Labor union admits union ‘Fight for $15′ campaign will kill jobs

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A win for labor unions in their “Fight for $15″ campaign will mean some workers lose their jobs, a construction union said last week.

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How many lives does Nevada’s ‘Uber bill’ have left?

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The “Uber bill,” or bills, facing Nevada lawmakers has turned into an unexpected drama as it makes its way through the Legislature.

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A $12-minimum wage mandate threatens entry-level workers

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Photo credit: AFSCME, via twitter

The $12 minimum wage proposed by Democrats in Congress would kill job opportunities for workers without much education or experience.

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One New Jersey union boss was paid $600,000 in 2014

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Photo credit: UFCW, via Twitter

Thousands of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania workers helped pay union boss John Niccollai’s $573,299 salary last year, whether they knew it or not.

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Freedom’s just another word for mandatory dues, union says

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Freedom means being forced to pay a union to keep your job.

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Labor unions take forced fees from 550,000 nonmembers

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More than half a million workers were forced to pay labor unions in 2014, U.S. Department of Labor filings reveal.

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