Grand jury report adds extortion to list of Ironworkers alleged crimes

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BROTHERLY LOVE? Not so much, it seems, when dealing with the Ironworkers' Local 401 union, which had more charges leveled against its members this week.

Two counts of extortion have been added to the litany of charges leveled at members of the powerful Ironworkers Local 401 union in Philadelphia.

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Double whammy! Home-care workers sue to stop labor union election

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DOUBLE WHAMMY! Gov. Mark Dayton faces a second lawsuit from the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation on behalf of home care workers opposed to a union.
State of MN photo.

Days before the scheduled start of the largest-public sector labor union election in state history, nine Minnesota home-care workers filed a lawsuit in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis aimed at stopping it.

Home care assistants from throughout Minnesota sued Gov. Mark Dayton and the Service Employees International Union, asking the federal court for an injunction against a controversial 2013 state law authorizing organized labor to target providers for collective bargaining.

“I’m just looking for the union to stay out of my house and not take money out of my wages,” said Scott Price, a plaintiff whose daughter receives care for cerebral palsy.

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MN private colleges split on SEIU professors’ union

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TWIN CITIES CAMPUSES TARGETED BY SEIU:  Adjunct faculty at 3 Twin Cities private college campuses were subject to organizing drives this summer with mixed results for the union. Photo by Mike Ekern, University of St. Thomas website.

Hamline University’s part-time professors in June voted decisively to join the Service Employees International Union. The momentum appeared to be with SEIU organizers, as the first private college campus in Minnesota to unionize adjunct professors quite possibly cleared way for an even bigger domino in July—the University of St. Thomas.

But the solidarity stopped there. When the National Labor Relations Board tallied the results of SEIU’s test at the University of St. Thomas on Monday, the union got a failing grade — 136-84.

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MN child care providers declare victory with Harris v. Quinn ruling

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HIGH COURT GETS HIGH 5: MN child care providers were overwhelmed by the probable impact by today's SCOTUS ruling prohibiting compulsory union dues for non-government employees.

Minnesota licensed providers declared victory after a landmark Supreme Court ruling Monday, which comes after nine years spent fending off a union drive while operating their family child care small businesses.

The decision strikes down compulsory “fair share” union dues for Illinois home care workers who care for individuals receiving government subsidies but are not full-fledged state employees.

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Supreme Court decision sends hundreds of labor disputes back to NLRB

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UNANIMOUS: Supreme Court ruling on "recess appointees" Sharon Block (R) and Richard Griffin, Jr. (L)  and Terence Flynn (not pictured) may send hundreds of 2012-13 NLRB decisions back to the labor panel for reconsideration. NLRB Photo.

A unanimous Supreme Court decision Thursday invalidating President Obama’s recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board may send more than 1,000 decisions back to go, including several Minnesota cases.

The high court’s ruling in NLRB v. Canning means the NLRB did not have a legal quorum, effectively invalidating labor decisions by illegally appointed panels, on hold since the Supreme Court took up the case.

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Alabama GOP renews call for closed primaries after teachers union ‘meddling’

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Bill Armistead

Republican Chairman Bill Armistead fired a shot at the powerful Alabama Education Association teachers union Monday, accusing the group of trying to influence the GOP primary in a blog post and renewing his call for closed primaries.

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