New rules for overtime could cost home-care workers

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Minnesota provider agencies are reducing hours and overtime for home-care workers, leaving care recipients like Amelia Bray wondering in limbo.

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Union bosses smear teachers in Supreme Court case

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America’s most powerful union bosses are running a national smear campaign against ten of the workers who pay their checks.

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West Virginia union bosses panicking over right-to-work

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West Virginia labor bosses aren’t thrilled about the prospect of a right-to-work law that would stop them from taking mandatory union dues.

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Labor bosses ask Supreme Court to rule in favor of forced union dues

By   /  November 18, 2015  /  California, Labor, National, News  /  No Comments

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Should teachers be forced to pay left-wing labor unions in order to teach? Union bosses think so, and they’re asking the Supreme Court to agree.

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Will West Virginia become the 26th right-to-work state?

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Photo credit: State of West Virginia

Lawmakers may be in a race this winter to see whether West Virginia or neighboring Kentucky becomes the 26th right-to-work state.

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Labor bosses’ big loss could bring right-to-work to Kentucky

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Photo credit: Kentucky Attorney General

Labor union bosses are bracing for the worst after Democratic candidate Jack Conway’s loss in the Kentucky governor’s race Tuesday.

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