School districts share spending data on Ohio’s online checkbook

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TRANSPARENCY: As the first urban school district to sign up for, Toledo Public Schools hopes to remain on the leading edge of spending transparency.

Transparency in spending is nothing new for the Toledo Public School district, which has published its monthly check register online since 2011. But as the first urban school district in Ohio to sign up for Ohio’s online checkbook, even more financial information will soon be just a click away.

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E-cigarette tax would destroy Ohio small businesses

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Photo credit: Evolved Vapors

Central Ohio small business owner Alec Cardellino will be out of work if lawmakers pass Gov. John Kasich’s steep e-cigarette tax.

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Funding for sports facilities included in Ohio budget bill

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TOURISM DISTRICT: A provision in the House budget bill would create a Tourism Development District for the planned Pro Football Hall of Fame Village depicted in this concept drawring.

Tucked into the more than 3,000 pages detailing the House version of Ohio’s budget bill are two special tax increases – both for sports facilities and both written so that only one county in the state qualifies.

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Ohio hides its $11 billion pension debt

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Truth In Accounting

Ohio hides 99 percent of its retirement debt. The state reported $156 million in pension and health care benefits but actually owes $11 billion.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich helps Montana expand Obamacare

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Photo: State of Montana

Obamacare supporters in Montana had fallen short in their efforts to expand Medicaid — and then Ohio Gov. John Kasich came to town.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is Hillary’s primary threat

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Photo credit: State of Ohio

Sen. Bernie Sanders won’t beat Hillary Clinton in the Democratic Party’s presidential primary, but Ohio Gov. John Kasich could.

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