Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had front-row seat at John Doe raid

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Cindy Archer at home

“Archer, within moments of the investigators’ entrance into the house, noticed a reporter taking notes in a notebook on the sidewalk in front of her house,” states an amended complaint

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Idaho nonprofit sues to prevent forced taxpayer funding of left-wing union

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Idaho taxpayers will be required to financially support the Boise Education Association, a teachers union with ties with many left-wing political lobbyists and contributors, unless a lawsuit by the Idaho Freedom Foundation is successful.

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Some say right-to-work legislation could strengthen Missouri unions

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LESS IS MORE? A committee discussing downsizing state government is listening to public concerns this week.

Unions generally oppose right-to-work laws, like one being considered in Missouri, but even some labor activists say they could actually strengthen unions.

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Nebraskans to see another double-digit increase in Obamacare rates

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Obamacare health insurance premiums will go up about 18 percent next year in Nebraska, continuing their upward trajectory since the federal health care program was launched.

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Boeing, other Ex-Im Bank supporters threaten to fire workers if they don’t get their way

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Boeing announced last week that it could be cutting hundreds of jobs because of the closure of the Ex-Im Bank.

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Texas lags in privatizing school services

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AP file photo

“Texas school districts’ reluctance to adopt competitive contracting practices means that a whole lot of money is being left on the table.”

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