Non-union workers written out of $85-million city project

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City of Rochester photo.

Jim Gander’s local and state taxes will help pay for an $85 million expansion of the Mayo Civic Center. So will the heating and plumbing contractor get a shot at some of the 700 jobs spread over three years of the publicly funded project?

Not a chance, Gander says, blaming a project labor agreement, which city officials signed with organized labor.

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Teacher says union resorting to bully tactics in wake of decertification

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The doom and gloom predictions of the state’s largest teachers union have not come to pass more than a year after Deerfield USD 216 faculty opted to boot out the Kansas National Education Association, according to teacher Doug Crandall.

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Company accuses labor union of forging signatures for political gain

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A home health-care company contracted with the Milwaukee County Department of Family Care is accusing a local labor union of forging workers’ signatures to collect more money for political activity.

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Few employees attend SEIU protest near firm unwilling to force staff to join union

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seiu 002 (2)

By Adam Tobias | Wisconsin Reporter
WAUWATOSA, Wis. — Supportive Homecare Options owner Sally Sprenger shook her head Thursday as she watched about 75 Big Labor supporters participate in a Service Employees International Union-organized protest near her firm’s headquarters.
Seeing only two of her company’s nearly 1,200 employees taking part in the rally told her all she needed [...]

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End of some fair-share fees drains millions from union coffers

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THE FAIR THING TO DO: Unions in several states are notifying home and child care providers they will no longer charge fair-share fees for non-members.

A weeks-old Supreme Court decision freeing home-based care providers from paying union fair-share fees could cost two major unions tens of millions of dollars annually.

Notices going out in several affected states paint a grim picture for the coffers of Service Employees International Union and American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

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IRS union runs on taxpayer subsidies

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THE BOSS: IRS union president Colleen Kelley also is an Obama appointee to the Federal Salary Council, which advises the government on how much to pay federal employees.

By Kenric Ward |
WASHINGTON, D.C. — While Congress takes its five-week vacation, the hard partisan work continues at the National Treasury Employees Union, subsidized by taxpayers.
The Washington Times reported this week that the Internal Revenue Service provides government salaries, office space and equipment to NTEU operatives, who ostensibly represent 92,000 IRS employees.
The IRS’ deputy commissioner [...]

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