Steelers may be ‘free rider’ in Pittsburgh transit spat

By   /  February 27, 2015  /  Finances, Local News, News, Pennsylvania  /  No Comments

Screenshot from Port Authority map

Pittsburgh’s generally beloved football team has decided to punt on renewing an agreement that provides fans with free rides to its front door. If the Steelers do not continue to underwrite these fares, ironically, they are the free rider. A “free rider” is an economics term for someone who receives a benefit without contributing to the costs of producing the benefit.

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Week in Review: All eyes looking toward PA governor’s budget address

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Most of this week was spent looking toward next week, when Gov. Tom Wolf will offer his first budget proposal.

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Report: Pennsylvania governor considering sales tax increase

By   /  February 27, 2015  /  News, Pennsylvania, State Budgets, State Government  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Ballotpedia

Just days before Gov. Tom Wolf gives his budget address, Pennsylvanians are riding a seesaw of tax policy announcements and rumors.

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Pennsylvania governor wants to cut corporate tax but doesn’t say how he’ll replace revenue

By   /  February 26, 2015  /  Legislature, News, Pennsylvania, Politics & Elections, State Budgets, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

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After saying details about his budget would have to wait, the governor of Pennsylvania unexpectedly unveiled a proposal to cut the state’s corporate net income tax.

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Lawsuit aims to bust Philadelphia ‘ghost teachers’

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A lawsuit filed in Philadelphia County Court is taking aim at the practice of using so-called “ghost teachers” to work for the local teachers union on school time.

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Pennsylvania ponders extras for film industry in shadow of $2.3 billion deficit

By   /  February 25, 2015  /  Accountability, Budget and Spending, Finances, Jobs + Growth, Pennsylvania, State Budgets, Taxes  /  No Comments

Photo from official governor website

Some Pennsylvania legislators want to increase handouts to the film industry, even though the state and its new governor face a huge deficit and some economists say the payoffs are murky at best for taxpayers.

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