Could minimum wage increase save taxpayers billions on welfare?

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Photo by Rachel Martin

It’s an idea that gets at something not often discussed in the national debate over hiking the minimum wage: Maybe it’s not just companies versus workers, or government versus companies. Maybe taxpayers are a vital part of the equation, paying to support both halves of an unhealthy relationship that has exploded onto the streets in the past year.

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America’s top labor union bosses raked in millions in 2014

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Photo credit: YouTube user Bonnie Bucqueroux

Union bosses known for bashing the rich are often millionaires themselves, paid with dues taken from workers’ paychecks.

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Union bosses are lovin’ $15-an hour fast-food protests

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Labor bosses paid six figures led “Fight for $15″ strikes Wednesday, trying to unionize fast-food workers by demanding a $15 minimum wage.

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Labor union boss paid $258,000 from Ohio school staffers’ paychecks

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Photo credit: Ohio Capital Blog

School employees across Ohio were forced to help pay labor boss Joe Rugola $258,873 last year, even if they declined to join the union Rugola leads.

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Taxpayer money fuels big labor’s political machine

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Photo from National Review

America’s four largest labor unions spent over $179 million last year promoting big government, and did so using taxpayer money.

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Government labor union spends $65 million on politics

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AP photo

American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees funneled more than $60 million to politicians, lobbyists and activist groups last year.

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