British comedian John Oliver cheers FCC’s net neutrality regulation

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Source: HBO's YouTube channel

After pushing Americans to contact the FCC and lobby for making the Internet a public utility under Title II, British comedian John Oliver used part of his HBO show Monday to celebrate the regulation and what it will mean for Internet consumers.

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Poll: Support for Pennsylvania gas tax focuses on jobs

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Anderson Robbins Research poll screenshot

Pennsylvanians’ support for a gas tax on production depends on the detail of the questions asked, a comparison of two recent polls show. Even a poll commissioned by the Marcellus Shale Commission finds general support of a severance tax, 49 to 35 percent. But that support falls to 29 percent if job losses would occur.

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Amid oil price concerns, North Dakota lawmakers trim $1 billion from governor’s budget

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By Rob Port | North Dakota Bureau
BISMARCK, N.D. — In the next month and a half, North Dakota policymakers must make decisions about billions of dollars worth of tax and appropriation policies for the next two years based on uncertain revenue projections.
It’s sure to be a daunting task.
North Dakota’s Constitution restrains the Legislature to meeting […]

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Virginia health laws may not be best medicine for consumers

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irginia’s romance with government regulation may not be doing much good in the realm of health care, but lawmakers don’t seem too eager to change the status quo.

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Prosecutor misstatements continue to shape John Doe narrative, Walker’s future

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AP file photo

By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON, Wis. – There’s a lot wrong with Wisconsin’s infamous political John Doe investigation. Just ask the three state and federal judges who have challenged it or ordered it to stop.

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Climate scientists accuse Democrat of McCarthyism

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"WITCH HUNT": Georgia Tech climate scientist Judith Curry, right, says she feels she's a victim of McCarthyism after a congressman sent her university a letter seeking her financial information.

Georgia Tech climate scientist Judith Curry feels she’s a victim of McCarthyism after a congressman sent her university a letter seeking her financial information.

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