NM takes another step cracking down on horse racing cheaters

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Photo from New Mexico Racing Commission website

The New Mexico Legislative Finance Committee approved setting up a subcommittee to investigate ways to crack down on horse racing cheaters in the state.

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Will minimum wage hike help sweep Nebraska Democrats into offices?

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Nebraska Watchdog

Some Nebraska Democrats think the $1.4 million campaign to increase the state’s minimum wage could help sweep a Democrat into statewide office for the first time in years.

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WSJ: FCC chief mulls ‘hybrid’ net neutrality regulation

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.

The Federal Communications Commission is considering a two-tiered Internet, one for consumers and one for websites, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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In race for PA Senate, tying GOP candidate to Corbett not so easy for Dems

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MCGARRIGLE AVOIDS CORBETT TIES: With his support of a severance tax to fund education, Republican nominee Tom McGarrigle has a shield against attempts to tie him to unpopular Gov. Tom Corbett.

Across the country, Republicans have tried to tie Democratic candidates to President Obama, hoping to tap into a conservative electorate frustrated with his policies.

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Ohio’s press eager to help Gov. Kasich enshrine Obamacare

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Photo credit: State of Ohio

Gov. John Kasich’s expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare has Ohio newspaper editors excited for his all-but-certain reelection next Tuesday.

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Regent candidate has history of weighing in on Husker coaches

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Photo courtesy nebraskansforglenn.com

A candidate for a seat on the University of Nebraska board of regents was critical of Husker coach Bo Pelini long before it became a campaign issue.

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