Battle between state hospital and court-ordered antipsychotic medication may have national ramifications

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If the Oregon Supreme Court case over the state hospital’s refusal of a court-ordered antipsychotic medication for patient awaiting his murder trial goes to the U.S. Supreme Court, the outcome could have significant impacts for the country.

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Education week-in-review: nonsense and passion

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By Paul Brennan |
A Philadelphia school leader used one word to describe the claim that charter schools are promoting racial segregation, and a Milwaukee educator had one word to explain why she came out of retirement to teach at a new charter school. expounds on┬áboth words, along with plenty more on the most interesting […]

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Oregon restructures outdated taxes to pave way for high-speed innovation

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Oregon’s newly signed gigabit tax exemptions by Gov. Kate Brown could be the new model for Internet innovation in other states.

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Gutting open enrollment in Oregon would gut this rural town

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The rural school district of Alsea which has thrived because of the competition from open enrollment is now under fire in the Oregon Legislature.

A rural school district in Oregon which has thrived because of the competition from open enrollment is now under fire in the Legislature.

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Cap-and-trade comes to Oregon

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Oregon’s newly signed cap-and-trade law may have an unintended ripple affect across the state.

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Federal crop insurance bloats costs, plays favorites

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EATING THE COSTS: Federal crop insurance serves as a subsidy for some farmers, while excluding others.

Getting government out of the crop insurance business would save consumers nearly $1 billion a year.

A new study finds that the federal subsidy system is costing Americans more than they might pay in higher food prices.

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