TN political legend calls retention election a ‘political ploy,’ focused on Amendment 2

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Photo by Chris Butler

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — Don’t waste your time and energy fretting over whether to retain three Tennessee Supreme Court justices in an Aug. 7 election, said Tennessee political legend John Jay Hooker.
“All of that is just a political ploy,” Hooker, 84, told Tennessee Watchdog this week.
Hidden beneath the superficial layers of this retention [...]

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TN attorney general didn’t find Obamacare fight worthwhile

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Obamacare’s harsh effects throughout all of Tennessee apparently failed to persuade state Attorney General Bob Cooper to join 27 other states in fighting the law in court.

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Crime victims blast Tennessee Supreme Court justice

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Don’t wear your emotions on your sleeve in a Tennessee courtroom. Members of Tennessee’s Supreme Court, like “Dragnet’s” Joe Friday, just want the facts.

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TN Supreme Court justices give generously to Democratic candidates, records show

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The Assembly on Wednesday passed a bipartisan bill doubling campaign contribution limits in Wisconsin. This bill is far from perfect and I know there are members on both sides of the aisle with heartburn on this legislation,” said JoCasta Zamarripa, D-Milwaukee. She voted for the bill.

The three Tennessee Supreme Court justices up for retention like to give lots of money to Democrats, including Phil Bredesen, who appointed all three to the court, and even Al Gore.

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Zip codes shouldn’t determine a child’s future, Nashville panel says

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FAILURE ON THE RISE: More Virginia schools failed to reach "fully accredited" status this year.

Tennessee resident Arika Trevino told a panel of school of choice advocates in Nashville this week a tenured union teacher emotionally damaged her autistic son, now 9, when he was only in first grade.

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You can offer free reduced lunch to all in TN, but you can’t guarantee results

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waste not

This challenge goes out to all the government bureaucrats who have decreed taxpayers must pay for all free and reduced lunches and breakfasts for some of Tennessee’s public school students — rich and poor alike.

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