Plan would give radar guns to local police in Pennsylvania

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TECHNOLOGY DIVIDE: Pennsylvania is the only state that prohibits local police from using radar to nab speeders. There's another push to change that this year.

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
Pennsylvania motorists have long been able to set their cruise control a little bit faster if they know they’re driving on a road where local police enforce the speed limit.
That’s because Pennsylvania law only allows state police to use radar guns. Local police must rely on more primitive technology, such [...]

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Benefits are driving high personnel costs in Philadelphia schools

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Benefits are the root of increased personnel costs in the School District of Philadelphia.

Benefits for district employees are valued, on average, at 40 percent of the cost of salaries.

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Pennsylvania state senator condemns portraits of felonious officials

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By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
HARRISBURG, Pa. — It hasn’t taken long for new state Sen. Scott Wagner to make waves in the Pennsylvania Capitol.
It hasn’t even been a month since the York County Republican took his oath of office after winning a special election in March. Wagner has pledged that he will not accept a [...]

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PA trade association: Severance tax proposals are ‘short-sighted tax schemes’

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PUSHING BACK: Opponents of a severance tax on natural gas extraction have concerns the state could damage a burgeoning industry through further taxation.

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
Pennsylvania lawmakers from both parties have lobbied hard this spring for a severance tax on natural gas drilling, their voices growing louder as the state’s revenue numbers continue to flag.
On Tuesday, industry and business leaders pushed back against the proposal, calling it an unfair tax that could strangle production and [...]

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Bucking national trend, Schwartz bets big on her backing of Obamacare

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By Eric Boehm | PA Independent
In a new campaign ad, U.S. Rep. Allyson Schwartz touts her role in passing the Affordable Care Act and promises to accept federal cash for Medicaid expansion if she is elected Pennsylvania’s governor.
The ad, which began airing today across Pennsylvania, bucks the national trend of Democrats running away from the Affordable Care [...]

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