Johnstown hands out excessive pensions as it deals with $24M in debt

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By Eric Boehm | PA Independent
Johnstown is deep in pension debt, but is handing out retirement payments in excess of what is allowed under state law.
A recent audit of the city’s four pension funds found more than $24 million in unfunded liabilities. Collectively, the four retirement accounts for the city’s police officers, firefighters, sewage workers [...]

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Judge gives NJ one last chance to keep ‘Doublegate’ secrets

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A judge is giving the state’s Division of Criminal Justice one final chance to argue why an index of records from a hush-hush criminal investigation involving Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno should not be released to a New Jersey Watchdog reporter.

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It’s crazy, but Christie’s shoplifting guard could get $4 million

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Piggy-Gun 600x300

The state police career of Gov. Chris Christie’s shoplifting bodyguard may end soon, but the trooper could keep his hands deep in the pockets of New Jersey taxpayers for decades.

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AARP working with state to sell government retirement accounts

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RETIRE THIS: Should state governments be getting into the business of selling and administering retirement accounts for private sector workers? Photo copyright MN House of Representatives.

The state government may struggle to balance a budget and fix insolvent pension accounts, but that isn’t stopping it from thinking about hawking a state-run retirement savings account.

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Great Expectations: States still use unrealistic pension assumptions

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By Eric Boehm |
MINNEAPOLIS — Two years ago, when Rhode Island passed bi-partisan legislation to reform a state pension system that threatened to bankrupt the budget, it was hailed as an example for other states to follow.
Now, Rhode Island is once again an example for other states struggling with their own pension issues. But it’s [...]

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