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Evil Uber narrative runs amok in Austin

By   /  May 3, 2016  /  Commentary, Regulations, Texas, Transportation  /  No Comments

Regardless of the phony narratives, a vote for Prop. 1 keeps Uber in Austin.

No matter what you see or hear or read from now until election day on Saturday, Proposition 1 asks whether or not people of free will want ridesharing companies to offer their services in Austin.

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County residents blast Central Texas ‘land grab’

By   /  May 3, 2016  /  Accountability, News, Taxes, Texas  /  No Comments

Watchdog.org photo

A “cherry-picking” annexation plan is the pits for Bell County residents who say they want no part of Nolanville – a small Central Texas town with a colorful past and a shaky future.

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State Fair’s expenses help explain Fair Park’s blight

By   /  May 2, 2016  /  News, Texas  /  No Comments

Courtesy of Fair Park Rising

Fair officials have claimed that they’ve been splitting the proceeds, sinking around 60 percent into their own needs, and spending 40 percent on improvements for the 277-acre Fair Park, which it takes over every fall. Actually, the State Fair has spent $112.5 million on improvements since 1998, according to its own records, but a good 90 percent of those improvements are of little to no benefit to anyone but the State Fair, according to a Watchdog analysis.

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Fracking foes won’t let go in Denton

By   /  May 2, 2016  /  Energy and Environment, News, Texas  /  No Comments

Shutterstock Image

The moment of reckoning has come at different times for the people of Denton, Texas, as they wait in fear for the outcome of an election May 7. For the resident and outside zealots who saw their hopes of a ban on hydraulic fracturing smashed by the Texas Legislature, the reckoning came with a repeal by […]

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San Antonio invites citizens to balance budget with flawed tool

By   /  April 29, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, News, Texas  /  No Comments

Photo courtesy of Alteza

Some $10.5 billion in debt and spending more than ever, San Antonio City Hall is asking citizens to balance the 2017 municipal budget. Local activist George Rodriguez dismissed the budget-balancing tool as “the latest example of smoke and mirrors” — with a lot of missing pieces.

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The one-sided Medicaid show in Texas

By   /  April 28, 2016  /  Commentary, Health Care, Texas  /  No Comments

Medicaid expansion ran loose in Texas last week.

Medicaid in Texas and the federal government that continues to expand it are just as voracious and as difficult to pay for as they have ever been. Somebody had to say it. You certainly weren’t going to find it in your standard issue news coverage. What you did learn over the past few weeks is […]

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