Mississippi brewers want to sell their beer on site

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Photo by Luckytown Brewery

Mississippi brewers are trying to rally legislative support behind an effort to end the state’s prohibition on selling beer on-site.

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Why California environmentalists hate water

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AP file photo

California’s unwillingness to build water projects began with a change in philosophy, soon after Reagan left the governor’s mansion, in 1975. It began with Jerry Brown.

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Tennessee municipal broadband not living up to promises

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.

A Tennessee municipal broadband was supposed to help local business owners have better Internet because, according to city officials, the city’s two private providers, AT&T and Charter, just weren’t fast or reliable enough.

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Denver Post follows Watchdog story on parks director, but only after election

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Denver City website

The Denver Post followed Watchdog.org’s reports about Denver parks director’s outside work but did so only after she was re-elected for Denver school board.

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Obamacare hangs Tennessee county on horns of legal dilemma

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Photo courtesy of Flickr.

A newly released audit from Tennessee Comptroller Justin Wilson though, says Obamacare forced Robertson County officials to choose between raising taxes and doing something that’s likely illegal.

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Lewis Palmer school candidates deny union endorsement

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Politicans, who usually welcome endorsements, are denying a group is even a union, but state teachers union officials concede the Lewis Palmer Education Association is affiliated with the state and national Education Association.

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