Food truck vendors sue over San Antonio restrictions

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Obtaining an operating license isn’t enough for San Antonio food truckers. They must also get the notarized permission of any restaurants nearby. Now the vendors are suing the city.

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Texas bureaucrats: Won’t somebody think of the children

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Think of the Children

At the risk of blaspheming, may we, just for a few moments of clear and bracing thought, not think of the children?

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San Antonio college chief tops UCLA in pay

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A community college chancellor in San Antonio vaulted over several university presidents to be the 11th highest paid educator in Texas. He even earned more than the chancellor of UCLA.

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Admissions survey: No, UT, everybody doesn’t do it

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The University of Texas' use of political favoritism in admissions is an aberrant practice, a new study finds.

According to the survey published Thursday by Inside Higher Ed, just 11 percent of public university admissions directors agreed that admissions favoritism is “reasonable,” even when done in “moderation” to “promote financial support for my institution.”

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Houston cutting road repairs in ’16, pensions to blame

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Houston is spending six times more on pensions than road repairs, and even that’s not enough to cover the minimum payment on its ballooning pension debt. The city’s property tax revenues have doubled over the last 15 years, yet the city plans to repave less than 1 percent of its 16,000 lane-miles of streets in 2016.

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Win or lose: Annexation ‘Spurs’ San Antonio

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Promoting the theme that Texas cities “must grow or die,” San Antonio continues to execute the most aggressive annexation program in the country. Adding 450 square miles over the past 75 years, the Alamo City’s population has swelled to 1.5 million, making it the seventh largest in the United States.

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