SCOTUS will hear Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association case

North Dakota leaders on Supreme Court ruling: ‘The EPA already won’

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When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the EPA had overstepped when it failed to consider the costs of regulations related to mercury emissions, many heralded it as a victory against bureaucratic excess. But North Dakota leaders say the ruling is coming years after damage from the regulations is done, though they are hopeful the ruling will help deter other EPA regulatory schemes.

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North Dakota should stop trying students in kangaroo courts

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A policy giving college students full legal counsel in disciplinary proceedings is a good first step, but it needs to go further.

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USDA summer program shows that, yes, you can get a free lunch

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A loophole in the Summer Food Service Program means just about anyone can get a free meal — or a meal at a reduced cost — courtesy of the taxpayers.

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Fargo police department denies using quotas

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Months after revealed documents illustrating the use of arrest and citation quotas policy at the North Dakota Highway Patrol, records reveal a similar policy at work in the state’s largest city.

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‘Volunteer’ effort to refer corporate farming reforms spent thousands on paid petitioners

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By Rob Port | North Dakota Bureau
BISMARCK, N.D. — A coalition of activists led by the North Dakota Farmers Union has touted the success of what they described as a volunteer petition drive to refer a rollback of the state’s corporate farming bill passed by the Legislature earlier this year. But records indicate the effort […]

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North Dakota Senate leader says reconvening after break saves taxpayers

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North Dakota’s lawmakers are making history today, meeting for the first time ever in a reconvened session after the House and Senate couldn’t work out differences on the budget for the Public Employees Retirement System earlier this year.

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