North Dakota may lose $5.5B in revenue as oil plunges

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In a departure from revenue projections issued in December, North Dakota lawmakers are now expecting billions less in tax revenues over the next two and a half years.

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As gas prices drop for 16th week, state budget directors scramble

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Crashing prices at the pump is good news for drivers but it’s a challenge for budgets in states that rely heavily on oil and gas revenue.

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North Dakota oil regulators should welcome audit

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Rep. Kenton Onstad, a Democrat representing the Parshall area in North Dakota’s state House, has introduced a bill for the state’s 2015 legislation session that would mandate an audit for the North Dakota Health Department and the Oil and Gas Division of the Industrial Commission.

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ND lawmakers go to work under a ‘black cloud’ of oil price uncertainty

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Plunging oil prices are casting a pall on North Dakota’s lawmakers as the 2015 legislative session begins.

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North Dakota lawmakers may vote themselves pay raises in 2015

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By Rob Port | North Dakota Bureau
BISMARCK, N.D. — There will be hundreds of bills considered during North Dakota’s legislative session next year, but some of the first filed will deal with something pretty basic: how much should elected officials be paid?
That’s an often thorny issue that attracts strong reactions from the public. Legislation already […]

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COUNTDOWN! Worst People of 2014

By   /  December 29, 2014  /  Minnesota, National, News, North Dakota, Virginia  /  No Comments

Graphic by Paul Scheuer

In a year of videotaped beheadings, school shootings, Russian invasions and annexations of eastern Ukraine (or, as Valdimir Putin calls them, staycations), Ebola, deadly Mexican cops, deadly American cops, Bashar al-Assad’s readiness to kill his Syrian fellows, Kim Jong Un’s funny/creepy hack of Sony Pictures, the release of those emails revealing that (a) Sony Pictures executives are closet racists and (b) (when they pulled the offending comedy film that irritated KJU) public cowards — in a year like this one, we’re saying, it’s easy to overlook the myriad outrageous acts of your local government bureaucrats. We’re not saying all those in government service are evil, nor even many of them. But they’re out there, the bad or merely incompetent.’s national network of reporters find them.

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