An easy solution to Ohio’s double-dipping problem

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Sam double dip (2)

Double-dipping: when a public employee retires, begins collecting a pension and then returns to the same position (and often the same pay) they retired from. It’s legal in Ohio and practiced by a large number of individuals, but it’s become an issue in a local levy campaign.

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Ohio Supreme Court suspends judge

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Brad Matthews |
Embattled Judge Tracie Hunter was suspended without pay from her position Tuesday, by the Ohio State Supreme Court after her conviction on Oct. 14 on charges of unlawful interest in a public contract.
She had been suspended with pay in January, when her she was indicted.
While the jury returned a decision on the unlawful interest [...]

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OSU rabbit massage study is No. 2 for wasteful spending

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The Ohio State University is ranked #2! Not in football, mind you, but for a research project characterized as “Swedish Massages for Rascally Rabbits.”

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Obamacare puts 400,000 Ohioans on Medicaid

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Photo credit: State of Ohio

Ohio’s Obamacare Medicaid expansion enrollment reached 401,307 in September according to the Ohio Department of Medicaid’s latest caseload report.

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Proposed Ohio cell phone law raises many questions

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edgewater school street view

Have you ever used your cell phone while driving in a school or construction zone? What about in the hands-free mode? That may soon be illegal in Ohio.

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New online tool predicts Ohio voucher eligibility

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If you have children in school and want a quick way to know if they’re eligible for an Ohio voucher, your wait is over. Thanks to School Choice Ohio, a few simple clicks will give you a reliable indication which, if any, of the state’s voucher programs you child qualifies for.

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