Nanny State of the Week: Government fingerprints on your beer bottle

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In the recent history of our great nation, it has been an American privilege to stop by the local brewer and pick up a six-pack of your favorite beer without any government hassle.

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Due to funding limits, D.C. private school choice ranks 13th in U.S.

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Photo provided by Serving Our Children

D.C.’s charter school movement has been named healthiest in the nation this year, but private school choice is not faring as well.

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State of the States report shows reducing taxes not a Shumlin focus

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An annual review of State of the State addresses shows that while many governors this year focused on spurring economic growth, Vermont’s governor talked about taxing pot, giving favors to preferred companies and repealing school spending caps.

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Red ink rising: City banks on record debt

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San Antonio officials are promoting a record $850 million bond issue as “transformative investment” driven by popular demand. In reality, it’s a backward-engineered wish list that piles up more debt and could trigger a legal challenge.

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Craft brewers own distribution rights, judge says

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Matt Miller, Institute for Justice attorney, argues successfully craft brewers own their distribution rights.

A district court ruling potentially worth hundreds of millions of dollars to craft brewers is going to make it tougher for the Texas Legislature to pass regulatory laws without sufficient cause.

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Judge upholds vegetable garden ban in South Florida

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courtesy of the Institute for Justice

A Florida circuit court judge upheld a local ordinance Thursday banning front yard vegetable gardens in the Village of Miami Shores.

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