Unsealed John Doe documents show view from Chisholm’s world

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Photo by Milwaukee County DA's office

Prosecuting attorneys are “generally not authorized to delegate official powers and duties to others, including private counsel,” the majority opinion states.

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Clean Power Plan opponents celebrate stay of federal ‘intrusion’

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AP file photo

“The Clean Power Plan would significantly harm Wisconsin’s economy,” said Scott Manley of WMC.

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‘Rude’ ex-councilman banned from City Hall; recall petition qualifies

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image1 (2)

A former Floresville councilman has been banned from City Hall amid a recall drive against three elected officials.

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Full-time lawmakers dominate legislature, with fewer attorneys and ranchers

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Photo courtesy Wikimedia

Colorado’s legislature is dominated by people who identify themselves as full-time lawmakers despite a session that last a third of a year and low pay.

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Idaho Legislature may strengthen ban on local minimum wage laws

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Photo: Reina Rodriguez/ IdahoReporter.com

A tale of Idaho two cities might force state legislators to clarify a ban on local governments enacting their own minimum wage laws. The House Business Committee has introduced a bill to affirm that the Legislature alone holds the power to set the state’s minimum wage. Only committee Democrats voted against the bill. The plan […]

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Senior health agencies concerned about all-payer health system

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Kept in the dark, senior health-advocacy groups are unsure how to advise uninformed seniors about potential Medicare changes coming through the all-payer health care system.

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