Surprise: Tennessee’s own U.S. senator wants to raise your fuel taxes too

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Photo courtesy of Twitter.

One higher fuel tax evidently isn’t enough for Tennessee’s drivers.

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The big bang theory? PA senators want to legalize fireworks for state residents

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Photo by Rachel Martin

Three Pennsylvania senators say they will introduce new legislation ironing out the lack of logic in current fireworks law.

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Court: Tourism group funded with public money can keep its records quiet

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The state’s Supreme Court says you can’t see how an economic development group spends public money.

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Obama’s ‘girl power’ foreign policy boosts UN aid

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GOZARAH, Afghanistan-Village girls wait as the Afghan National Police unload a shipment of humanitarian aid at their village, Feb. 4. Food, winter clothing and supplies were delivered to 300 villagers of Gozarah district in Herat province of western Afghanistan.  (ISAF photo by U.S. Air Force TSgt Laura K. Smith)(released)

The U.S. government’s ‘girl power’ foreign policy has been signed into law, boosting support for a UN aid project to empower girls in developing countries.

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Union cash didn’t deter top PA Senate Republican from backing privatization

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Photo courtesy of Ballotpedia

Money talks in politics, but sometimes not loudly enough.

In March, the political action committee for the union representing employees at Pennsylvania’s state-owned wine and spirits stores cut a check for $7,000 to state Senate President Pro Tempore Joe Scarnati, R-Jefferson. Yet, just months later, Scarnati helped muscle through a bill privatizing the state stores and jeopardizing union jobs.

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Watchdog Podcast: A Greek tragedy, school choice at the Supreme Court and political spy games in Wisconsin

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Greece is in crisis after decades of over-spending finally caught up to it.

What lessons does the mess in Greece offer for American cities and states that have piled up debts in the public pension system?

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