WI GOP lawmakers: Don’t bring undocumented children to state

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Republican State Rep. David Craig is worried about the potential for a public health crisis coming to Wisconsin.

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Obamacare architect admitted in 2012 states without exchanges lose subsidies

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Part 96 of 96 in the series Obamacare

By Ryan Radia | Special to Watchdog.org
This week, an unprecedented circuit split emerged in Halbig v. Burwell and King v. Burwell over whether health insurance premium assistance is available in states that didn’t set up health insurance exchanges.
Many commentators have since claimed that there’s no way Congress intended [...]

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Nanny-stater of the week: Wisconsin towns fight repeal of bow ban

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TAKE A SHOT: New rules in Wisconsin make it legal to use bows and crossbows in public spaces, but city officials in several places are looking to re-impose bans.

Robin Hood, Hawkeye and Katniss Everdeen would all be way less bad-ass if they lived in many towns throughout Wisconsin.

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Border doc: Illegal immigrants are ‘pretty healthy population’

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AP Photo/Austin American-Statesman, Rodolfo Gonzalez

By Tori Richards | Watchdog.org
The masses of illegal immigrants crossing the Texas border have apparently received decent health care including vaccinations in Central America and aren’t carrying an influx of disease contrary to public opinion, a treating physician told Watchdog.org.
“They are a pretty healthy population,” said Dr. Martin Garza, a pediatrician who is part of [...]

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Florida schools get ready for flood of border kids

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With more than 51,000 unaccompanied Central American children already here, and more expected to come, school officials are asking the federal government for help.

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Does DHS have a plan to track children illegally crossing the border?

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INVERTIR: Las empresas pueden aplicar para recibir millones de dólares en inversiones de personas que deseen trasladarse a los estados unidos.

The immigration crisis, now subject to election-year political posturing, is inspiring members of the private sector to act where government is failing.

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