This time Omaha’s Congressman wants an apology

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Rep. Lee Terry

With key Democrats on Capitol Hill playing the race card, the GOP’s Terry is firing back.

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NE lawmakers won’t touch campaign cash plan that touches them

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It’s wait ’til next year for those looking to stop some campaign cash shenanigans.

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For Lincoln candidate, gay rights debate hit close to home

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For Lincoln legislative candidate Patty Pansing Brooks, the debate over gay rights hits close to home.

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One month ’til primary—still no Omaha House debate for GOP

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Rep. Lee Terry has already turned down one chance to debate his GOP rival.

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Companies can get subsidies by boosting hours, not adding people

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A state program to attract new jobs allows companies like Gallup to earn huge subsidies by simply boosting the work hours of existing staff rather than hiring additional employees.

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