Baldwin aide breaks silence, alleges senator engaged in ‘coverup’

Baldwin aide breaks silence, alleges senator engaged in ‘coverup’

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AP file photo

By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Watchdog

MADISON, Wis. – Marquette Baylor is finally speaking out against her long-time boss, U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

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Nanny of the Week: Don’t mix beer and ice cream – because of the children

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Image curtesey New Belgium Brewery

Ice cream is wonderful.

Beer is wonderful (as long as you’re at least 21 years old, of course).

Putting them together? Well, maybe not the most obvious of flavor combinations, but I guess I’d be willing to give it a shot.

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Mayoral candidate looks to gas industry model for Philly schools fix

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Doug Oliver for Mayor

Just fix our schools. Our kids aren’t learning.

That’s the message mayoral candidate Doug Oliver hears the most as he goes from neighborhood to neighborhood campaigning for votes.

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Republicans blast ‘most-traveled’ McAuliffe

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CASH AND CLINTON: Terry McAuliffe says Virginia's economy is his top priority. Republicans say Job One for the governor is getting Hillary Clinton elected president.

Gov. Terry McAuliffe told a national audience Sunday that Virginia’s economy is “roaring,” thanks to him. But economists aren’t so bullish, and McAuliffe’s critics say presidential politics is Job One for the Democrat.

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Travel club: Cost of Christie cops continues to climb

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Tim Larsen/Governor's Office

As Chris Christie pursues his political fortunes outside New Jersey, state taxpayers were squeezed for nearly a half-million dollars last year to cover the travel costs of his security details. The travel expenses for the state police Executive Protection Unit rose to a record $196,006 for the fourth quarter.

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Should states keep their renewable energy standards?

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Some 30 states have renewable portfolio standards but James M. Taylor of the Heartland Institute says they should be repealed.

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