Watchdog Radio: McDonnell convicted by jury, Ex-Im bank indicted by GAO

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Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen McDonnell

By Eric Boehm | Watchdog Radio
MINNEAPOLIS – The former governor of Virginia, and his wife, are likely heading to prison after being convicted on a litany of corruption charges this week.
Katie Watson joins hosts Eric Boehm and Ben Yount to discuss the conviction of Gov. Bob McDonnell – we talk about the crimes he committed [...]

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Your $100 goes further in Ohio

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US 100 dollar bill final

Your $100 goes further in Ohio than in 42 other states, according to a new map from the Tax Foundation.

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New law increases transparency, creates salary restrictions for transit employees

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CHICAGO – Illinois residents will now have easy access to online information regarding mass transit employee salaries as well as safety and budget information.
Citing the benefit of increased government accountability, Gov. Quinn Friday signed a bill to reform the state’s mass transit hiring policies.
Andrew Nelms is director of policy and [...]

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Kemper rate increases even felt on the soccer pitch

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STILL UNDER CONSTRUCTION: The Kemper Project, a first-of-its-kind power plant that converts pulverized coal dust into natural gas-like syngas to fuel power-generating turbines, has ballooned from an original cost of $2.4 billion to nearly $5 billion. The plant is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of this year, according to the Southern Company. PHOTO BY: THE SOUTHERN COMPANY

The battle over Mississippi Power’s Kemper Project $5.53 billion first of its kind “clean coal” power plant has been waged in the hearing room at the Public Service Commission and in the Mississippi Supreme Court.

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Prisons employees fired, suspended over sentencing screw-up

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Two lawyers working for the state prisons retired before they could be fired, and two more prisons workers were suspended as the fallout continues after a massive prison sentencing screw-up.

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Minnesota diner demonstates the cost of higher minimum wage

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MID-DAY AT THE OASIS: The Oasis Cafe is about as nondescript as any other small diner in middle America - you'd drive right past it if you weren't looking for it.  But it's been at the latest epicenter in the national political fight over the minimum wage.

By Eric Boehm | Watchdog Radio
The owner of a Minnesota diner has angered progressives and other advocates for a higher minimum wage by attaching a 35-cent fee to patrons’ checks. It seems that people who want a higher minimum wage do not like being confronted with the actual cost of the policy – they’d prefer [...]

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