New Mexico
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Shining a light on civil asset forfeiture reform

By   /  April 4, 2016  /  Florida, Judiciary, New Mexico, News, Texas  /  No Comments

Cohen believes the Legislature can be persuaded to make civil forfeiture tougher for law enforcement.

This year, if history holds, Texas law enforcement officers and prosecutors will pocket most of about $60 million in cash and property taken from people in asset seizures.

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New Mexico is enchanted with charter schools

By   /  March 7, 2016  /  Education Blog, New Mexico  /  No Comments


The Albuquerque Journal on Monday detailed the roaring success that charter schools are experiencing in New Mexico. Since the state’s charter school law was enacted in 1999, 99 charters have opened statewide, with 54 in Albuquerque, the largest city in the Land of Enchantment. “That represents 11 percent of public schools in the state; the current statewide enrollment for charter […]

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Some environmentalists still not happy over New Mexico coal-cutting deal

By   /  December 17, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, New Mexico, News, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo from Flickr Commons

Under a new electricity agreement, New Mexico will use 50 percent less coal. But one environmental group wanted more.

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Another fracking fracas, this one in New Mexico

By   /  December 11, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, National, New Mexico, News  /  No Comments

Photo from Flickr Commons

A proposed drilling site outside the fast-growing city of Rio Rancho, New Mexico, is drawing plenty of attention.

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New Mexico holds its breath as oil prices remain low

By   /  November 23, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, New Mexico, News, State Budgets, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo by Rob Nikolewski

The continued low price of oil is making state legislators in New Mexico nervous.

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Three charts present drama of coal collapse

By   /  November 19, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, Missouri, National, New Mexico, Pennsylvania  /  No Comments

Chart from

The coal industry has been hit hard in recent years and a look at the stock market performance of three of its largest companies tells the story.

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