Directors not eager to adjust Pittsburgh’s struggling pension fund

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Pittsburgh’s pension fund has barely more than half of the $1.2 billion it owes to current and future retirees.

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Arlington scores best financials among Texas cities

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Unlike other big Texas cities that are swimming in debt, Arlington has cash on hand to cover its public pension liabilities. The self-proclaimed “American Dream City” ranks No. 7 nationally for its financial health, according to a report by the nonpartisan Truth in Accounting.

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Public pensions out of control in Texas’ biggest cities

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Local control — the favored mantra of big-city politicians in Texas — isn’t working out so well with public-employee pensions. Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio, carrying $22.6 billion in unfunded liability, rank among the 12 worst cities in the country.

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Study finds that politicizing pension funds lowers performance

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A new study claims that state pension funds are being used to advance political agendas, not provide secure retirements for state workers.

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Pension system ‘treading water’ in Pittsburgh

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The employee pension system in Pittsburgh remains chronically underfunded, despite major cash infusions over the last twelve years.

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Jacksonville mayor proposes ending pensions for new hires

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Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry wants to end pensions for new general employee hires in the city. Curry revealed the plan Tuesday in a collective bargaining session with the Jacksonville Supervisors Association, the Florida New-Times reports. “Guaranteed pensions are not what a majority of the people of Jacksonville have,” according to the mayor.  “Legacy plans are […]

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