Dodging taxes? You might be keeping U.S. economy afloat

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CAN'T SEE IT: The IRS can't get its grubby hands on the fruits of the shadow economy. Maybe that's why it's become a larger and larger share of the American economic pie in recent years.

Each April 15, millions of Americans dutifully trudge to the local Post Office to mail their tax returns to federal, state and local governments.

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Mississippi drops four spots in economic ranking

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PHOTO BY: Creative Commons

The Magnolia State fell four spots from 10 to 14 in The Rich States, Poor States: American Legislative Exchange Council-Laffer State Economic State Competitiveness Index report.

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Tax mistakes hurt, especially when you pay someone to make them

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BETTER OFF ON YOUR OWN: Taxes are confusing and complicated, and for good reason. But even the people paid to understand them can — and often do — make mistakes, the GAO found.

By Eric Boehm |
Taxes are confusing and complicated.
That’s why millions of Americans hire someone to help them fill out the proper forms and, in theory, get the biggest refund possible from the federal government.
But even the people paid to understand them can — and often do — make mistakes, according to the Government Accountability Office.
A GAO [...]

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Hey Mississippi, you’re tax free — sort of

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Tax freedom day has come and gone for Mississippi on April 2, according to the Tax Foundation. Only Louisiana’s tax freedom day comes sooner, on March 30. The nation’s is April 21.

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State tax rankings show IN on the rise, MN slipping

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THE BEST AND THE WORSE: If you want low taxes, go west but avoid California. Like paying the government lots of money? The northeast is where you want to be. (Graphic: The Tax Foundation)

People looking to save a little on their tax bills in 2014 should move to Wyoming or South Dakota.

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