Nebraska chamber leaders pushed for Ricketts to dump cabinet member

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Governor's office

A month before Nebraska’s governor let go of his economic development director, three of the state’s top chamber of commerce officials requested a conference call with Gov. Pete Ricketts to talk about her.

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TransCanada’s turnabout may force it to pick a new pipeline route

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Nebraska Watchdog

TransCanada may not legally be able to have the Nebraska Public Service Commission consider its current route through the state and may have to choose another route entirely.

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Latest Nebraska move could delay Keystone XL three more years

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Jim Tarnick at State Dept hearing

TransCanada’s decision to take its case for the Keystone XL oil pipeline to an obscure Nebraska board could delay the process another three years.

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Governor Ricketts’ office says it has no records of travel costs

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TESTED: Gov. Pete Ricketts says he is looking into drug testing of welfare applicants, but has no plans to pursue the idea right now.

Gov. Pete Ricketts’ office says it has no idea how much his out-of-state travels have cost the state, and the Nebraska State Patrol is refusing to release overtime costs for the officers who protect the governor, wherever he goes, nearly 24/7.

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Nebraskans ‘feeling betrayed’ by ConAgra, to which it fed millions in subsidies

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AP Photo/Nati Harnik

By one estimate, Nebraska has given ConAgra $160 million in tax incentives and concessions since 1987, when the company convinced state officials to get in the subsidy game. Now the company is leaving for Illinois, where it will get more tax freebies. That has some Nebraskans feeling betrayed.

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Lincoln sells Hudl land for less than half its appraised value

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The developers behind Hudl’s expansion into Lincoln’s West Haymarket are getting a heck of a deal — not only did they negotiate the price of the land down to less than half its appraised value, but the city is subsidizing the entire cost of the land purchase.

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