Engineer says Portland suburb’s red light cameras violate state law

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TRAFFIC CAMERAS AND PUBLIC PENSIONS: Sioux City has been using revenue from it traffic cameras to funding pension for police and firefighters. New state regulations may dry up that money stream.

A Beaverton resident who works as an engineer says the Portland suburb is violating state law with its red light cameras.

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Save us: Gov’t may protect us from Michelle Obama’s stamps next

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JUST MOVE: Stamps intended to promote physical activity to be destroyed amid safety concerns.

Ever seen a kid do a handstand while wearing a helmet? Do they require those in tumbling classes now?

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Washington cracks down on padded pensions

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$9 BILLION REPAIR JOB: A new plan to deal with Pennsylvania's pension debt would require $9 billion in borrowing.

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog
The leader of a nonprofit organization that advocates state and local budgeting reform is applauding the state of Washington for cracking down on padded pensions.
State auditors recently revealed that pensions for three former firefighters were overpaid and that the state would recoup the money and reduce their future pensions. The [...]

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Second firefighter dies as fires rage in southern Oregon

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SUMMER BLAZES: Fires rage in Oregon and Washington

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog
Two firefighters have died since fires started raging across southern Oregon last month.
Jesse Trader, a 19-year old who was working on the Big Windy fire in Southern Oregon, died Tuesday after the water truck he was driving rolled over. Gov. John Kitzhaber, who issued an emergency response to the fires [...]

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Oregon GOP says small business tax relief could be key to special session

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Oregon Senate Republican leader Ted Ferrioli

By Shelby Sebens | Northwest Watchdog
The door to a special Oregon legislative session might have been cracked open Friday.
Republican lawmakers issued a press release Friday morning stating that adding small business tax cuts left out of a “grand bargain” budget deal in the regular session could be the key to a special session later this year. [...]

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