Not again! A green energy company that got billions from feds is teetering

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Photo from Abengoa 2014 annual report

Renewable energy company Abengoa is fighting for its financial life. The company and its subsidiaries have received nearly $3 billion from the government.

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Texas ag commissioner Miller stands by millions in fee increases

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Commissioner Sid Miller's agriculture fee increases have made his fellow conservatives restless.

Give Sid Miller the courage of convictions that have banished him from the realm of fiscal conservatism in Texas.

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American Majority making big impact on conservative cause in Wisconsin

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AP file photo

The organization, as Batzel puts it, is “all about training the next generation of conservative leaders.” American Majority has been, by any measure, incredibly successful in its mission.

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Poll: Vermonters oppose putting more ethanol in gas

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AP photo

A poll of registered voters in Vermont has found most Vermonters oppose adding higher amounts of ethanol into gasoline.

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How North Dakota’s oil industry is holding up, one year later

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Photo from Flickr Commons

North Dakota has taken some big economic hits due to the low price of oil but one year after OPEC took its best shot, the region is still standing.

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‘Made in USA’ solar company sold Chinese panels

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A Texas green-energy company that boasted it never took a dime of government subsidies has agreed to pay $8.5 million for misrepresenting the origins of its solar panels.

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