The big bang theory? PA senators want to legalize fireworks for state residents

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Photo by Rachel Martin

Three Pennsylvania senators say they will introduce new legislation ironing out the lack of logic in current fireworks law.

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Ohio looks to be a pioneer in health care price transparency

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Photo credit: Ohio House

Jaw-dropping bills for routine medical care will be a thing of the past for Ohioans if a new state law works as intended.

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Ohio bill would regulate Uber, Lyft

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Ohio General Assembly has decided that even though the state does not regulate taxis, it needs to regulate Uber, Lyft and other ride sharing companies.

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With great pork should come great transparency

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Legislators call them earmarks, but taxpayers prefer to call them pork — and Ohio’s budget for the next two years contains millions of dollars for them.

Oink. Oink.

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s Obamacare Roadshow hits Iowa

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Photo credit: State of Ohio

Embrace Obamacare, or throw the mentally ill in prison. According to Ohio Gov. John Kasich, those are a state’s only options.

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As Ohio renewable debate rages, study predicts electricity hit of $1.92 billion by 2026

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Photo by: Shutterstock

A recent study claims keeping Ohio’s renewable portfolio standards will cost $1.92 billion by 2026.

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