Billions in loans may save pensions or sink New Jersey

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Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

The federal government should rescue troubled state pension plans with billions of dollars in long-term loans, proposed New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney. The trillion-dollar question is whether it would save public pensions or sink states deeper in debt.

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New Jersey pensions sue Christie for $4 billion in missed payments

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Governor's Office/ Mykwain Gainey

New Jersey’s three largest public pension plans are taking Gov. Chris Christie to court in a renewed effort to force the state to pay more than $4 billion in missed payments to retirement funds.

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Will Colorado taxpayers be investors in Iran?

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If the new agreement with Iran is upheld by Congress, Colorado taxpayers and members of the state pension system could find their retirement funds investing in that country.

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Pensions ailing Colorado’s fiscal health

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Colorado’s overall fiscal health scores pretty well, but pensions will cause headaches in the future if reforms are implemented.

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Watchdog Podcast: A Greek tragedy, school choice at the Supreme Court and political spy games in Wisconsin

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Greece is in crisis after decades of over-spending finally caught up to it.

What lessons does the mess in Greece offer for American cities and states that have piled up debts in the public pension system?

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Wolf’s veto, opposing mandates leave Pennsylvania without budget

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Andrew Staub/PA Independent

By Andrew Staub | PA Independent
HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania – Republican lawmakers on Tuesday steamrolled through liquor privatization, public pension reform and a state budget without a tax increase.
They were doing what the people elected them to do, they said.
Gov. Tom Wolf, a Democrat, squashed the conservative celebration not long after, announcing he will veto the entire […]

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