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Mississippi’s unfunded debt would cost each citizen $11,800

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DEEP IN DEBT: According to the reform group Truth in Accounting, each Mississippi taxpayer owes $11,800 to cover the state's $8.4 billion in debt. Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

According to a new report by Truth in Accounting, each citizen would owe $11,800 apiece to pay off Mississippi’s debts, which amount to $8.4 billion.

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Accounting switch overshadows New Mexico’s newly reported pension debt

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The same year a new accounting rule required New Mexico to be more transparent about its pension debt, the state Department of Finance and Administration decided that a $14 billion land grant trust fund dating to 1898 was a new governmental asset. With the stroke of pen, New Mexico was in the black. Rather than reveal […]

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Houston mayor offers half-serious pension plan

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Photo by Traci Patterson/Creative Commons

The pension plan that Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced this week is about as realistic as Houston can handle right now.

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Idaho pension system off-target for second year in a row

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Pension expert, Steven Greenhut (left), suggested Idahoans examine the state pension system.

“The public should be concerned about the way the system is designed and about long-term prospects,” Greenhut explained. “Higher pension debts mean cutbacks in services and could mean tax increases.”

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Auditor general targets Pennsylvania pensions

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Pennsylvania fiscal watchdog Eugene DePasquale said, “We’re paying them a lot of money. What are we getting in return?”

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Pennsylvania pension agency docks ‘ghost teachers’ credit

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BIG MONEY: Scores of Milwaukee public employees would cash in on million-dollar-plus pensions over their long retirement lives, according to estimates by Taxpayers United of America.

The Public School Employees’ Retirement System said those employees are not eligible to receive pension credits for the time they were not teaching kids.

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