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Pennsylvania pension agency docks ‘ghost teachers’ credit

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BIG MONEY: Scores of Milwaukee public employees would cash in on million-dollar-plus pensions over their long retirement lives, according to estimates by Taxpayers United of America.

The Public School Employees’ Retirement System said those employees are not eligible to receive pension credits for the time they were not teaching kids.

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Watchdog Podcast: Airbnb, the First Amendment and Philly’s tax on soda

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Philadelphia passed a tax on soda, and New York is trying to make it illegal to even talk about renting your apartment on Airbnb.

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Beyond Philly: Other cities already looking to duplicate soda tax plan

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“While it’s true that sugary drinks are a health problem, but so are cheeseburgers,” Rendell told a local radio show. “So are donuts. Are we going to do a tax on sugary donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts and Krispy Kreme? Are we going to tax cheeseburgers at McDonald’s?”

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Another budget battle looms for Pennsylvania schools

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Special education funding is on the rise while scores remain stagnant.

Are more Pennsylvania school budget woes ahead? And do schools have part of the answer in their own bank accounts? After districts borrowed more than $700 million to keep schools open during the nine-month budget impasse that froze state funding for most of the school year, more than one-third of Pennsylvania’s 500 districts indicate they […]

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Reading charter school says it was ‘bullied’ by district

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School officials claim the Reading School District violated state and federal laws in revoking its charter.

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Construction, teachers unions win in Philadelphia’s soda tax tussle

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Mayor Jim Kenney’s political allies stand to benefit from the city’s new soda tax.

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