Where are Philadelphia teachers union dues being spent?

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Without a new contract for three years and counting, the money is clearly not paying for collective bargaining.

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New York, Pennsylvania nonprofits urge action on tax credits

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Children in Pennsylvania have access to an education they otherwise might not be able to afford through the Educational Improvement and Opportunity Scholarship program, which allows businesses to claim a tax credit for donations to nonprofits that offer education and scholarships. However, these businesses must be approved by the State Department of Community and Economic Development, and […]

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Rally for education set for Monday in Philadelphia

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On Monday afternoon, students, parents, and supporters will rally in the city center of Philadelphia to demonstrate in favor of action on school tax credits. The program is a victim of the stalled state budgeting process.
The Philadelphia Tribune has the story.

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Help could be coming to Pennsylvania’s horse racing industry

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State lawmakers plan to use an existing subsidy to help bail out the sputtering horse-racing industry.

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Property tax elimination vote on horizon in Pennsylvania Senate

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The Pennsylvania State Senate is preparing for a landmark vote on legislation that would eliminate school property taxes.

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EPA wraps up Clean Power Plan road show

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Photo by Josh Kaib

EPA took the Clean Power Plan on the road, hitting four major cities as supporters and critics sounded off on the most sweeping regulation in the agency’s history.

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