Court: Tourism group funded with public money can keep its records quiet

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The state’s Supreme Court says you can’t see how an economic development group spends public money.

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Oil and gas officials scramble after feds review species protections

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Oil and gas officials are concerned that a review by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service may include species that live near drilling sites.

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John Q. Public’s quest for records can be a costly challenge

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The public needs to cough up some serious coin if it wants to know about the history of McKinney police officer Eric Casebolt.

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Ready for the end of affirmative action?

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Photo by the Supreme Court of the United States

Part 55 of 55 in the series Trouble in Texas

By Jon Cassidy |
When set out to examine the admissions practices at the University of Texas two years ago, we weren’t trying to bring about the end of affirmative action in higher education.
But after a surprise U.S. Supreme Court decision to hear an affirmative […]

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The cost of responsibility-free government

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Government cash blows harder and less reliably than any weatherizing insulation.

There are few things more satisfying to a reporter than to have the conclusions of hard-earned reporting confirmed for him.

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McRaven’s defense to Hall lawsuit refuted by own words

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Bill McRaven, the chancellor of the University of Texas System, finally offered his reason Tuesday for obstructing Regent Wallace Hall’s access to records of an investigation into admissions corruption.

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