Labor union bosses stand up for Planned Parenthood

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Photo credit: SEIU, via Flickr

Americans are divided on taxpayer funding of abortion, but union bosses remain staunch supporters.

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San Antonio mayor gets more ammo in police, fire showdown

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Photo courtesy of city of San Antonio

A new report could give San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor more legal leverage in contentious negotiations with the city’s police and fire unions.

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Michigan bill to ban tax-funded ‘release time’ expected to pass

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Two bills, which ban union “release time,” are expected to pass the Michigan Legislature.

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Teachers union wants to make costly ethnic studies classes mandatory

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Photo: YouTube

A new high school graduation requirement backed by the National Education Association could cost taxpayers billions.

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Teachers union irks rank and file with Clinton endorsement

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AP file photo

Hillary Clinton won the endorsement of one of the largest teachers unions in the country, and many of its members want to know how in the world that happened.

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Union boss wants teachers waging war for ‘social justice’

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Photo credit: YouTube

While most Americans celebrated Independence Day, the National Education Association bemoaned America’s lack of “social justice.”

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