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NYPD resists more transparency in civil forfeiture

By   /  October 12, 2016  /  New York, News, Transparency  /  No Comments

Photo by Flickr Commons

“I find it strange that the most technologically sophisticated police force in the world cannot track its own property seizures. I just have trouble imagining that that’s the case,” Torres said. “I’m skeptical about the NYPD’s testimony.”

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Mississippi state employees rack up $6.8 million in travel expenses

By   /  October 6, 2016  /  Accountability, Budget and Spending, Mississippi, News, State Budgets, State Government, Transparency  /  No Comments

Photo illustration by Steve Wilson

Mississippi state agencies spent more than $6.8 million in travel expenses in fiscal 2016 and state and federal taxpayers largely picked up the tab.

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Refugees on way to Rutland despite unanswered security, budget concerns

By   /  September 30, 2016  /  Immigration, Issues, News, Power Abuse, Transparency, Vermont  /  No Comments

AP photo

Approval of a secret plan to make Rutland a refugee resettlement center has divided the community and left many unanswered questions about security and financial risks for the city.

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High court to decide if University of Texas can deep-six investigation

By   /  September 29, 2016  /  Education, News, State Government, Texas, Transparency  /  No Comments

Courtesy of the Supreme Court of Texas

University of Texas Chancellor Bill McRaven’s decision to cover up for high-ranking lawmakers and corrupt members of his own board is headed to the Supreme Court of Texas for a final decision, which Hall’s attorneys believe will have “massive implications for state governance.”

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Community college shields travel bills behind pay wall

By   /  September 28, 2016  /  Accountability, Budget and Spending, Education, Education Blog, News, Open Records, State Government, Texas, Transparency  /  No Comments

Photo by Kenric Ward

A Texas community college that won a state “transparency” award is charging $2,340 to disclose the school’s travel records. The state Attorney General says not so much.

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Accounting group puts Vermont’s debt at $3.9 billion

By   /  September 27, 2016  /  Budget and Spending, News, Transparency, Vermont  /  No Comments

Photo by Bruce Parker

A new report from a government accounting watchdog group finds that Vermont has a debt of $3.9 billion, despite claims of having a balanced budget.

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