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Charter schools flex political muscle in Newark

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ARE SIGNS POINTING to an ouster of New Jersey's double-dipping sheriffs?

After a push to get charter parents registered to vote, school politics will never be the same in Newark. Nearly double the votes were cast in last week’s school board election compared with last year. “I’m hoping this election shows them we are here to stay,” said Kim Gaddy, charter parent and newly elected school […]

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Nanny State of the Week: Jail time for texting while walking in New Jersey

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DON'T TEXT AND WALK: Be aware of your surroundings, because texting while walking could land you in jail if one New Jersey lawmaker gets her way.

A New Jersey lawmaker wants to ban texting while walking.

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A grave injustice? New Jersey’s ban on headstone sales takes effect

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Cemetery Recoleta

Religious institutions in New Jersey are no longer allowed to sell grave markers, thanks to a new state law that took effect this week.

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‘More like Marine Corps than common core’

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ARE SIGNS POINTING to an ouster of New Jersey's double-dipping sheriffs?

On Sunday evening, Sixty Minutes profiled St. Benedict’s Academy in Newark, New Jersey, a school where lives are changed. In a neighborhood beset by gang violence, St. Benedict’s gives boys — nearly all of them poor and minorities —  a path to success. The school’s graduation rate is 98 percent. Watch and read about the program […]

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Trump son-in-law parlays Chinese cash into luxury apartment tower

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AP file photo

While Donald Trump says America “loses” to China, his family uses the U.S. immigration system to collect millions of dollars from Chinese nationals seeking American green cards.

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New Jersey OKs 3 new charters, expansion of 16 existing ones

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charter schools-300x215

Three new charter schools have been approved in New Jersey and 16 existing schools will be allowed to expand, reports. The moves will push the total number of charter schools students in the state past 50,000, even as another 10 proposed charter school expansions were rejected. has the full story.

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