Grand jury report adds extortion to list of Ironworkers alleged crimes

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BROTHERLY LOVE? Not so much, it seems, when dealing with the Ironworkers' Local 401 union, which had more charges leveled against its members this week.

Two counts of extortion have been added to the litany of charges leveled at members of the powerful Ironworkers Local 401 union in Philadelphia.

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Pension reform, Philly school funding won’t derail lawmakers’ vacations

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VACATION ALL I EVER WANTED: Members of the Pennsylvania state House won't have to worry about their summer break being interrupted now that August session days have been scuttled.

Pennsylvania state House members can go ahead and slice some more limes for the beers and order more pina coladas.

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Oakland council members get money from wage hike activists, labor unions

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Oakland City Council members voted against a more moderate wage hike proposal to ensure the $12.25 increase is the only one on the Nov. ballot. They also have received campaign contributions and research from wage hike activists and labor unions backing the proposal.

By Bre Payton |
OAKLAND, Calif. — City Council members who voted in favor of a labor-backed minimum-wage hike proposal get their campaign donations and research from wage hike activists and labor unions.
The Oakland City Council earlier this week voted against a competing, more moderate proposal in order to ensure that a ballot measure to increase [...]

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Lyft: Killing ride-sharing puts public safety at risk

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Uber and Lyft, responding to myths spread by their detractors, are promoting their services as a safer transportation alternative for consumers.

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Pick me! Santa Fe may spend $100K taxpayer money to lure ‘The Bachelor’

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AP file photo

The city of Santa Fe has committed to spending up to $100,000 in taxpayer money to bring the reality TV show “The Bachelor” to town.

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Expert: Walker’s key reform survives to embolden would-be reformers

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ACT 10 RESONANCE: Gov. Scott Walker signed his historic collective bargaining reform bill into law following a tumultuous time in 2011. He has survived death threats and a recall, and Act 10 has survived a series of court challenges.

When the Republican-controlled Legislature passed Gov. Scott Walker’s landmark collective bargaining reform bill, known as Act 10, in March 2011, the nation’s largest government-worker union shook its fist and declared that Wisconsin’s organized labor war was far from over.

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