Judge rejects attempt by unions to avoid Act 10

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courtesy of KUSD

By Paul Brennan | Watchdog.org
MILWAUKEE, Wis. — Three labor unions representing school employees in Kenosha learned an important lesson last week. A well-established legal precedent can’t be ignored simply because it’s inconvenient.
The unions were seeking to uphold contracts with the Kenosha Unified School District, even though those contracts had been negotiated in violation of the state’s […]

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Wealthy teachers union boss bashes charter ‘profit scheme’

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Free preschool-to-college education is a right and charter schools are “a profit scheme,” according to the head of America’s second-largest teachers union.

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Teachers union pushing for political fliers in school mailboxes

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District 112 video image

For the 2014 campaign, Education Minnesota endorsed Democrats across the board — except for three of 134 state legislative candidates — at the federal, state and local levels.

Yet, every teacher knows that repetition drills the concept home. So, last fall, the Chaska Education Association in suburban District 112 tried to stuff members’ school mailboxes with the union’s political flier, reiterating the 70,000-member organization’s preferred partisan picks.

But like some students in members’ classrooms, union leaders were pushing the school district’s boundaries, expressly prohibiting political activity on school grounds.

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Podcast: Behind The Headlines — The costs of being part of a union

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In this week’s episode, host Eric Boehm sits down with Aloyisuis Hogan of the Competitive Enterprise Institute to discuss the true costs of being part of a union.

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Here’s why unions hate right-to-work

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Have you ever wondered why labor unions are so strongly opposed to right-to-work laws? Watch this brief video and wonder no more.

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Vermont’s child care providers to remain non-unionized

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UNIONIZE THIS: The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees want to organize child care workers in Minnesota.

Child care providers in Vermont will remain independent for another year as the American Federation of Teachers has chosen not to appeal the Vermont Labor Relations Board’s certification of a December vote against unionization.

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