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Sunshine Week: Lots of money, little transparency in Texas bond campaigns

By   /  March 14, 2017  /  Accountability, Commentary, News, Politics & Elections, Taxes, Texas, Transparency  /  No Comments

Photo by Kenric Ward

Straight answers and financial transparency are in short supply whenever Texans are asked to approve bond referendums. As the nation marks “Sunshine Week” to promote open government, San Antonio’s rear-engineered debt package is the city’s latest, biggest example of government operating in the dark.

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Will another city spend tax money to keep its sports team? Arizona Coyotes are banking on it

By   /  March 13, 2017  /  Arizona, Crony Capitalism, News, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

The Coyotes have experienced years of financial turmoil, ownership changes and taxpayer bailouts.

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Small Pennsylvania townships blast Wolf’s police fee

By   /  March 13, 2017  /  Criminal Justice, Governor, News, Pennsylvania, State Budgets, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

Gov. Tom Wolf wants to impose a $25 per-person fee for municipalities that rely on state police in lieu of funding their own forces.

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Medical marijuana expansion would be limited under new proposal

By   /  March 10, 2017  /  Florida, Health Care, News, Regulations, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

Florida’s Amendment 2 voters are likely to be unhappy with a new bill House Majority Leader Ray Rodrigues.

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Grothman seeks answers on bad IRS customer service, tax credit fraud

By   /  March 9, 2017  /  Accountability, Federal government, News, Taxes, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

AP file photo

“Do you monitor the quality of your folks?” Grothman asked IRS Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement John Dalrymple.

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Pennsylvania lawmaker takes aim at vape tax

By   /  March 9, 2017  /  News, Pennsylvania, State Government, Taxes  /  No Comments

The measure would replace the 40 percent wholesale tax with a 5-cents per milliliter retail tax on the liquid products.

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