Conservationists demand big(ger) government to save prairie chicken

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PLAYING CHICKEN: The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has found itself trapped between two opposing lawsuits surrounding their reclassification of the lesser prairie-chicken.

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog
OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is in a no-win scenario, it seems.
Just a few weeks ago, Kansas announced it had leaped into the fray alongside Oklahoma and North Dakota to challenge the federal government’s decision to list the lesser prairie-chicken as “threatened” under the Endangered Species [...]

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Craft brewers await FDA decision on regulations

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PHOTO BY: Luckytown Brewing

Craft brewers in Mississippi and Louisiana are awaiting word this summer on potentially damaging FDA regulations that could affect the disposal of spent grains from the brewing process.

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Activists blow cover on gun confiscation bill

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EXPOSED: Vermont gun rights activists say a seemingly innocuous fees bill allows police to confiscate guns at will during domestic disputes.

A bill that passed the Vermont House without controversy is now in doubt after gun-rights advocates exposed provisions allowing police to take guns during domestic disputes.

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It’s April Fool’s Day, but these laws are no joke

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Arnold shoot

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog
OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — To read some city and state laws, you’d think it’s all a big joke.
But while April 1 is a day dedicated to farcical humor from coast to coast, we can assure you that some of Kansas’ most hilarious codifications are all too true. Plus, we’ve got links [...]

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Trouble on the prairie: Feds call chicken ‘threatened,’ but what about the residents?

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THREATENED: While the federal government argues the lesser prairie-chicken is in danger because of drought conditions and encroachment on the animal's habitat, opponents say it's private citizens and local government budgets that will truly be threatened because of this.

By Travis Perry │ Kansas Watchdog
OSAWATOMIE, Kan. — The specter of big government regulation has been cast over western Kansas, and opponents fear the worst.
Following the announcement Thursday that the lesser prairie-chicken has been reclassified as “threatened” under the Endangered Species Act, farmers, ranchers and others warn the decision will have far-reaching effects for state’s [...]

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