Ohioans can be grateful for public records law

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Hey Ohio – your state government just got a D+ grade in openness and transparency. Too bad that failing grade doesn’t reflect just how good Ohio’s public records law Ohio really is and why the state can be grateful for its provisions.

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Ohio judge: Blog post criticizing mayor not defamation

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A Cuyahoga County judge ruled against the mayor of Maple Heights who claimed a blog post about his record was defamatory.

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Kasich’s debate disaster was a long time coming

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Photo: Fox News Channel

If Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential hopes went up in smoke Tuesday, it’s because of a fuse he lit in 2013.

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GOP hopeful Kasich looking to make a dent in Mississippi

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Photo by Steve Wilson

Ohio Gov. John Kasich visited Mississippi this week in search of delegates, but his spending policies might hurt his chances in the Magnolia State.

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HBO’s John Oliver popularizes debunked Obamacare spin

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Photo: HBO, via YouTube

HBO comic John Oliver attacked critics of Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion Sunday night, with help from Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

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Has Ohio Gov. Kasich really restrained Medicaid growth?

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Photo: CNBC

Whiplash-inducing Ohio Medicaid costs and enrollment haven’t stopped Ohio Gov. John Kasich from boasting about slowing the program’s growth.

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