Final vote on government-run Internet in Georgia set for next month

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Photo by Chris Butler

In September City Council members in Peachtree City approved a controversial plan for municipal broadband, but they won’t decide until next month whether to actually pay for it. A vote on funding municipal broadband could take place as early as the next city council meeting on Dec. 3.

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John Doe victims still in legal limbo four months after Supreme Court ruling

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“Worse yet, innocent people continue to be harassed by prosecutors filing frivolous motions and threatening to disclose their private information which prosecutors obtained illegally.”

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Help could be coming to Pennsylvania’s horse racing industry

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State lawmakers plan to use an existing subsidy to help bail out the sputtering horse-racing industry.

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Climate kids lose in Washington court, but more cases are coming

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Elaine Thompson/AP

Eight children who took the state of Washington to court over climate regulations lost their appeal but their lawyer says more cases like theirs are coming.

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Obamacare’s co-ops were regulated to death before they were even born

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The rules and regulations written into the text of Obamacare makes it hard to believe there was ever much of a chance for the Co-Ops to succeed.

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New rules for overtime could cost home-care workers

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Minnesota provider agencies are reducing hours and overtime for home-care workers, leaving care recipients like Amelia Bray wondering in limbo.

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