Vermont senate leader misfires with gun control pitch at massive gun rally

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Photo by Bruce Parker

Speaking at a large pro-gun rally at the Vermont statehouse Tuesday, state Sen. John Campbell told law-abiding Vermonters they would need to undergo criminal background checks before buying guns.

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Bills would standardize college credits, improve transparency

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Two bills could streamline credit acceptance and make college data more transparent at Virginia’s public colleges and universities.

House Bill 1336, introduced by Delegate Steven Landes, R-Weyers Cave, calls for the State Commission on Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) to come up with a consistent standard for granting undergraduate course credits. The bill would not go into effect until July 2016.

“The reason for the bill is simple,” Landes said. “I have heard from parents and students that they do not understand why (Advanced Placement) course credits are not standard across the board for every college and university in Virginia.”

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Idaho Senate chairman’s mistake highlights legislative transparency problem

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Trust folks: Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis trusts his chairmen to make wise decisions on live-streams.

A Senate chairman’s mistake highlights a legislative loophole that gives committee leaders the power to obscure some information from the public.

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Idaho senators approve ‘big’ hikes in birth and death certificate costs

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Photo" Matt Keenan,

Idaho families bringing a life into this world or mourning the loss of a loved one will soon have to pay more for vital state records that accompany those events.

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School choice advocates challenge WI congressman’s call for federal review

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Fearing a congressional request for a federal review of Wisconsin’s school choice program is driven more by politics than policy, a Milwaukee-based public interest law firm aims to set the record straight.

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Teachers, staff at Columbus charter school want to form a labor union

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Teachers and staff at the Franklinton Preparatory Academy, a charter school in Columbus, want to join a union. But some think that’s a bad idea that defeats the whole point of charter schools.

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