More evidence mounts against expanding government health care in Idaho

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A look at Pennsylvania's welfare cliff.

“Poor people are not lazy. But they are also not stupid,” they wrote. “Like everyone else, they respond to the incentives they face. If work brings little or no gain, many will choose not to work.”

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Wisconsin GAB reform bill could be ready in a few weeks, sources say

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AP file photo

Sources say there has been some activity on a bill that could reshape the state Government Accountability Board – that after bombshell revelations late last week that a top attorney from the supposedly non-partisan speech regulator behaved in a very partisan fashion.

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UNT executive gets $225,000-a-year job after walking out amidst accounting scandal

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One of the three top finance officials who departed abruptly in the wake of last year’s accounting scandal at University of North Texas walked out the door and into a job — with a $7,000 pay raise — as acting vice president for finance and operations at Sam Houston State University.

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Philadelphia City Council wants more school oversight

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School District of Philadelphia

The Council has been calling for a fiscal oversight agency to monitor how Philly schools spend public money.

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Outspoken teacher enters St. Paul school board race

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St. Paul Public Schools photo

Aaron Benner may be gone, but as St. Paul Public Schools’ most vocal critic, he’s anything but forgotten. The 46-year-old teacher who resigned his classroom job in early August is running for school board, which could result in his adversaries — from the superintendent down — working under him, come November.

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Delaware city wants to compete with world’s fastest Internet speeds

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But the best of intentions also could be counterproductive for consumers and desired economic growth.

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