AG orders Nebraska jobs agency to release info on bad loans

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The Nebraska attorney general’s office says the state economic development agency must release information about its bad loans.

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Valley vote-fraud figure files ‘zero’ financials

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A Weslaco city commissioner, Lupe Rivera, at the center of an election-fraud case listed no political contributions or expenses in his latest campaign finance report.

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Solyndra autopsy: Did Inspector General go too easy on Department of Energy?

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The Inspector General at the Department of Energy puts most of the blame on the $500 million loss to taxpayers on a loan to Solyndra on the company, not the department.

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Photographing public records to save time a big no-no in Tennessee

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In Tennessee you have the right to inspect public records for free but you do not have the right to photograph these records with an iPhone or any other camera, for that matter.

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Anti-corruption group’s ethics boards face ethical problems

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Caution_bribe_coming_through_washington_dc_2’s quest to get money out of politics comes with all-powerful ethics committees which are already leading to doubts about their efforts.

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Unions hide union label in Missouri right-to-work fight

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When it comes to labor unions’ efforts to stop right-to-work in Missouri, it’s not enough to look for the union label.

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