Riding with Uber, as it faces down regulators

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Photo by Lyft

Uber is one of the ridesharing companies facing regulatory scrutiny in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. But drivers tout the program, given its efficiency and flexibility – and the problems with more traditional transportation.

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Private sector spars over Internet regulations, net neutrality at ALEC meeting

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Spirited political maneuvering marked the American Legislative Exchange Council’s annual meeting last week, challenging the progressive left’s narrative that ALEC is simply a monolithic corporate-owned right-wing influence machine.

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Power plant prudency hearings delayed indefinitely

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PHOTO BY: The Southern Company

An order issued by the Mississippi Public Service Commission during its monthly meeting Tuesday might prove to be a game changer in the fight over Mississippi Power’s expensive Kemper Project power plant.

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Why does ridesharing freak out some regulators?

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AP file photo

Regulators across the country are debating whether to treat ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber the same as taxi cabs.

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EPA-approved E-15 gas drives buyer-beware campaign

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LOOK BEFORE YOU PUMP: National retail chains and power equipment and boat motor manufacturers have launched  a PR campaign to educate consumers on E-15 gasoline.  EPA photo.

You might log a lot of miles looking for a filling station selling E-15, even three years after the EPA approved the new ethanol blend for use in 2001 and later model and flex-fuel vehicles.

If — not necessarily when — you find one, the nation’s biggest manufacturers and retailers of small engine—powered tools, snowmobiles, ATVs and boats have launched a PR campaign to make sure you to “look before you pump” and potentially make a costly mistake.

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Lyft: Killing ride-sharing puts public safety at risk

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Uber and Lyft, responding to myths spread by their detractors, are promoting their services as a safer transportation alternative for consumers.

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