Mississippi Power uses ads to persuade public on Kemper Project

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Photo by The Southern Company

Mississippi Power is waging an ad campaign about the Kemper Project power plant as it tries to get a rehearing in front of the Mississippi Supreme Court.

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The doctor is not in: PA health groups debate nurse practitioner independence

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Photo by Andrew Staub

The Pennsylvania Medical Society released a new poll today, concluding that most residents do not support greater independence for nurse practitioners, but the Pennsylvania Coalition of Nurse Practitioners — whose members are rallying at the Capitol today — is quick to point out what it sees as flaws in the polling.

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Will the EPA’s Clean Power Plan save you money or clean your clock?

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AP photo

A study sponsored by an energy group warns that 43 states will see double-digit increases in electricity prices in the next decade if the EPA’s Clean Power Plan is enacted.

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State senator calls for Mississippi to end Oxford House’s federal grant

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Oxford House 2

A state senator has called for the Mississippi Department of Mental Health to terminate a federal grant to Oxford House.

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Water war: Senators blast EPA’s ‘end-run’ rule

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GOVERNMENT PLANNING GOES BUST: California’s drought has been worsened by government edicts that have drained the Central Valley, the state’s agricultural breadbasket.

Virginia’s 21 Republican state senators say a “Waters of the United States” rule targets farmers and could cost the state and landowners untold millions of dollars.

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Lawmakers spar over radio music royalties

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hoto Credit: Atomic Taco/Flickr/Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) http://bit.ly/1y923WB

The quarrel between content creators and broadcasting platforms doesn’t just exist online; it also includes traditional AM/FM radio stations.

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