Proposal: $3 billion more for Pennsylvania schools

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Iowa Department of Education officials miscalculated special education payments and failed to make good on promises made in exchange for federal dollars, the Iowa Auditor of State says.

By Evan Grossman |
PHILADELPHIA — Opponents in the contentious Philadelphia education debate agree on very little. But the rivals do share common ground on one thing: Pennsylvania must develop a new funding formula for its public schools.
Strong-willed school advocates on both sides of the debate such as Action United, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, PennCAN […]

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Liquor privatization faces uncertain future in Pennsylvania

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The Pennsylvania state House voted again for liquor privatization, but it’s no lock to become law.

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Runoff elections ensure majority rule

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MANDATE? Sen. Mark Warner and Gov. Terry McAuliffe won their elections with less than a majority. Virginia used to have a runoff law to prevent that from happening.

Democrats don’t like them. Republicans buried them. Election officials complain they cost more. How to put a price on a democratic republic?

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How much oil does world consume a day? This much

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The world’s consumption of oil is the equivalent of draining an Olympic-size swimming pool every 15 seconds.

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Dueling tax-cut plans set up showdown in Mississippi Legislature

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Photo by Steve Wilson

Three Mississippi tax cut plans are competing for passage, with one of them phasing out the state’s income tax and the other the corporate franchise tax.

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NJ Watchdog sues Christie to disclose $800,000 in credit card records

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Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

A New Jersey Watchdog reporter is suing Gov. Chris Christie for records of nearly $800,000 in expenses charged to American Express credit cards for the travel costs of the governor’s state police security detail.

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