Wisconsin Supreme Court upholds Act 10

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By M.D. Kittle | Wisconsin Reporter

MADISON, Wis. – After three years of legal battles, the war over Gov. Scott Walker’s cornerstone public-sector collective bargaining reforms is over, with the state Supreme Court on Thursday upholding Act 10 in its entirety.

Altogether, it was a big day for conservative causes. Wisconsin’s high court also ruled in favor of the state’s controversial voter ID law, but that matter is far from settled.

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Senate report blasts Bold Nebraska as faux grassroots group

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Bold Nebraska

U.S. Senate Republicans call Bold Nebraska a faux grassroots group used by non-Nebraska billionaires to funnel money and advance their political agenda, according to a report released Wednesday.

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PAC calls on Pennsylvania governor to fire adviser

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UNDER PRESSURE: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's Democratic challenger wants him to fire an adviser after a newspaper report raised questions about how much the official works.

First, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette broke the story that Ron Tomalis, a special adviser to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett on education matters, makes about $140,000 a year, yet hasn’t created much of a paper trail to record whether he’s meeting expectations.

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Teachers union dismisses senator’s alleged plagiarism

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AP file photo

By Michael Mattson | WatchdogWire.com
Plagiarism is the most ancient form of defaulting on a student loan.
Eric Fever, president of the Montana Education Association-Montana Federation of Teachers, is defending U.S. Sen. John Walsh, D-Mont., amid the political fallout from recent allegations of plagiarism.
MEA-MFT claims it is the largest labor union in the state of Montana, boasting [...]

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Politicians can’t make it on minimum wage, but we did

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live the wage food

In an effort to gain sympathy for raising the federal minimum wage to $10.10 an hour, numerous politicians accepted a challenge to “Live the Wage.” They were going to live for a week on $77 because that’s all that the challenge sponsors say a full-time worker earning minimum wage makes, To no one’s surprise, they couldn’t do it.

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Does Gruber selection inspire confidence in VT’s costly single-payer consultants?

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Gruber: The Obamacare expert now says he was mistaken in 2012 presentation.

As controversy swirls around Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber’s selection as Vermont’s single-payer guru, Vermonters might wonder if money given to such consultants is well spent.

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