NE lawmakers won’t touch campaign cash plan that touches them

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It’s wait ’til next year for those looking to stop some campaign cash shenanigans.

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NE Senate race: ‘Wild’ ride or bumpy finish?

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Shane Osborn, Ben Sasse, Sid Dinsdale and Bart McLeay (left to right)

KFAB radio asks Nebraska Watchdog’s Joe Jordan to weigh in on the latest moves in the GOP Senate race.

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MECA member: Controversial longer terms still possible

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MECA runs the $291 million CenturyLink Center

MECA’s days in the headlines appear far from over.

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GOP’s Terry apologizes again—and this gaffe’s on camera

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Rep. Lee Terry

It’s Lee Terry’s second major miscue in six months.

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China letter stirs trouble for GOP’s Osborn, if…

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Shane Osborn's first TV ad puts his Navy record front and center (see ad below)

Joe Jordan | Nebraska Watchdog
At least one of Shane Osborn’s GOP rivals is steering clear of the latest dust-up in the four-man Republican Senate race, a dust-up rippling nationally.
The New York Daily News writes, “A Nebraska Senate candidate (Osborn) circulated a fake U.S. Navy memo in an ill-advised attempt to defend his military record.”
The story, [...]

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