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Mississippi governor is far from state’s highest paid public official

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Graph by Steve Wilson

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant makes $122,160, a salary that is dwarfed by 36 school district superintendents and other local officials.

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Google employees have enjoyed revolving door during Obama administration

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Photo illustration from LinkedIn photos

“If they have access to information on competitors and they go to Google…then you have to wonder if Google is getting an unfair advantage over others in their market,” he said.

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Mississippi inching closer to civil asset forfeiture reform

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Photo by Steve Wilson

A proposal by a state task force could bring needed civil asset forfeiture reform to Mississippi as soon as next year’s legislative session.

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Beating the civil asset forfeiture system is not without cost

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ON CAMERA: The Rankin County Sheriff's Department already has cameras in each of its patrol cars.

Beating the civil asset forfeiture system can be an arduous enterprise, as it took a Pelahatchie woman two years and $5,000 to get her property back.

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Lone alderman in on refugee secret ‘stunned’ at speed of decision

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Rutland Community Access

A secret plan to make Rutland a permanent refugee resettlement community has divided residents and put the mayor’s political future in doubt. But at least one member of the Board of Aldermen knew about the secret, and that official told Watchdog he is “stunned” at how fast the plan was carried out.

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Commercial lawsuits blow back on Texas taxpayers

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Lawsuits over commercial property appraisals are on the rise in Texas, and taxpayers are footing an ever-bigger legal bill. The tide of lawsuits comes as large commercial entities contest double-digit increases in property values that produce correspondingly bigger tax bills.

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