New Cuba policy sparks outrage amid potential economic opportunities

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President Obama’s historic announcement that the United States will normalize relations with Cuba sent shockwaves across Florida on Wednesday.

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PA legislator: Lawmakers shouldn’t waste time naming roads and bridges

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State lawmakers didn’t get pension reform or liquor privatization finished in the past legislative session, but the General Assembly sure did ceremonially name a lot of roads and bridges — 73 of them to be exact, according to records from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation.

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University of Hawaii athletics must tackle fiscal woes

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University of Hawaii college football has been on a losing streak, impacting athletic department revenues

The University of Hawaii Athletic Department has faced a series of fiscal and staffing troubles in recent months, leading legislators, administrators and regents to debate the future of the state’s only athletic program.

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Shumlin: Single-payer ‘greatest disappointment of my political life’

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Gov. Peter Shumlin announced he has called off his plans for single-payer health care in Vermont for 2015, saying “now is not the right time.”

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Blue states jumped on tax-cut bandwagon in 2014

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BLUE TO RED: New York Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for $2 billion in tax relief for property and business owners last January. Then again, it was an election year.

By Kenric Ward |
With Wisconsin leading the way, 14 states enacted “significant, broad-based tax cuts” in 2014, according to a report released Wednesday.
Surprisingly, several states controlled by Democrats made the American Legislative Exchange Council list. Then again, 2014 was an election year.
The blue states that made the cut were:
Minnesota: The Democratic stronghold “bowed to economic […]

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Audit: Nebraska left $56 million in federal welfare funds on the table

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A state audit found Nebraska left $56 million in federal welfare funds on the table in the past four years, and instead tapped more state funds to help low-income residents.

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