What’s he got to say? Kemper Project manager remains muzzled

Possible FCC ruling on expanded government Internet may not survive courts

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The Federal Communications Commission may decide Thursday whether to overrule state laws, such as those in Tennessee, that keep government-owned Internet networks from expanding beyond municipal boundaries.

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Why is U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen so angry?

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By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — RWNJ, according to a Google search, means “right wing nut job.”
U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen D-Memphis, used the term on his official Twitter page Saturday to describe his conservative constituents.

Memphis conservatives were riled up over a tweet Cohen made Friday in response to former Republican New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani […]

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Memphis gets millions to (yet again) end homelessness

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The feds will give millions of taxpayer dollars to Memphis to end homelessness — again.

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Tennessee leans on federal money

By   /  February 20, 2015  /  News, Tennessee  /  No Comments

Photo by Chris Butler

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — Tennessee officials can boast all day about states rights and all they’re doing to keep the federal government at bay.
Ironically, according to a new report, Tennessee ranks third on a list of states most dependent on federal dollars, behind only Mississippi and Louisiana.
The author of the study, Joe Luppino-Esposito […]

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Government official wrecks car, taxpayers foot big repair tab

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When the late free market economist Milton Friedman said “nobody spends somebody else’s money as carefully as he spends his own” he likely had in mind someone such as Marion County Highway Supervisor Neil Webb.

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GAO: Obama’s proposed Nashville courthouse a waste of taxpayer money

By   /  February 11, 2015  /  News, Tennessee  /  No Comments

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If President Obama has his way taxpayers will pay $181.5 million to replace Nashville’s existing federal courthouse, despite a 2013 U.S. Government Accountability Office report saying a replacement isn’t needed.

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