Members of Congress warn against throwing patent system out of balance

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Illustration from a Legos patent, 1958 Photo Credit: Flickr/Creative Commons/dkpto (

As the patent battle reheats on Capitol Hill before the August recess, several members of Congress are looking to stop a bill they believe will do more harm than good for the nation’s economy.

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No one protects Gov. Christie from himself, despite costly security

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Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

State troopers guard Chris Christie as he travels the nation to run for president, yet no one seems able to protect the governor from his own choices.

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After years of political battles in Wisconsin, Scott Walker is ready for presidential stage

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AP file photo

The real news on Monday wasn’t that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is running for president — we’ve known he was going to do that for quite some time.

The news is that a five-year-long campaign to keep him from running for president – a campaign to destroy his legitimacy and his financial support – appears to have backfired. Now that Walker is officially on the presidential stage, it seems the use of police power in politics might finally get the close-up it deserves.

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Watchdog Podcast: Sanctuary cities, Donald Trump and another taxpayer-funded solar energy failure

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On this week’s Watchdog Podcast, a tragic event in San Francisco has started a national conversation about so-called “sanctuary cities” where federal immigration laws are effectively voided.

And Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump (yes, those words still seem odd to put together) has stepped into the spotlight by voicing some strong opinions on how to address the immigration problem. Perhaps because of that, he’s now leading in some national polls of the Republican primary (and those words are even more odd).

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Renfroe floats partial prudency trial balloon for Kemper Project

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Photo by the Southern Company

PSC commissioner Steve Renfroe proposed a possible compromise in the battle over the controversial Kemper Project integrated gasification power plant.

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Chicago startups could be exempt from Netflix ‘cloud tax’

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Photo Credit: Daniel X. O'Neil/Flickr/Creative Commons (

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office recently told Chicago’s startup community to expect a formal proposal exempting them from a newly enacted “cloud tax.”

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