Free beaches come at high cost

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BEACH READING: Two bills would outlaw beach badges and have the State take over beach maintenance.  But will the State be able to do the job?

By L. Tierney |
Those New Jersey homeowners who were concerned about granting government easements for beach replenishment? Turns out they were right to be suspicious.
Two bills pending in the state Senate could mean big changes for Long Beach Island.
Senate bill S-2368, filed last session, requires any municipality that accepts federal or state money to replenish storm-damaged beaches [...]

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‘Chris Christie slept here’ is state secret in New Jersey

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Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

“Chris Christie slept here” is not a historical marker. It’s a state secret in New Jersey, according to the governor’s lawyers. The attorney general’s office is trying to block release of records that identify which hotels Gov. Christie stayed while traveling on state business at taxpayers’ expense

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New York Press Club blasts Gov. Christie’s blacklist tactic

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Tim Larsen/Governor's Office

The New York Press Club is publicly criticizing Gov. Chris Christie and his staff for blacklisting New Jersey Watchdog.

The journalists’ organization “expresses its outrage over the Christie administration’s apparent ‘blacklisting’ of New Jersey Watchdog, in an effort to prevent the news outlet from receiving press advisories and official announcements from the governor’s office,” Press Club President Larry Seary said.

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No news for you! Gov. Christie ‘blacklists’ New Jersey Watchdog

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PLAYING RUFF -  Gov. Chris Christie tries to curb New Jersey Watchdog

By Mark Lagerkvist | New Jersey Watchdog
To fight selective government secrecy, New Jersey Watchdog is trying to obtain news releases from Gov. Chris Christie under the state public records law.
Christie’s staff has not responded to the news site’s requests to be added to the list of news outlets receiving press advisories, official announcements and daily schedules from [...]

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Christie’s ethics watchdogs fail to bark or bite

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BIG TALK, NO WALK?  Gov. Chris Christie keeps his ethics watchdogs on a short leash.

When it comes to ethics, Chris Christie can talk the talk. But does the New Jersey governor walk the walk when his ethics watchdogs are actually lapdogs?

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Judge gives Christie a pass in travel records lawsuit

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FREE PASS: Gov. Chris Christie avoids disclosure on who pays for travel

By Mark Lagerkvist | New Jersey Watchdog
The question of whether Gov. Chris Christie must obey New Jersey state travel rules was left unanswered by a decision Tuesday in Mercer County Superior Court.
Judge Mary C. Jacobson dismissed a lawsuit by a New Jersey Watchdog reporter seeking records of who paid for Christie’s unofficial out-of-state trips. She [...]

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