Harrisburg treasurer charged with theft

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Photo courtesy of the Dauphin District Attorney's Office

For more than four decades, the Historic Harrisburg Association has been working to revitalize the state capital in the wake of the devastating flooding that Hurricane Agnes wrought in 1972.

Over the past year, according to the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office, the nonprofit was helping out on a much more personal level, and in a way that was unbeknownst to its board until this summer.

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Philly family lost house over $40 drug purchase

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In March, Chris Sourovelis’ son was caught selling $40 of heroine to an undercover police officer.

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Pittsburgh’s hunt for a police chief drawing to a close

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Map by City of Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

Pittsburgh’s drawn-out process to find a new chief of police – since the last one is now in federal prison – is nearly complete. After community meetings, a screening committee is now reviewing applications and the selection should be made by the end of September.

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Conflicting rules create ethics conundrum for mortuary inspector

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Photo by Porterfield-Scheid Funeral Directors & Cremation Services

Pennsylvania mortuary inspector caught up in conflicting regulations that left her at odds with the ethics commission. Why hiring practices need to conform to specific fields, to prevent these issues.

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The cynical strategy focused on driving down the vote in Pennsylvania

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In Pittsburgh last month, Senate Minority Leader Jay Costa, D-Allegheny, laid out part of the Democratic strategy for swinging control of the Pennsylvania Senate in this year’s election.

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Philly’s school problems a cautionary tale of federal stimulus

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Source: PA.gov

As financial problems plague the Philadelphia city public school system and politicians at the state level cast blame, the specter of federal stimulus has come to bear.

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