Conservatives in John Doe battle know disclosure comes with a heavy price

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By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON, Wis. – Eric O’Keefe knows the consequences of speaking out against powerful prosecutors in a politically charged investigation.

“Indeed, Mr. O’Keefe has faced threatening behavior—including online stalking of his children and grandchildren—due to his participation in this litigation,” the conservative activist’s attorney writes in a court document filed this week.

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Teacher says union resorting to bully tactics in wake of decertification

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The doom and gloom predictions of the state’s largest teachers union have not come to pass more than a year after Deerfield USD 216 faculty opted to boot out the Kansas National Education Association, according to teacher Doug Crandall.

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Some city halls working for the (long) weekend

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Nine western Twin Cities suburbs might as well post a ‘gone fishing’ sign on City Hall doors each Friday afternoon during summer. Closed for business. Come back Monday. Took dog to vet.

“The justification for summer hours was to make our city hall hours comparable with surrounding lake communities and due to the fact that Fridays have always historically been quieter days in terms of residents calling or stopping by city hall,” Dana Young, city administrator, clerk and treasurer for Deephaven, said in an email.

“Obviously, our administrative staff has also come to love summer hours, so that it has also evolved into somewhat of an employee benefit.”

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Drunk teacher wins unemployment benefits; gets to keep license

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photo courtesy of the city of Grimes

If Dennis Pagel had taken a box of school supplies while working as a teacher at Dallas-Center Grimes Middle School, he could have gotten in serious trouble.

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Citizens flay Virginia’s debt-ridden King George County

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REFORMER: Supervisor Ruby Brabo clashes with fellow board members over tourism and fiscal issues. She conducts workshops to educate and motivate prospective political candidates.

King George County, a rural enclave of 25,000 people, has racked up $100 million in debt with a spending spree on new public buildings.

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ACLU: Nebraska cops ‘grossly misuse’ Tasers

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Shutterstock photo

The ACLU of Nebraska released a report Tuesday saying Nebraska law enforcement agencies have “grossly misused” Taser guns several times.

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