Watchdog’s Scariest People of 2015: No. 4

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AP file photo

If only he would put his considerable skills to use helping his constituents, then he truly might be worthy of Politico’s honor. Until then, we have another title for him: Scary.

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Watchdog’s Scariest People of 2015: No. 18

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Hitchcock County News

Friends of this rural Nebraska county assessor had the benefit of a tax break, a state investigation found.

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Have yourself a microaggression Christmas

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Photo by

Expect a #NaughtyLIvesMatter protest at the North Pole demanding that all of the naughty kids get presents, too.

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Abengoa contagion spreads to U.S. biofuel plants, causing layoffs and shutdowns

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Photo from Abengoa 2014 annual report

Teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, renewable energy giant Abengoa has thrown the biofuels industry in the U.S. for a loop.

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Deaths among disabled increase as spending soars

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Spending on community programs for developmentally disabled Nebraskans has nearly doubled in the past decade, but so has the number of deaths.

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Spending on group homes explodes as state moves people out of institutions

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Spending on community programs such as group homes has exploded in the past decade as Nebraska moved developmentally disabled people out of institutions and into the light. But state oversight of their financial operations is scant.

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