PAC calls on Pennsylvania governor to fire adviser

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UNDER PRESSURE: Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett's Democratic challenger wants him to fire an adviser after a newspaper report raised questions about how much the official works.

First, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette broke the story that Ron Tomalis, a special adviser to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett on education matters, makes about $140,000 a year, yet hasn’t created much of a paper trail to record whether he’s meeting expectations.

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Lawmaker wants more transparency in PA liquor advertising

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JUST SAY NO: State Rep. Stephen Bloom says residents should be more aware of PLCB advertising, like this infamous piece from 2011.

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has that third word in its name for a reason — the agency was put in place after Prohibition to give the state a firm hand on where and when Pennsylvanians get their booze.

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Survey says: Pennsylvania needs to treat small business better

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BAD FOR BUSINESS: A new survey found that small business owners in Pennsylvania believe the state isn't exactly friendly to their cause.

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
Last week, told the story of Brandon Spencer, a small business owner who’s hoping the borough council in Hanover, Pa., doesn’t cripple his arcade with an expanded amusement tax.
“It’s not like I’m a multimillionaire,” Spencer said, adding the tax could cost him up to $6,000 if applied to his [...]

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Philly schools to be ‘one-stop location’ for government handouts

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Instead of the welfare office and City Hall, Philadelphia residents may soon be lining up at schools to apply for government benefits.

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PA’s No. 2: $1 billion education cut a ‘damned lie’

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LIES, LIES, LIES: Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley said it's a 'damned lie' to accuse Gov. Tom Corbett of slashing education funding by $1 billion.

Lt. Gov. Jim Cawley must have broken out his thesaurus Monday morning, considering he found several ways to denounce a recent political ad that accuses Republican Gov. Tom Corbett of slashing almost $1 billion in education funding.

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When it comes to class sizes, Philadelphia School District’s numbers don’t add up

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Philadelphia school and city officials say the district will be forced to lay-off teachers and possibly grow class sizes as large as 40 when students return in September, unless the state and city provide additional funding.

But the district’s numbers don’t seem to add up.

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