EPA doesn’t care about Oregon’s low-carbon footprint

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Under EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan, Oregon will have to reach harsh carbon cuts despite its strong record on lowering the state’s footprint.

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Oregon’s proposed sick leave law doesn’t fit all

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By Anna Mae Kersey | Watchdog Opinion
Senate Bill 454, which mandates that employers implement paid sick leave for employees, may leave small business owners and the agriculture industry in the dust.
SB 454 states, “Employers that employ at least 10 employees working anywhere in this state shall implement a sick time policy that allows an employee […]

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Minimum wage follies

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minimum wage

By Steve Buckstein | Watchdog Opinion
Fourteen bills have been introduced in the Oregon legislature to raise Oregon’s already high minimum wage or let localities do so. Apparently, some legislators believe that political laws can override the laws of economics.
In this case, the law of supply and demand tells us that raising the price of labor […]

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Is Oregon becoming a ‘state of emergency’?

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The growth of emergency clauses on bills in the Oregon Legislature has got both sides of the aisle concerned.

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Pacific Northwest e-cig regulations hurt addicts, medical basis lacking

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Addicts in the Pacific Northwest who use the cost-saving e-cigarette to quit smoking tobacco are the victims of new rules clamping down on e-cigs with little evidence.

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Is it possible to power an export facility entirely by renewable energy?

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wind energy

By John A. Charles | Watchdog Opinion
The Portland Sustainability Commission recently recommended that the City Council approve a $500 million propane export facility proposed by Pembina Corporation. However, as part of its approval, the Commission is requiring that 100 percent of the electricity used at the export facility be generated by Oregon renewable energy sources.
This […]

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