Watchdog Podcast: Code Blue — The Medicaid ‘doc fix’ that isn’t fixing much of anything

By   /  April 17, 2015  /  Federal Government, Finances, Health Care, Podcast, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


In this week’s episode, hosts Katie Watson and Jason Hart take a deep dive into the so-called “doc fix” bill approved by Congress last week. It’s not exactly fixing some of the underlying issues with Medicaid, which continues to be billions of dollars in the red, but at least it will put an end to annual fights over how doctors are reimbursed for their services.

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Watchdog Podcasts: Sit Down, Shut Up — A dystopian future, brought to you by textbook companies

By   /  April 16, 2015  /  Education, Education Blog, Issues, Podcast, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


In this week’s podcast, Yount and Payton are joined by education reporter Moria Costa, who brings with her a scary tale of textbook companies using schoolkids as data mines. It’s all in the name of good marketing, but it’s putting our kids’ identities at risk and school officials are letting it happen.

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Watchdog Podcast: Behind The Headlines — Connecting the dots between lobbyists and members of Congress

By   /  April 15, 2015  /  Accountability, Issues, Podcast, Politics, Politics & Elections, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


By Eric Boehm | Watchdog Radio
This is Behind the Headlines,’s podcast that takes a deeper look at the political news of the day.
In this week’s episode, host Eric Boehm sits down with Sarah Rosier of the Lucy Burns Institute to talk about its new report, an attempt to connect the dots between deep-pocketed lobbyists […]

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Watchdog Podcast: In Our Backyards — Most important policy is coming from the states, not DC (and that’s a good thing)

By   /  April 13, 2015  /  Federal Government, Podcast, State Budgets, State Government, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


By Ben Yount | Watchdog Radio
This is “In Our Backyards,”’s podcast that examines local government — because the government that is the closest to you often can be the most important, even if you don’t hear much about it.
We’ll look at city councils, school boards and even water treatment authorities, because local officials can […]

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Watchdog Podcasts: Breaking The Bank — When pension reform isn’t really pension reform

By   /  April 10, 2015  /  California, Kansas, Maryland, News, Pensions, Podcast, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


Breaking The Bank is’s weekly look at the national public pension crisis, how it’s affecting state and city budgets and what can be done — if anything — to fix it.

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Watchdog Podcasts: Sit down, Shut Up — Testing the courage of 9-year-olds

By   /  April 9, 2015  /  Education Blog, News, Podcast, Watchdog Radio  /  No Comments


In this week’s episode, Yount and Payton take a look at mandatory testing rules in states like Illinois, which recently decided that kids are allowed to opt-out of taking those tests, but only if they do so themselves. Is it fair to force kids to stand up to their teachers, or should we be teaching them to “just say no” anyway?

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