Have Gov. Kasich’s cuts slashed Ohio teacher salaries?

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Photo credit: State of Ohio

Average teacher salaries have dropped in 300 Ohio public school districts since Gov. John Kasich took office in 2011, but have increased in 259 districts.

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Settlement reduces Ohio teachers’ forced union fees

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Ohio’s largest labor union will issue partial fee refunds and reduce mandatory “fair share” fees taken from teachers under a class-action settlement approved by a federal judge on Sept. 9.

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Ohio false statement law declared unconstitutional

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After four years and a trip to the U.S. Supreme Court, an Ohio law that made it a crime to utter false statements about a candidate or politician has been declared unconstitutional.

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Do charter schools siphon money from traditional public schools?

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It’s a familiar complaint: community schools siphon money from traditional public schools. In Ohio, that’s true, but only if you look at a single funding source.

Ohio’s school funding is complicated, which makes it hard for citizens to decipher and easy for special interests to spin.

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Ohio teachers, paid an average of $61,000, ready to strike

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A teachers union whose members are paid an average of over $61,000 announced on Monday its intent to strike starting Sept. 19 after weeks of what the school district describes as “bad faith bargaining.”

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Ohio Supreme Court: Threats to governor exempt from Open Records Law

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Should the public get the details on threats to the governor? The Ohio Supreme Court doesn’t think so.

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