Terry’s GOP rival: Congressman ‘afraid’ to debate

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Frei and Terry yard signs go head-to-head at 168th and "Q"

Holding a huge financial edge over Dan Frei, Rep. Terry all but ignores his challenger.

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The Book of Ernie: Nebraska lawmaker dominates session

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Nebraska Watchdog

Say what you want about Omaha Senator Ernie Chambers, the man knows how to turn a phrase. Here are a few of his most memorable from this past session.

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Brewer campaign shaken up by departures

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Deena Winter/Nebraska Watchdog

Col. Tom Brewer’s congressional campaign has been shaken up by the recent resignations of two top campaign workers, less than a month before the primary.

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Safety changes follow ‘unusual’ death and 17 hour gap at nuclear power plant

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Ronald Nurney's "Time of Death" listed as "Unknown" on his death certificate

Unseen for 17 hours a worker inside the Cooper Nuclear Station in Brownville died. The time of his death has been officially listed as “unknown.” Nebraska Watchdog’s exclusive investigation continues.

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NE Senate fight: Will Osborn-Sasse fight fuel dark horse finish?

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Shane Osborn, Ben Sasse

Is this year’s GOP Senate race 1998 or 2012 all over again? Take a look.

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