Taxpayers on the hook up to $25,000 for GAB’s legal maneuvers

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Wisconsin taxpayers will pay for the Government Accountability Board’s failed attempt to intervene in a civil rights lawsuit that directly involves two of the agency’s actors – a lawsuit in which GAB could find itself a defendant.

The bill could max out at $25,000 to defend an agency that critics claim was intricately involved in an illegal investigation into conservative organizations, but the price tag could be more.

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Vermont navigators cleaning up CGI’s mess until money runs out

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Photo courtesy of Department of Vermont Health Access

Vermont Health Connect navigators have rescued thousands of Vermonters trapped in the state’s broken health exchange program. Unfortunately, this army of tireless Obamacare workers and volunteers won’t be much help once federal money runs out at the end of the year.

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School bus camera company gets red light in Virginia county

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The fund that pays for health care for bus drivers and other school support personnel is almost out of money.

Redflex Traffic Systems is getting the red light in Rockingham County.

Just a little over a month after reported Redflex said it planned to fix the controversial way it runs its school bus camera operation and violation tickets in the northern Virginia county, Rockingham County Public Schools decided to table its partnership with the scandal-ridden company. It was the first school district in Virginia to implement the program, according to Redflex spokesperson Jody Ryan

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Pay raise worth even more to Mississippi teachers

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PA lawmakers push for economic furloughs of teachers.

As Mississippi students head back to school, their teachers are taking home a healthy pay raise. And those extra Benjamins are going a lot farther.

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Iowa agency issues extra unemployment checks; tries to keep it quiet

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AP file photo

Iowa Workforce Development may have trouble managing money, but at least its management understands the importance of politeness.

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The cynical strategy focused on driving down the vote in Pennsylvania

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In Pittsburgh last month, Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Allegheny, laid out part of the Democratic strategy for swinging control of the Pennsylvania Senate in this year’s election.

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