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Agile Networks also got sweetheart tower management deal in Ohio

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Agile Networks photo

“It’s a company double dipping,” he told Watchdog.org. “Let’s be honest. This is what they’re doing.”

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Ohio to spend $500,000 in online education battle

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Legislators say the state has done nothing to prepare for a loss in Kansas' latest school funding lawsuit, which is seeking $1.5 billion for public schools.

Ohio education officials have had a $500,000 expenditure approved for their legal fight against the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow. Ohio’s Department of Education claims ECOT has been inflating attendance numbers, while ECOT says the state is using requirements that are not part of state law in a “vendetta” against the online school. Read more here.

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Nanny State of the Week: Chicken nannies hatch new regulations

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CHICKEN NANNIES: Columbus is tackling the rash of people raising chickens without enough government supervision

While it’s perfectly legal to raise chickens as pets or for eggs, rules and regulations surrounding how Americans are legally allowed to do so vary wildly — and as the practice becomes more widespread, the regulations are piling up.

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Ohio, online schools battle over documenting attendance

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The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow finds itself at the center of a dispute regarding online charter school attendance, but the Columbus Dispatch reports the group’s situation is hardly unique. ECOT stands to lose at least $80 million in funding if it is unsuccessful in its fight against the use of log-in durations as a measure of […]

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Cleveland Teachers Union calls for strike

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ohio chalkboard

The Cleveland Teachers Union has voted to go on strike beginning Sept. 1.  Schools opened Monday. “It is unfortunate that after 11 months of negotiating that we do not have a [contract],” Teachers Union President David J. Quolke said in a news release. Read more here.

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Political hangover: Conventions are over, bill goes to taxpayers

By   /  July 29, 2016  /  National, News, Ohio, PA Independent, Pennsylvania, Politics & Elections, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Party balloons

Several blocks surrounding the Wells Fargo Center, site of this week’s Democratic National Convention, looked like a militarized zone.

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