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