Tennessee telecom group supports bill to allow co-op broadband

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The Tennessee Telecommunications Association supports a bill pushed by Gov. Bill Haslam that would help bridge the rural broadband divide through tax credits and allowing electric cooperatives to offer internet and video services.

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Tennessee internet providers wary of bill allowing co-ops to offer broadband

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“We have other cities in which we want to build in west Tennessee, but now I have to consider whether utility companies are going to be my competitor,” he told Watchdog.org.

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Google Fiber’s Nashville line breaks leave businesses, taxpayers underwater

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Google Fiber illustration

Progress, in the form of new fiber-optic networks, is proving temporarily costly to taxpayers due to water-line breaks.

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Tennessee governor pitches plan for grants, tax credits for broadband providers

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Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam’s broadband plan would emphasize grants and incentives for private providers, as well as allow electric cooperatives to build networks, over allowing taxpayer-supported municipal networks to expand.

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Changes ahead for Tennessee turnaround district

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Changes are ahead for Tennessee’s Achievement School District as, prompted by a new federal law, the state changes the way low-performing schools are handled. Proposed changes would reduce the flexibility the ASD has in taking over schools, and local districts would have more time to turn schools around before a takeover. The number of schools eligible for […]

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Tennessee launches Polytechnic Academy to prepare students for workforce

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Students in Hamilton County now have a new option in gaining career skills while still in high school, the Mechatronics Akademie.

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