Pennsylvania prioritizes horse racing subsidies over needy schools like Erie’s

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Erie School District officials say they need $30 million from the state to fund basic school programs and close a budget gap, or the city’s schools could face “devastating” cuts. Gov. Tom Wolf’s budget would allocate $1.5 million toward meeting Erie’s request. But Wolf’s budget also includes $250 million in subsidies for the state’s horse […]

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Nanny State of the Week: The Burbank homes are too darn big

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Courtesy of Flickr user Ashley Rehnblom

Burbank is a beautiful place to live, so it’s unsurprising that so many have made their homes there. But apparently, there comes a point at which “big” becomes “too big.”

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Georgia bill would offer tax incentives in broadband-ready communities

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Watchdog photo

Providers who build or expand networks in broadband-ready communities would be exempt from the state’s sales and use tax on equipment used for the construction as long as minimum download speeds of 10 megabits per second are offered.

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Taxpayers required to pick up tab for educating illegal immigrant students

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“The schoolhouse door is not where to deal with illegal immigration.”

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Scott: ‘Housing for All’ plan will strengthen Vermont economy

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AP photo

Gov. Phil Scott on Friday announced a four-fold plan to strengthen the local economy by creating more housing in areas designated for growth and reinvestment.

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Task force would seek to remake Florida’s criminal justice system

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Florida Department of Corrections

Florida’s state lawmakers increasingly are embracing criminal justice reform policies that break with the state’s “tough on crime” past. But a full-scale sea change could be in the works.

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