SCOTUS will hear Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case

Governor Ricketts looking into drug testing welfare applicants

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TESTED: Gov. Pete Ricketts says he is looking into drug testing of welfare applicants, but has no plans to pursue the idea right now.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts said Wednesday he’s looking into the possibility of requiring drug testing of people who want to get on welfare.

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City quietly embarks on what looks like phase 2 of controversial Antelope Valley Project

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Courtesy city of Lincoln

Lincoln city officials are pushing forward on a project that looks an awful lot like the second phase of its controversial $249 million Antelope Valley Project, the widening of a big drainage ditch through the heart of the city.

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Prosecutors say penal code changes will push up counties’ costs

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AP file photo

Prosecutors say a prison bill will increase costs to counties as more people go to jail rather than prison, putting pressure on property taxes.

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Some prosecutors think Nebraska has gone soft on crime

By   /  June 19, 2015  /  Nebraska  /  No Comments

LEGAL IRONIES: The state senator representing a Norfolk prosecutor in a DUI case has some interesting ties to DUI legislation and the alcohol industry.

Some prosecutors say Nebraska lawmakers went soft on crime this session by passing a bill that lightens penalties for serious crimes in their zeal to ease prison crowding.

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Lincoln arena continues bleeding red, halfway through year two

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Nebraska Watchdog file photo

Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena continues to bleed red, seven months into its second year of operation, despite a million-dollar infusion of cash from its umbrella agency.

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Nebraska Democrats to sue over records of Ricketts’ privately paid aide

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The chairman of Nebraska’s state Democratic Party said he intends to sue Gov. Pete Ricketts over access to records of his privately paid senior adviser.

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