No double dips: Candidate offers up his $90K NJ pension

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The election for sheriff in Mercer County has turned into a referendum on New Jersey’s costly tradition of double-dipping by public officials.

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Moody’s reveals deep trouble with Illinois pension system

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Moody’s Investors Service, one of the nation’s major credit-rating agencies, conducted a study on each state’s pension liability as a percentage of state revenue and found that Illinois has the highest in the country by a wide margin.

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Nevada’s debt a ‘sinkhole’ for its taxpayers

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According to a report, Nevada has nearly $2.7 billion in debts it does not have the assets to pay, leaving the state an average taxpayer burden of $3,100.

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Report: Vermont uses ‘budget shenanigans’ to hide $2.6 billion in liabilities

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Photo courtesy of Truth in Accounting

Vermont’s legislative bean counters are engaged in highly misleading accounting practices, especially when it comes to what the state owes on employee pensions and health benefits.

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Individual pension miscalculations can now be legally addressed, fixed

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Errors in pension plan calculations can now be fixed legally thanks to a new bill signed into law by Gov. Quinn this week.

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Mississippi taxpayers owe $10,700 apiece for mounting debt

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Can anyone spare an extra $10,700 for each Mississippi taxpayer?

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