Tennessee legislators unveil new strategy to sell public on taxpayer-backed Internet

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Photo by Chris Butler

Two Tennessee legislators say they’re out to dispel notions taxpayer money props up government owned Internet that competes against private providers, and, even if true, so what, AT&T recently accepted millions in government subsidies.

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TransCanada’s turnabout may force it to pick a new pipeline route

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Nebraska Watchdog

TransCanada may not legally be able to have the Nebraska Public Service Commission consider its current route through the state and may have to choose another route entirely.

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PA Auditor General uncovers ‘disturbing’ education policy trends

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The state’s worst schools are neglected and critical education policies have not been updated for years.

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Wisconsin DPI won’t explain confusion over voucher payments

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image courtesy of DCPS

DPI’s new system for getting voucher payments to schools was supposed to create efficiency but has created confusion instead.

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Texas charter network boasts 99.9 percent college-going rate

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Photo courtesy of IDEA

A charter school network in Austin, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley boasted a 99.9 percent college acceptance rate this year — roughly double the statewide average.

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Taxpayers fund $2.2 million for walking app, studies about UV exposure

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Photo Courtesy Pixabay.com

National Institutes of Health are providing millions in taxpayer money for studies some believe waste taxpayer cash.

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