Week in review: Pennsylvania auditor takes on superintendent, Erie charter

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After a long summer vacation that continued even after children returned to school and families held their Labor Day cookouts, state lawmakers finally returned to Harrisburg.

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Charity case: PA teachers sue after union objects to donations

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Two teachers wanted to give their fair-share fee to charities of their choice. The PSEA objected. Now, there’s a lawsuit.

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Charter school in uncharted territory, says audit

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Chart from auditor general's May 2014 special report

A recent audit highlights significant problems with Erie charter school, and the progress the school has made in trying to fix those problems. The school district will vote soon on whether to renew the school’s charter. The case also highlights the struggles between traditional public schools and charter schools.

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Ready to have the talk? There’s help for parents

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"for goodness sex" by Al Vernacchio helps parents prepare for the talk.

By Stacia Friedman | Watchdog.org
PHILADELPHIA — These days, “the talk” with your children isn’t just about the birds and bees. It’s about Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and — OMG — sexting!
Parents nervous about speaking with their kids about sex should get their hands on “For Goodness Sex,” by Philadelphia sex educator Al Vernacchio.
“I couldn’t find a text book that [...]

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Penn State clamps down on free-speech event because of table

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Jolie Stuart-Davis and other members of Penn State’s chapter of Young Americans for Freedom spent Wednesday, Constitution Day, protesting university rules that name 12 locations as “areas suitable for expressive activity” — or free-speech zones, as they’re sometimes derisively called.

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Don’t drink the water, but not because of fracking

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A new study made up of water samples from Texas and Pennsylvania shows water was contaminated as a result of faulty well construction, not fracking.

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