Stealing from taxpayers is easy, if you simply apply yourself

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By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
(NOTE: This commentary is a parody and is meant to be construed as such.)
NASHVILLE — So you’re a government employee.
You have access to government money.
You take some of it for yourself — times are hard.
Judgmental self-righteous geezers call it stealing money, but people who are hip to the times realize this cash came [...]

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Vouchers add money to public schools instead of robbing them, report says

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(FILE PHOTO) School-Voucher Program Supporters

Some of Tennessee’s most powerful teachers’ lobbyists are adamant school vouchers rob the state’s public schools of money, but a new report says that’s flat wrong.

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TN schools spending more on administrators, study shows

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NO. 20 AND RISING: An annual study done by the National Education Association shows New Mexico jumped from 25th to 20th in per-pupil spending in the past year.

About a quarter of Tennessee’s public school districts, 33 in all, spend more on administrative costs — such as principals and school directors — than the statewide average of 10.5 percent, according to a new Comptrollers’ report.

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Voters deliver bloodbath to county commissioners after dramatic tax increase

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TAX DEBATE: Twenty-six Pennsylvania state senators want to see the end of property taxes, but legislation has an uphill battle in the House.

By Chris Butler | Tennessee Watchdog
NASHVILLE — One might say Fentress County resident David Beaty suffered a wee bit of abuse at the hands of County Executive Frank Smith, merely for complaining about a dramatic increase in property taxes at commission meetings.
There was that one meeting, of course, when Smith publicly called Beaty a “dumbass,” as [...]

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TVA saves ‘princess’ in distress, but payoff from coal ash spill not evident

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DAMSEL IN DISTRESS: Crowds line up for Harriman's Princess Theatre, which was saved by the Tennessee Valley Authority. But will they have a place to eat nearby afterwards?

It’s been four years since the Tennessee Valley Authority, a government utility, gave $1.7 million to the Princess Theatre in Harriman as reparation for a devastating coal ash spill, which, interestingly, didn’t affect the theater.

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Articles of impeachment against Tennessee justices a possibility, says Hooker

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AP file photo

John Jay Hooker, by his words, has secured assurances from members of the Tennessee General Assembly to introduce articles of impeachment against state appellate court judges whose names appeared n last week’s election ballot.

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