Utah will likely have to reveal terms of its voluntary sales tax deal with Amazon

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AP photo

Utah officials ruled that the state will have to reveal terms of its voluntary sales tax deal made with Amazon last week.

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The federal debt is $20 trillion? Try $100 trillion

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Most federal debt is hidden off the books in the form of promised — and unfunded — future payments to Medicare and Social Security recipients.

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No sunlight for Michigan party caucus meetings

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Party caucuses around the country and the world still operate by the Las Vegas rule: What happens in caucus stays in caucus.

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Sunshine Week: First Amendment Foundation goes to bat for Florida’s right to know

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Sunshine Week: The First Amendment Foundation has been busy at the Florida Capitol battling to ensure the public’s right to know.

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Mississippi governor signs civil asset forfeiture reform bill into law

By   /  March 14, 2017  /  Criminal Justice, Criminal Justice, Governor, Legislature, Mississippi, News, Open Records, State Government, Transparency  /  No Comments

Photo by Steve Wilson

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant signed into law a bill that will bring civil asset forfeiture reform to the Magnolia State.

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Sunshine Week: Lots of money, little transparency in Texas bond campaigns

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Photo by Kenric Ward

Straight answers and financial transparency are in short supply whenever Texans are asked to approve bond referendums. As the nation marks “Sunshine Week” to promote open government, San Antonio’s rear-engineered debt package is the city’s latest, biggest example of government operating in the dark.

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