Three-fourths of NJ sheriffs double-dip, led by 25-year ‘retiree’

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The Essex County sheriff has pocketed $1.35 million from a public pension without really retiring. A New Jersey Watchdog investigation found the sheriffs in 16 of the state’s 21 counties are double-dipping, collecting pensions plus six-figure salaries.

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Criminal probe secrets center on Christie’s second-in-command

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The public’s right to know the outcome of a criminal probe of an alleged $245,000 pension fraud involving New Jersey Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno will be debated next week in state appellate court. New Jersey Watchdog is appealing a lower court’s decision not to release the findings of an investigation by the state attorney general’s Division of Criminal Justice.

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Rising costs in Erie prompt calls to change ‘antiquated’ pension system

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In Erie, mandatory pension costs have climbed by more than 300 percent since Joe Sinnott took office in 2006. Despite those higher payments, Erie’s pension systems have slipped from nearly 100 percent funded in 2002 to around 75 percent funded at the end of 2014.

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New Jersey looking for feds to bailout state pensions

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The federal government should rescue troubled state pension plans with billions of dollars in long-term loans, proposed New Jersey Senate President Steve Sweeney. The trillion-dollar question is whether it would save public pensions or sink states deeper in debt.

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New Jersey pensions sue Christie for $4 billion in missed payments

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New Jersey’s three largest public pension plans are taking Gov. Chris Christie to court in a renewed effort to force the state to pay more than $4 billion in missed payments to retirement funds.

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Will Colorado taxpayers be investors in Iran?

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If the new agreement with Iran is upheld by Congress, Colorado taxpayers and members of the state pension system could find their retirement funds investing in that country.

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