Week in Review: Erie shows economic development doesn’t always need government help

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By PA Independent Staff
Economic development doesn’t always need the government to happen.
At least that’s what Watchdog reporter Rachel Martin found while visiting the northwest corner of Pennsylvania for a series about entrepreneurship in Erie that ran this week. The stories focused on different aspects of business in the area – like launching, contemplating a move […]

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Education week-in-review: charter schools need more space and more freedom

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By Paul Brennan | Watchdog.org
From Washington D.C., where charter schools are squeezed for space, to Wisconsin, where more freedom is leading to better results for charter school students, it’s been a busy week in education.
Watchdog.org has covered it all.
Washington D.C.
Empty school buildings but no room for charter schools
For Carmen Rioux-Bailey, chief education officer at the […]

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Opinions vary on state takeover of Pennsylvania’s failing schools

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Detroit School Demolitions

By Evan Grossman | Watchdog.org
Philadelphia is ground zero for many of the state’s failing schools, but the city’s top educator is leery of proposed legislation aimed at turning those schools around.
William Hite, the superintendent of the School District of Philadelphia, recently testified in Harrisburg that the proposal to turn failing public schools into charter schools could […]

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Private enterprise helps handle urban blight in Erie

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It’s nice when being a do-gooder also works to your advantage. Erie Insurance provides a positive example of how private enterprise is helping the city get a grip on urban blight. It’s one of several prominent businesses that donates to a nonprofit that renovates or demolishes problem properties. The company also renovates and restores properties on its own, either to lease to employees – making the area more appealing to potential employees, to use itself or to lease to other businesses.

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3 things to know about raising Pennsylvania’s 911 surcharge

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One of those pesky surcharges on your phone bill could be on the rise if state lawmakers pass a bill to increase funding for 911 call centers.

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Erie shows wrong way to shop for economic growth solutions

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Erie provides several prominent examples of how not to hand out money. Research shows the benefits of economic development programs are murky. And the Erie examples show the hit taxpayers can take, whether the intended economic development is for sprawling dreams or economic hostage-taking.

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