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Massachusetts poll shows widespread support for school choice

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A new UMass-Amherst/WBX poll shows that 52 percent of likely voters in Massachusetts plan to vote yes on expanding the number of charter schools in the Bay State. On election day, voters will decide the fate of the state cap on charter schools that allows only 120 to operate. If it is eliminated, up to 12 new […]

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A win for school choice in Ohio

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The Ohio Supreme Court has ruled that the Springfield City School District has to release student directory data, following allegations that the district was denying information to some organizations. The Supreme Court said Springfield Superintendent David Estrop could not refuse to release the records to School Choice Ohio. Read more here.  

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ACLU tries to delay Nevada school choice case

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The American Civil Liberties Union is asking the Nevada Supreme Court to reconsider its plans to hear oral arguments late next month in a pair of lawsuits challenging the state’s school choice law. The legislation allows parents to establish education savings accounts with a portion of the state per-pupil funding and use the money — about $5,100 a year — for […]

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Austin is no smart city

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TPPF felt compelled to step up and challenge Austin's growing nanny state, Quintero says.

On a day when U.S. Department of Transportation officials decided Austin was not a smart city, Austin moved on several fronts to prove them right.

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Utah a cautionary tale for municipal broadband

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By Chris Butler / Tennessee Watchdog A $40 million municipal broadband network in Provo, Utah, iProvo, was designed to lure high-tech companies worth billions. Those companies came to Provo, and the city’s economy is thriving because of it. But these events had nothing to do with municipal broadband, said Brigham Young University economics professor Brennan […]

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Louisiana governor lashes out at voucher supporters

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Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards went into attack mode after an American Federation for Children ad accused him of flip-flopping on support for the Louisiana Scholarship Program,  and suggested a proposed budget cut is the work of Superintendent of Education John White. The AFC is calling foul. “To be a little tongue in cheek – it’s hard to respond to […]

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