Oil and gas officials scramble after feds review species protections

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Photo from Flickr Commons

Oil and gas officials are concerned that a review by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may include species that live near drilling sites.

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Leftist group: Rachel Dolezal ‘strange,’ Army veteran and constitutional teacher ‘crazy’

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Lefist group Beter Idaho attacked this U.S. Army veteran as 'crazy.'

Upon its founding, Better Idaho promised to “change the public conversation to focus on ideas that actually make our state a better place to live for all Idahoans.”

The left-wing group clearly changed the communication dynamic in the state, but not necessarily for the better.

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Vermont driver’s privilege card fraud spreads to foreign countries

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Photo courtesy of Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles

An investigation into fraudulent applications for Vermont driver’s privilege cards has spread to foreign countries, according to the commissioner of the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Which teachers will go first as schools shrink?

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WILL SMALLER BE BETTER? Fewer students means fewer teachers. How school districts decide to make the cut will determine the quality of education in the years ahead.

Falling birth rates will cut school attendance in the coming years, but just 18 states require that competence be considered when laying off teachers. That means union-crafted seniority rules will drive the process in most districts, further compromising the quality of public education.

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Should states keep their renewable energy standards?

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Some 30 states have renewable portfolio standards but James M. Taylor of the Heartland Institute says they should be repealed.

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Slush fund? Santa Fe can’t account for $30 million in bond money

By   /  April 9, 2015  /  Accountability, Ethics, Finances, New Mexico, News  /  No Comments

Photo by Brigette Russell

“We really have no idea if there was fraud or embezzlement,” Booth said. “We don’t know how many millions of feet of pipe came in and where it went. My feeling is a lot of stuff walked away, especially now that we know there were absolutely no controls.”

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