In a low-price world, pain, but no panic, for small oil producers

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Small oil companies have had to cut costs and enhance efficiency to survive in the current, low-price environment.

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Former governor to Martinez: Sign civil-asset forfeiture law

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Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is calling on current Governor Susana Martinez to sign legislation to ban civil asset forfeiture. “This is tyranny,” Johnson said Thursday of the practice of seizing assets from people suspected but not convicted of crimes.

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New Mexico moves to abolish civil asset forfeiture

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In 2010, Stephen Skinner and his son got lost driving through New Mexico on their way from Chicago to Las Vegas. After pulling them over for an improper lane change, Albuquerque police officers seized $17,000 in cash and their rental car, and dropped them off at the airport with only the change in their pockets. What most people would call highway robbery – literally in this case – federal and state law enforcement agencies call civil asset forfeiture.

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Disgraced state senator may get taxpayer-funded pension instead of conviction

By   /  March 23, 2015  /  Ethics, Finances, Legislature, New Mexico, Politics & Elections, Power Abuse, State Government  /  No Comments

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State Sen. Phil Griego, D-Santa Fe, resigned before the Senate could censure him for using his office to profit in a shady real estate deal. If he is not convicted of a felony — and neither the DA nor the AG have moved to prosecute — he will receive an $18,000 annual legislative pension for the rest of his life.

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Lawmakers move to guarantee New Mexicans right to comment at public meetings

By   /  March 19, 2015  /  Censorship, First Amendment, Free Speech, Legislature, New Mexico, New Mexico Watchdog, State Government  /  No Comments

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Citizens have the right to attend and listen at public meetings in New Mexico, but not to speak. Rep. Jim Smith, R-Sandia Park, and Sen. Daniel Ivey-Soto, D-Albuquerque, are trying to change that, guaranteeing New Mexicans the right to speak their mind before any public body in the state.

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Archived webcasts would bring more transparency to New Mexico Legislature

By   /  March 17, 2015  /  Accountability, Legislature, New Mexico, News, State Government  /  No Comments

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“It’s the citizens’ house, they pay the rent, and they should know what’s going on in their house.”

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