Climate kids lose in Washington court, but more cases are coming

By   /  November 24, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, Judiciary, National, News, Oregon, State Government, Washington  /  No Comments

Elaine Thompson/AP

Eight children who took the state of Washington to court over climate regulations lost their appeal but their lawyer says more cases like theirs are coming.

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Study: Washington state wireless tax, fee rate of 25 percent highest in nation

By   /  November 19, 2015  /  Florida, National, News, Oregon, Technology, Washington  /  No Comments

Photo Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons/ Got Credit

States have increasingly turned toward the monthly wireless bill as a revenue stream to pay for ballooning public pensions and government services.

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A heavy taxpayer bill for light-rail? Debate continues over cost of commuter lines

By   /  September 21, 2015  /  Accountability, California, Colorado, Energy and Environment, Federal Government, New Mexico, News, North Carolina, Oregon, State Government, Texas, Utah  /  No Comments

Photo from the Denver Regional Transportation District website

Light-rail projects are springing up across the country but a recent report from the Cato Institute says, like a lot of transportation projects, they often run way over-budget.

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Using kids to file environmental lawsuits: Fair or exploitative?

By   /  August 19, 2015  /  Energy and Environment, Federal Government, National, News, Oregon, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo collage of federal youth plaintiffs from Our Children's Trust website

In their battle against fossil fuels, environmental organizations have long used the courts to achieve what they can’t win in the marketplace. But in an increasing number of recent lawsuits, those organizations are employing a new twist: Using kids as plaintiffs.

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Tesla got $295M in subsidies for technology it didn’t offer

By   /  July 23, 2015  /  California, Energy and Environment, Maine, National, New York, Oregon, State Government, Vermont  /  No Comments

Tesla Motors

“This isn’t a science fair. We should be paying for results,” said a California lawmaker of the Tesla Motors subsidies.

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No more free rides? Oregon pay-as-you-go plan could one day fund highways

By   /  July 16, 2015  /  Budget and Spending, Issues, News, Oregon, State Budgets, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

Image via Wiki Commons

As part of this year’s budget, the Oregon Legislature created a pilot program for a new per-mile driving tax that could one day replace gasoline taxes as the primary form of revenue for the state’s highway fund. The new program is entirely voluntary in the first year – sign up, and you’ll get reimbursed for any gasoline taxes you pay at the pump, but you’ll owe the state 1.5 cents for every mile you drive.

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