Pennsylvania headed for another budget battle

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While this year’s budget still hasn’t been finalized, Gov. Tom Wolf proposed next year’s spending plan, which calls for more spending and higher taxes.

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Bipartisan support for fixing occupational licensing system

By   /  February 5, 2016  /  Federal Government, News, Pennsylvania  /  No Comments

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Senators from both parties agree with the White House on the issue of occupational licensing: it’s out of control.

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High court ruling could free nine Erie killers

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Convicted to life without parole as minors, nine Erie men could get shorter sentences.

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Paycheck protection inches forward in legislature, but veto looms

By   /  January 28, 2016  /  Education, Labor, News, Pennsylvania  /  No Comments

PA House of Representatives

Legislation could eventually die on the governor’s desk though.

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The 8 biggest misconceptions about charter schools

By   /  January 26, 2016  /  Education, News, Pennsylvania  /  No Comments

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They range from simple myths to outright lies.

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How teachers unions get unlimited tenure

By   /  January 21, 2016  /  Education, News, Pennsylvania  /  No Comments

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Labor law reforms would give state workers a greater voice to determine who represents them.

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