U.S. senators push bill for more taxpayer-funded broadband projects

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Official U.S. Senate photo

The pair was among four senators who in May urged the USDA to boost the minimum broadband service definition of its Community Connect Grant Program. That move would make eligible some of the communities now ineligible to get funding from the RUS for broadband projects.

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Study: Certificate-of-need laws are hurting patients

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A new study by researchers at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University says certificate-of-need laws, sold as a way to improve health care access and reduce costs, are having the opposite effect. The study found that patients living in states with certificate-of-need mandates receive significantly worse health care than patients living in states without such regulations, which empower regulators […]

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Rutland opens door for 50-mile resettlement radius

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AP photo

Guidelines buried deep within federal documents show Rutland’s refugee resettlement could have a wider impact than previously realized, with potential for refugees to settle anywhere in southern and central Vermont.

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Community college shields travel bills behind pay wall

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Photo by Kenric Ward

A Texas community college that won a state “transparency” award is charging $2,340 to disclose the school’s travel records. The state Attorney General says not so much.

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State ‘disclosure’ ballot measures could chill First Amendment rights

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SILENCER: Disclosure of anonymous donors comes with a steep price, in safety and  in the marketplace of ideas, experts say.

This is an infringement on our First Amendment rights.”

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