In Missouri, labor unions’ dwindling muscle tracks national decline

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Photo by Tim Bommel

Membership in Missouri unions is shrinking, and their political influence is dwindling. Preventing the passage of right-to-work won’t change that.

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Missouri group fighting right-to-work is a Carpenters union front

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Photo: Facebook

A “broad-based coalition” fighting right-to-work in Missouri has a donor base so narrow, it’s limited almost exclusively to one labor union.

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Ohio unions march for mandatory union dues

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Ohio Watchdog photo

Ohio looks unlikely to become the nation’s 26th right-to-work state, and the Ohio AFL-CIO aims to keep it that way.

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Across Ohio, public employees are forced to pay labor unions

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Photo: City of Findlay

If you want to work in state or local government in Ohio, there’s a good chance you’ll have to pay a labor union.

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Labor union bosses want a president who will ‘rewrite the rules’

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Photo: YouTube

Wanted: A presidential candidate who will help the AFL-CIO reshape America’s economy to better suit the labor coalition.

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Labor union bosses stand up for Planned Parenthood

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Photo credit: SEIU, via Flickr

Americans are divided on taxpayer funding of abortion, but union bosses remain staunch supporters.

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