Two UT regents pressed for records destruction

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Courtesy of UT System

Two regents of the University of Texas System pressed for the destruction of hundreds of thousands of records maintained by President Bill Powers’ office earlier this year.

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UT Law keeps open door for donors’ kids

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HALL: The UT regent is on the hot seat for his investigations into law school admissions.

Rich lawyers write big checks to a foundation that stuffs the pockets of administrators making the admissions decisions at the University of Texas law school.

Is this charity or pay-to-play?

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Why does ridesharing freak out some regulators?

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AP file photo

Regulators across the country are debating whether to treat ridesharing companies like Lyft and Uber the same as taxi cabs.

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Roe v. Wade is AG’s new pretext for blocking Texas law school investigation

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Attorney General Greg Abbott has done more to uphold Roe v. Wade than Wendy Davis, the abortion enthusiast running against him for governor.

When a pro-life strict constructionist such as Attorney General Greg Abbott interprets Roe v. Wade so broadly it applies to law school entrance exams, a reasonable person might conclude Abbott is engaged in motivated reasoning, to put it nicely.

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Shockingly expensive school electrician indicted for fraud

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Calvin Walker, the Beaumont electrician who kept on getting work with a school district long after he admitted submitting fake six-figure invoices, finally went to jail the week, although it was just a few hours before he posted bail.

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Vote fraud cases go nowhere with Fairfax prosecutor

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NO JUSTICE: Cases of alleged voter fraud are collecting dust in the office of Fairfax County's commonwealth attorney.

Four years after the Fairfax County election board began uncovering cases of alleged voter fraud, the local prosecutor has not taken action, and has nothing to say.

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