Washington teachers union endorses ‘parent choice’

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By Jami Lund | Freedom Foundation
April 3-5 was the Washington Education Associations “Representative Assembly” where the most ardent union supporters gather for a few days of union business.
On the agenda every year is an opportunity for participants to vote on position statements and action items for the union. Here are seven interesting items that passed [...]

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WSJ’s Stephen Moore: Minimum wage increase would devastate the poor

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Award-winning economist and Wall Street Journal writer Stephen Moore wants the average voter to know one thing about increasing the minimum wage: It will irreparably harm poor people in America.

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Seattle mayor stocks minimum wage conference with leftists and progressives

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THE DECIDER: Ed Murray's conference will feature mostly big government fanatics.

By Dustin Hurst | Washington State Watchdog

A minimum wage symposium hosted by Seattle Mayor Ed Murray is stocked with progressives and other fans of big government policies.

Critics aren’t happy.

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Union ‘mercenary’ group enters Seattle minimum wage debate

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ROC-ING ALONG: During a 2011 meeting of the National Restaurant Association in Chicago, ROC organized a "flash mob" to protest.

By Dustin Hurst | Washington State Watchdog

As Seattle and its leaders contemplate raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour, a group that one critic dubs a “union mercenary” has entered the fray.

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Engineer says Portland suburb’s red light cameras violate state law

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TRAFFIC CAMERAS AND PUBLIC PENSIONS: Sioux City has been using revenue from it traffic cameras to funding pension for police and firefighters. New state regulations may dry up that money stream.

A Beaverton resident who works as an engineer says the Portland suburb is violating state law with its red light cameras.

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