New debate in Pat McPherson saga

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When the saga of Pat McPherson moves to Omaha City Hall Tuesday, City Council President Pete Festersen will be surprised if McPherson gets any slack.
Not so fast.

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Nebraska education board member’s blog has long been inflammatory

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Screen shot of

State Education Board member Pat McPherson has been under fire for a week after his blog called President Obama a “half-breed,” but that’s not the only time his blog has been inflammatory.

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Nebraska governor Ricketts slows spending — except in his office

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Nebraska’s new governor, Pete Ricketts, proposes slowing spending in his first state budget proposal, except in his office.

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Pat McPherson: One week and still standing

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It’s been a week and Republican Pat McPherson is still standing— defiantly, mostly silently, battling accusations of racism.
Several sources, both for and against him, tell Nebraska Watchdog there’s a “good chance” he’ll survive—won’t resign his slot on the State Board of Education despite calls from, no less than, the governor and one U.S. Senator, two key figures of the Nebraska GOP.

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Nebraska governor’s commute could drive up costs

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Photo courtesy of Governor's Office

Nebraska’s new governor, Pete Ricketts, plans to commute from his home in Omaha to the capital, Lincoln, rather than live in the governor’s mansion full time. Will that drive up the state’s costs?

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Democrat Brad Ashford defends his ‘Republican’ votes

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Congressman-elect Brad Ashford-D, NE-2.

Facing early, very early, talk of a primary fight come 2016, Democratic Congressman Brad Ashford is defending a series of votes—most notably one in favor of the Keystone XL pipeline—that find him siding with Republicans on Capitol Hill.

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