In Powhatan, the public pension crisis is local and personal 

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The battle over public pensions isn’t just some amorphous thing at the federal and state levels — it’s playing out in Virginia schools.

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SEC charges Kansas with fraud for Parkinson-era omissions

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The Securities Exchange Commission has levied fraud charges against the State of Kansas for actions taken under the administration of Democratic Gov. Mark Parkinson.

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State budget review points out pension problem

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PENSION PENNIES: Pennsylvania's two pension funds have a combined unfunded liability of more than $47 billion.  That's expected to grow to as much as $65 billion within a few years.

As the final review of the new budget points out, the state’s retirement plans are underfunded. That’s doubling the cost of the plans for taxpayers,.

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Mississippi pension fund heads for final ‘Jeopardy’

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We’ll take pension reform for a thousand.

Make no mistake, Mississippi is playing “Jeopardy” with its retirement fund.

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Even with GOP majority, Pennsylvania can’t accomplish conservative agenda

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REFORM BLOCKADE: The state Legislature has failed so far to tackle pension reform, perhaps the biggest item on the conservative agenda this year. When asking why, attention has recently turned to the more moderate Republicans who perhaps rely more on labor support than their more conservative brethren.

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
As Gov. Tom Corbett crisscrosses Pennsylvania to gin up support for public pension reform while lawmakers break for the summer, there’s ample opportunity to explore what has held up legislation that could save the state $11 billion over 30 years.
In recent weeks, that focus has shifted to the General Assembly’s [...]

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House passes Internet access tax ban amid battle over states’ rights

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A debate over states’ rights ensued in the U.S. House as it looked to permanently ban state and local governments from taxing Internet access

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