Does government union chief’s threat show AFGE’s hand on veterans care?

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“He’s going to start treating us as the labor partner … or we will whoop his ass, I promise you,” the union chief said of McDonald.

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Kasich promotes Obamacare expansion in Florida, South Carolina

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich had a busy day Friday, advocating for Florida and South Carolina to expand Medicaid under President Obama’s 2010 health law.

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Brawl over bargaining bill resumes in Illinois

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The fight over state employee unions continues as the conflict over a bargaining bill drags on.

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Jackson’s regs offer a lift to ridesharing, but state action could override them

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Networked ride providers will be regulated by a new ordinance in Jackson, Mississippi and could be statewide if a bill in the Legislature becomes law.

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Austin voters to decide on ridesharing regs

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In this season of Bernie Sanders, the Austin City Council’s decision to force taxpayers to decide what to do with ridesharing companies when it could not makes a peculiar kind of sense. Nursing a deep corporate resentment, a council majority voted late Thursday to hold an election, most likely on May 7, to let voters […]

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Lawmaker wants to take voucher students out of property tax equation

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The speaker of the Wisconsin State Assembly wants to make sure school districts don’t raise property taxes to replace funds lost because of the transfer of voucher students to choice schools. Districts can now levy property taxes based on both the number of students attending public schools and those who live in the district but use […]

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