Ohio’s Gov. Kasich plays maverick at Republican conference

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Photo: C-SPAN

Ohio Gov. John Kasich played to media enthusiasm for big-government Republicans during a Republican Governors Association panel Wednesday.

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Police groups split over attorney general pick

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SPLIT RANKS: President Obama, shown at a police memorial, will nominate a successor to Attorney General Eric Holder in the coming days or weeks.

A national police group is lobbying President Obama to name the No. 2 man at the Department of Homeland Security to be his new attorney general.

But the National Fraternal Order of Police isn’t getting backup from other law-enforcement associations or those who have actually dealt with Alejandro Mayorkas.

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Patrick may decide fate of Texas, tea party

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By Jon Cassidy | Watchdog.org
In a few years, if there’s any reason to look back on the 2014 election here in Texas, I think it’s likely that state Sen. Dan Patrick will be that reason.
Patrick has a chance to shape the fortunes of Texas and the tea party for years to come.
Greg Abbott may be […]

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Hutchison pulled strings for friends’ kids and grandkids at UT

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WORTH IT: Hutchison says NASA must be supported by the taxpayers.

Former U.S. senator Kay Bailey Hutchison sits on a committee tasked with finding the next president of the University of Texas, after Bill Powers submitted his resignation in July amid a scandal over favoritism shown to lawmakers in the admissions process.

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UNC scandal holds lessons for UT investigation

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AP file photo

The University of North Carolina has uncovered a massive academic scandal stretching back two decades and involving more than 3,000 students, half of them athletes in the school’s premier sports programs.

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Brits mock Texan’s whine of racism over voter ID

By   /  October 23, 2014  /  Commentary, Texas  /  No Comments


A columnist for the lefty Texas Observer got an op-ed into the U.K.’s favorite lefty rag, The Guardian, Tuesday decrying the state’s voter ID laws with all the rhetorical effect she could muster.

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