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Marquette says John McAdams’ suspension to continue until he apologizes

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“It really is a matter of principle. I’m not going to let the bastards get rid of me,” McAdams said.

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‘Informational materials?’ School districts spend more than $325,000 to advertise referendums

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“Please note that the District did not ‘advertise’ or ‘promote’ the referendum, thus no responsive records exist.”

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Running down the Florida school choice lineup

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The game has changed for school choice in Florida, and the Palm Beach Post has provided a scorecard of the players. The paper details the pro-school choice incoming state House speaker, the Florida Education Association president,  the citizen activists who will be leading the fight, and others who will be involved in the debates of 2017. […]

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Expert: Jill Stein tainting recount process with frivolous request

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“Jill Stein tried to make an ideological point to fan the flames to raise money.”

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Muncie students choosing other districts

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Large numbers of families in Muncie, Ind., are choosing to cross district boundaries in search of better schools. About 13 percent — 735 students — living in the Muncie Community Schools district are going to school outside the district. Muncie, meanwhile, has 108 students enrolled who are zoned for another school district. Read more here.

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Massachusetts poll shows widespread support for school choice

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A new UMass-Amherst/WBX poll shows that 52 percent of likely voters in Massachusetts plan to vote yes on expanding the number of charter schools in the Bay State. On election day, voters will decide the fate of the state cap on charter schools that allows only 120 to operate. If it is eliminated, up to 12 new […]

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