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Georgia bill would offer tax incentives in broadband-ready communities

By   /  February 20, 2017  /  Georgia, News, State Government, Technology  /  No Comments

Watchdog photo

Providers who build or expand networks in broadband-ready communities would be exempt from the state’s sales and use tax on equipment used for the construction as long as minimum download speeds of 10 megabits per second are offered.

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Watered-down Virginia bill no longer limits government broadband growth

By   /  February 14, 2017  /  News, Technology, Virginia  /  No Comments


“Taxpayers need oversight of these projects and we need answers,” he told “When you have watered-down bills like this you don’t get the oversight to make sure taxpayers dollars aren’t wasted.”

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Water utility chases unpaid Google Fiber bills

By   /  February 14, 2017  /  News, Technology, Texas  /  No Comments

Photo by John Whitsett

Working with city approval, Google Fiber drillers have broken water and sewer lines across San Antonio, costing a quarter-million dollars in damages and wasted water. More than $100,000 in repair bills are outstanding.

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New FTC chair could push changes in Qualcomm case, other tech issues

By   /  February 9, 2017  /  National, News, Patents, Regulations, Technology  /  No Comments

The appointment of a new chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission could mean a paradigm shift in the panel’s actions on recent hot-button issues, including a federal lawsuit brought against Qualcomm days before the end of the Obama administration. The FTC knocked the San Diego-based chip maker for allegedly violating federal antitrust law by leaning […]

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This map shows how far-reaching — and debt-ridden — government broadband has grown

By   /  February 7, 2017  /  Minnesota, National, News, South Carolina, Technology, Wisconsin  /  No Comments

Taxpayers Protection Alliance graphic

  The Taxpayers Protection Alliance Foundation has launched a website where users can view the litany of municipal broadband projects saddled with millions in debt. The map shows more than 200 projects funded by taxpayers, many of them deep in financial arrears and several more that failed, either sold off for deep discounts to private […]

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City’s Google Fiber fiasco a landmine for park bond

By   /  February 6, 2017  /  News, Politics & Elections, Technology, Texas  /  No Comments

Google Maps

A tiny neighborhood park is earmarked to receive $300,000 in San Antonio bond money, raising the specter of politics corrupting the city’s record debt package. Google Fiber rears its head again.

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