Judge orders state employees to testify on prison screw-up

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A district judge has ordered past and present state employees to testify before a special investigatory legislative committee next week, including five who had invoked their Fifth Amendment right to remain silent.

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After film crew shot, Omaha mayor says ride-along decision left to police chief

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THE CALL: Omaha  Mayor Jean Stothert said she let Police Chief Todd Schmaderer make the call as to whether the TV show "Cops" should be allowed to shoot in Omaha, leading to a deadly incident that killed a TV crewman and robbery suspect.

Omaha Mayor Jean Stothert said she left the final decision on whether to allow the “Cops” TV show to film in Omaha to Police Chief Todd Schmaderer.

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Nebraska lawmakers have trouble getting answers on incentives

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INCENTIVES: Nebraska lawmakers are studying their incentive programs, trying to figure out whether they're effective or if many jobs would have come anyway.

Nebraska lawmakers were largely stymied Thursday as they grilled the state tax commissioner about whether the state’s tax incentives are working or not. Although some of the answers were right in front of them.

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Spend til you drop: Nebraska cities buy into subsidies for malls

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SHOPPING FOR SUBSIDIES: Gretna's new outlet mall relied heavily on public subsidies, and the same developers are seeking hefty help in Omaha. Other Nebraska cities are following suit, seeking incentives for retail.

Legislation passed without fanfare a few years ago is increasingly being used by developers to build and renovate malls in Nebraska, even though experts have cautioned lawmakers against subsidizing retail.

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Six candidates take the State Fair stage for Senate debate

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Four Independent candidates joined the Republican and Democratic nominees for the U.S. Senate debate Monday at the Nebraska State Fair, but the focus was on the two party favorites as a top trial lawyer tried to take a rising Republican star down a few notches.

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Will prison scandal hamper Heineman’s bid for NU’s top job?

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In recent few weeks many of Republican Gov. Dave Heineman’s critics have all but said they’d like the state’s prison scandal to scar Heineman’s last few months in office.

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