Six candidates take the State Fair stage for Senate debate

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Four Independent candidates joined the Republican and Democratic nominees for the U.S. Senate debate Monday at the Nebraska State Fair, but the focus was on the two party favorites as a top trial lawyer tried to take a rising Republican star down a few notches.

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Will prison scandal hamper Heineman’s bid for NU’s top job?

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In recent few weeks many of Republican Gov. Dave Heineman’s critics have all but said they’d like the state’s prison scandal to scar Heineman’s last few months in office.

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Democratic Senate candidate got rich — very rich — while looking out for the little guy

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Democratic Senate nominee Dave Domina bills himself as a champion of the little guy, but his financial disclosure shows he’s gotten fabulously wealthy in the process.

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Omaha mayor’s ‘very modest’ tax cut appears safe

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It’s looking more and more like Mayor Jean Stothert’s “very modest” property tax cut will survive..

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GOP’s Lee Terry worries voters won’t forgive ‘nice house’ gaffe

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Congressman Terry (NE-R) says his 2013 gaffe was a "horrible moment" in his life.

A blunder so big Terry (see exclusive interview) now calls it, “One of the few moments in my life I wish I had over again.”

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ACLU: Nebraska cops ‘grossly misuse’ Tasers

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The ACLU of Nebraska released a report Tuesday saying Nebraska law enforcement agencies have “grossly misused” Taser guns several times.

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