NYC cop killer apparently motivated by radical Islam

Add a right to all those lefts hitting Keystone XL pipeline

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gas prices

In addition to years of slings and arrows from the liberal-left and new concerns from President Barack Obama, the controversial Keystone XL pipeline is suddenly getting flack from its friends on the right.

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Mum’s the word on secret statehouse votes

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Capitol (4)

Despite recent noise from the Nebraska GOP calling for an end to some select-secret statehouse votes, the capitol’s top traffic cop doesn’t see it happening.

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Auditors knock University of Nebraska’s expensive world travelers

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The University of Nebraska has been dinged by the state auditor for allowing employees to spend nearly $90,000 on 20 first-class flights around the world, allowing employees to spend nearly $300 on oceanfront resort rooms for a week and reimbursing employees for alcohol while traveling

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Nikko Jenkins begged governor for help, saying he was ‘caged animal’

By   /  December 18, 2014  /  Nebraska  /  No Comments

Jenkins, Nikko

Serial killer Nikko Jenkins wrote to everyone he could think of while serving time in solitary confinement, including the governor, begging them to help him get mental health treatment before he killed people.

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Audit: Nebraska left $56 million in federal welfare funds on the table

By   /  December 18, 2014  /  Nebraska, News  /  No Comments

Shutterstock photo

A state audit found Nebraska left $56 million in federal welfare funds on the table in the past four years, and instead tapped more state funds to help low-income residents.

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Fort Calhoun nuclear plant shut down following ‘non-emergency event’

By   /  December 17, 2014  /  Nebraska  /  No Comments


Omaha’s consistently troubled Ft. Calhoun nuclear power plant has been shutdown once again. The reactor, which was unplugged for nearly three years following the 2011 Missouri River flood, has been taken “temporarily offline,” according to a statement released by the Omaha Public Power District.

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