PA Week in Review: Beer battles continue dispute veto of liquor bill

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Andrew Staub/PA Independent

The trade association for a portion of beer distributors across Pennsylvania has opposed privatizing wine and liquor sales, but that might not be wise.

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Education week-in-review: Ghosts and quotas

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From Pennsylvania, where a judge ruled in favor of ghost teachers, to Louisiana, where a new quota may cause problems for charter schools, it’s been an interesting week in education news.

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Near radio silence as Erie County prepares to spend $26M on an upgrade

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Erie County is poised to decide whether to put the county on the hook for a $26.5 million radio system overhaul that critics say is unnecessary. One councilman who opposes the project says the city police chief also said it was unnecessary – but he wouldn’t comment on the record.

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Western Pennsylvania school districts brought down by pension debt

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A frank assessment from Moody’s rating agency this week has given several Pennsylvania school districts sour financial notes, and western PA’s schools top the list.

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Missing political operative has ties to Philadelphia mayoral campaign

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Why did Jim Kenney’s campaign pay $14,000 to a political operative who is now missing and linked to an FBI investigation?

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Financial experts call for PA school funding reform

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The future of the commonwealth rides on real school funding reform, state Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says. Depasquale is referring to a Moody’s Investors Service report downgrading eight Pennsylvania school districts to junk bond status.

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