Out-of-control federal lending agency harms consumers

The regulation president puts on show as small business is dying

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Obama legacy

“We are generally crushing small businesses and entrepreneurs in this country. It’s almost to the point where you need to be a lawyer to run a business,” he said.

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Texas flunks school-choice test

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AP file photo

As one of the most conservative and entrepreneurial states in the nation, Texas has been a leading laboratory for Milton Friedman’s market-driven formulas.
But while building the economic guru’s low-tax, low-regulation model, the Lone Star State sticks to business as usual with K-12 government schools.

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Denver spends tax bounty on bureaucracy, not vital services

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Photo By Arthur Kane

Denver officials are urging voters to approve or extend more taxes but spending on the last few years has not focused on providing services.

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Candidates for Central District PSC seat express reservations about Kemper Project

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Photo by Mississippi Power

Candidates for the Central District PSC seat are skeptical of Mississippi Power’s Kemper Project integrated gasification power plant.

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Legal expert: Abrahamson and John Doe civil rights cases like day and night

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Photo by the Heritage Foundation

“What these prosecutors did, I think, represents the heart of a true civil rights complaint by all the people targeted, as opposed to and contrasted with the totally ludicrous civil rights complaint of the former chief justice of the state Supreme Court, Ms. (Shirley) Abrahamson..”

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Lawmaker says anti-tobacco agency may be breaking law by opposing vaping

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Photo via BreatheND.com

Rep. Mike Schatz of North Dakota says state anti-tobacco officials may be breaking the law by opposing vaping.

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