Lincoln to spend $85,000 for artistic lighting for alley

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Lincoln will spend $85,000 on artistic lighting in a downtown alley, as part of the mayor’s quest to have a nationally prominent public art collection.

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Nebraska lawmakers quietly amend bill to send more subsidies to arenas

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Courtesy photo

An amendment quietly tacked onto a bill in the waning days of the legislative session would give even more state subsidies to arenas such as Lincoln’s Pinnacle Bank Arena and CenturyLink Omaha.

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Watchdog bills, stories saw mixed results in Legislature

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state of Nebraska photo

Bills designed to curb campaign corruption and increase transparency had mixed results in the Nebraska Legislature this year.

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Lincoln’s Antelope Valley Project reduced flooding — for $249 million

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Courtesy city of Lincoln

City officials have lauded the Antelope Valley Project for preventing flooding downtown, but the city spent much more than expected on the project: About half the total $249 million cost.

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Nebraska lawmaker lauds ‘Operation Wetback’ a success

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AP photo

During debate Wednesday on a bill allowing children of illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses, Nebraska Sen. Bill Kintner longed for the 1950s, when the federal government “rounded up” illegal immigrants and shipped them back home in a program it officially called “Operation Wetback.” He called it a successful policy, but was it?

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Nebraska Legislature partial to purple lately

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AP file photo

The Nebraska Legislature seems more partial to purple than red lately, despite the state’s reputation for being as crimson red as a Husker uniform.

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